Veterans Day Box Office Could Take Hit As Severe Weather Clobbers Midwest

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It’s what no studio wants to hear on a holiday: The National Weather Service has issued a severe storm warning for a 12-state region in the Midwest, with tornadoes and hail expected. And, oh yeah, there might be blizzard conditions in parts of three more states: Colorado, Nebraska and Kansas. Many kids will be out of school for the Veterans Day holiday, but box office could be hindered in a sizable chunk of the Midwest due to bad weather that will stretch from Milwaukee down to Houston (see graphic above).

The Peanuts Movie cropOn Wednesday, 49% of U.S. kids in grades K-12 and 29% of college students will be out of school. (Regionally, 17% of kids in the Midwest have the day off compared with 56% in the East and 97% in the West.) So it could be a bit of tough luck for Fox and its kid-friendly The Peanuts Movie, though there’s not much out there for college kids to see. It’s expected to be a soft weekend at the box office anyway, with three new pictures coming out — Love The Coopers, The 33 and My All-American — but none likely to crack $10M, so the industry can expect Spectre to win the weekend yet again with Peanuts close behind it.

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