‘Marvel’s Jessica Jones’ Review: Netflix Series Wonderfully Dark & Villainous

If you are waiting for the next great series of 2015, mark November 20 on your calendar. That’s when the full, 13-episode first season of Marvel’s Jessica Jones goes up on Netflix. The dark thriller starring Krysten Ritter and David Tennant, as my video review above says, is grown-up great and certainly binge appointment viewing.

Like Marvel’s last Netflix offering Daredevil, which I loved, the NYC of Jessica Jones is grittier than real-life Manhattan in recent years. And compared to Supergirl, which I also loved — well, both the leads are obviously women but they are night-and -day different.

With Ritter as the hero-turned-P.I. to pay the bills, the Melissa Rosenberg-created series is full of bar fights, demented declarations, tinges of the greater Marvel Universe always in the background (and a cameo or two), and a seething Hell’s Kitchen that has turned into a terror dome in many ways. Bringing depth to the series and its characters, under Rosenberg’s steady showrunning hand there are also powerful topics of PTSD, abuse, assault, shame, and death dealt with in a mature and intriguing manner – this is a new height for Marvel, which already leaped pretty high with Daredevil, the first of four series to eventually be shown on Netflix.

Add to that the presence of soon-to-have-his-own-series Luke Cage, played by Mike Colter, Carrie-Anne Moss as Jones’ main employer, and Rachael Taylor as Jones’ best friend and former child star Trish Walker, and you have something quite special that the well-watched trailers and teases only hint at.

Still, the real treat and terror is in Tennant’s Kilgrave. As the evil incarnate molester of minds and destroyer of souls, the former Doctor Who has found what may be his best on-screen role as the best villain the Marvel Universe has spewed out so far.

So take a look at my review and be prepared to meet a very new type of hero.

This review was originally posted on November 12.

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