‘The Walking Dead’: Steven Yeun Still Absent But Was Glenn’s Fate Teased?

SPOILER ALERT: This story contains details of tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead.

Who was Daryl Dixon talking to tonight on the walkie-talkie on The Walking Dead ? Did the fate of a core character get hinted at on the third-to-last episode of the year for the AMC blockbuster?

Right at the end of the “Always Accountable” episode, the distorted voice on the radio that appeared to be saying “Help” sure sounded like Steven Yeun’s Glenn Rhee. Add to that the fact that the Rhee character had a walkie-talkie of his own when we last saw him.

Now, sources close to TWD production would not comment either way if the voice on the radio was Yeun’s Rhee or a trap from the predatory Wolves group or someone else. However with a storyline seemingly extending to the S6 Winter finale on November 29, it injects the unresolved fate of Rhee back into the series 3-weeks after he appeared to fall into a mass of feeding walkers.

Like the past 2-weeks, tonight’s Norman Reedus centric episode didn’t have Yeun’s name in the credits, though the shot where it usually appears was still there. The Heather Bellson written episode comes on the same weekend that the cast and crew of the AMC series celebrated their Season 6 wrap party in Atlanta. An event sources says Yeun attended.

Tonight’s episode also comes the week that Jeffrey Dean Morgan was named to be playing TWD villain Negan. The character is the one who kills Glen Rhee in the Robert Kirkman comics the series is based on.

Whatever or whenever the fate of Yeun’s Rhee will be finally and conclusively made clear, we know the actor is still very much a part of TWD universe. EP Scott Gimple told Talking Dead viewers on October 25 “we will see Glenn, some version of Glenn or parts of Glenn again, either in flashback or in the current story to help complete the story.” Yeun was spotted on the set of the show during filming of the second part of Season 6, which debuts on February 14, 2016.

Also, Yeun is scheduled to appear at the NY/New Jersey version of the fan event on December 5 and 6 with other members of the cast, including others who died on the show. Just days after his character’s cliffhanger episode, the fan favorite was at the WalkerStalker Con in Atlanta on October 31.

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