Sony’s Sizzling ‘Spectre’, ‘Hotel Transylvania 2’ Top Charts In Strong Frame – Intl Box Office Update

UPDATED WRITE-THRU, 4:20 PM Monday: Thanks largely to the record-setting early rollout of the new James Bond adventure Spectre, international box office is up 30% across the Top 10 studio titles compared with last week, a far scream from Stateside’s Halloween weekend, which was the lowest-grossing frame of the year so far. Eon, MGM and Sony’s superspy pic crosses the pond November 6 to get domestic turnstiles spinning again.

With 007’s spectacular $80.12M overseas debut, plus a Drac-tastic expansion for Hotel Transylvania 2, Sony earns bragging rights this week to the international Nos. 1 and 2 films; it’s also got Goosebumps in the Top 10 in a staggered rollout. It’s too early to make a clear call what effect this will have on Sony’s bottom line — Spectre is only open in six markets, and MGM handles some territories. But it’s certainly a bright spot after the company’s Tokyo-based parent last week reported sizable Q2 losses at the studio. The strong start on Spectre also comes at a time when the next batch of James Bond films are about to be up for grabs.

hotel transylvania 2Breaking into new box office territory along the way, Spectre dominated the weekend, with $63.2M from the UK alone. Of the $80.4M total, $67.16M came from territories handled by SPRI and $12.96M from markets in which MGM is distributing. Hotel Transylvania 2, which bowed at the tail-end of Q2, rang up $33.6M in its 6th week of release for a cume of $217.6M to date.

It’s worth noting that while Halloween is very popular in the UK and some other international markets, it isn’t typically as big a drag on box office as it can be domestically. Lionsgate and partners’ The Last Witch Hunter, for example, tracked down a solid $18.6M in its 2nd offshore frame. Across the Top 3 titles this session, box office is up over 100% compared to last year’s similar session which was led by The Maze Runner, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Gone Girl.

mockingjay 2After a somewhat subdued fall overseas which saw a series of Chinese movies ride the top of the charts based on their Middle Kingdom runs, the Spectre debut looms as a harbinger of what are expected to be strong studio frames ahead. The James Bond movie will continue rolling out with about 50 markets this week, followed by more majors including China and France the frame after. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 alights in mid-November and, of course, Star Wars: The Force Awakens goes global in mid-December. That film’s major international counterprogrammer, The Peanuts Movie, will be unleashed by Fox next week in a staggered release that runs throughout the holidays and into mid-January. It will play heavily on the brand recognition of Charlie Brown’s daydreaming flying-ace beagle in international markets including China on November 6.

(Figures for all titles above and below have been updated where appropriate throughout this post by Kinsey Lowe.)

In the meantime, elsewhere at offshore turnstiles, new title The Dressmaker gets a tip of the hat for its stylish start Down Under, hot on the heels of 12 Australian Academy Award nominations. Paramount’s Scouts Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse, on the other hand, failed to start a fire in its 10 markets. Among holdovers, Witch Hunter, Martian and Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension were solid, and two female-led films continued phenomenal runs. Nancy Meyers’ The Intern crossed $100M internationally — thanks in large part to its terrific Korea run — and Pathé’s Suffragette held its own against Bond in the UK where the cume is now $11.3M after three weeks.

Breakdowns on all of the above are below, plus the local-language films making waves internationally. Actuals and analysis will follow tomorrow.


Although it bowed in only six territories, Spectre loomed large above the rest this frame and even challenged records set by SPECTREits predecessor, Skyfall. The latest 007 flick from Eon, MGM and Sony Pictures grossed $80.12M, setting new milestones. The UK got a huge seven-day start, beating industry estimates with a benchmark-setting $63.2M. Comparatively, Skyfall opened to $77.7M in 25 markets with no UK previews in 2012, but with such powerhouses as France, Germany and Russia in the initial suite. In addition to the UK, Spectre also broke records in the Netherlands, where it took in $3.38M, surpassing the record set by Skyfall and bringing its cume $3.967M including previews. Nordic markets distributed by MGM brought in a total of $12.96M. Spectre‘s major international rollout begins later this week including Mexico, Brazil, and Germany. The latter was the No. 2 international market for Skyfall and so will be an important indicator. Mexico also features in one of Spectre‘s most talked-about set pieces and is hosting the premiere for the Americas tomorrow. An increasingly muscular market, that will be one to watch. And, of course, North America could use a spy to love it right about now. The next question is how long and sexy will 007’s legs be under that signature tux going forward.

DressmakerThis Australian comedy/drama is the first film from How To Make An American Quilt helmer Jocelyn Moorehouse in nearly two decades. Universal is releasing the Kate Winslet-starrer in Australia and New Zealand where it opened on Thursday to $2.73M at 362 dates. Oz gave the local pic a No. 1 start with $2.5M, and recently nominated it for 12 Australian Academy Awards including Best Picture, Director, Actress and Supporting Actress. It’s at No. 2 in NZ with $214K for the frame. The movie sees Winslet as a glamorous woman who returns to her small town in rural Australia, transforming the local ladies with her sewing machine and haute couture style – and exacting revenge on those who did her wrong in the past.

Scouts’ Guide to the Zombie ApocalypseThe second film in Paramount’s Stateside theatrical-VOD experiment suffered from several major chains balking to play the film with a flexible window. That, and a R rating, hurt grosses domestically. While the same system is not being employed overseas, director Christopher Landon’s transfer from the Paranormal Activity franchise mustered hardly any undead life. It opened in 10 markets including Russia and Hong Kong this weekend for a $750K frame. The mid-teens-budgeted horror comedy about three friends who join forces with a badass cocktail waitress to save their hometown from a zombie invasion still has several overseas markets to open. Rolling out, it will notably next bow in Australia and the UK this week with major markets Brazil, Germany and Mexico through the following period. But with Bond, followed by Mockingjay 2 on the horizon, prospects for box office badges look grim.


Behind Spectre, there was a Drac attack on offshore box office this frame as Sony’s Hotel Transylvania 2 added just three new markets but sucked up $33.6M. One of those new plays was China, but with $12.1M, it was only responsible for about a third of the frame. HT2 is winning the family stakes overseas, playing in 82 markets in its 6th weekend for a cume of $217.9M. While that China number looks low in the overall scheme of things, it actually bested the first film’s local lifetime performance by 19% in just the first six days. As is increasingly the case, there is local competition in China where The Witness was tops with $18.5M. HT2 holds elsewhere were very solid with $3.6M in Russia’s 2nd frame for a $10.8M total that beats HT1 by 42%; Spain stayed at No. 1 with a cume to date of $5.9M; and in the UK, where Sony released Spectre while kids were out of school this week, HT2’s weekend jumped 8% to bring the local cume to $24.6M. The UK is the top offshore play, followed by Mexico with $23.2M and Venezuela with $17.0M. Australia and Korea check in at the end of November and December, respectively.

last witch hunterLast week’s new entry and Vin Diesel’s latest attempt to step out from behind the wheel of an established franchise added some fuel in major markets where it debuted this frame. After very soft bows in the UK and Germany last session, there was more muscle in Russia, Brazil and Italy in the past few days. Russia started at a good $4.2M from 985 screens, Brazil took $2.1M on 808 and Italy tracked down $1.5M from 301. In France, Witch Hunter placed No. 2 with $1.7M on 265 screens behind Julie Delpy’s local comedy Lolo. With a full weekend of $21.1M in 77 markets, the international cume is $39.4M and a $60M final overseas tally could be on the cards for the estimated $75M budget pic. It will be tough for Witch Hunter to carve out much space over the next several weeks with Spectre and others looming, but it will add some more markets in early December including Scandinavia, Korea and Colombia before Star Wars swoops down.

In its second shift in the kitchen overseas, Burnt took in $2.1M in 18 mostly smaller territories (with $1.3M of that from Australia) for an international cume of $4.58M. With $5M from its North American debut this past weekend, the global tally for the John Wells-directed film starring Bradley Cooper as an obnoxious chef is $9.58M. The film opens this week in the UK and France.

the-martian-1Fox’s The Martian zoomed back to the top of the international charts last weekend and handily crossed the $200M offshore mark. This frame, the Ridley Scott space drama took its cume to $245.8M in 72 markets. And that’s before China cultivates its own box office for the out-of-this-world pic. This frame it landed another $17.2M from 7,018 screens. There were no new openings, but holds are strong with this one. France in its sophomore mission dropped just 32% for $4.3M on 613 screens. That’s 26% ahead of the 2nd weekends of Life Of Pi, Prometheus and Interstellar. The cume there is $13.35M. Korea keeps pumping money into The Martian’s mix of emotion and cerebral sci-fi with the cume now at $31.2M. That makes it Fox’s 3rd highest grossing title ever in the market behind Avatar and this year’s Kingsman: The Secret Service. Super-oxygenated holds were also found in Germany ($14M cume), Spain ($8.29M cume) and Australia ($16.57M cume). Meanwhile, Russia has passed the 1B ruble mark and the UK has tallied the highest offshore total with $33.3M to date. China touchdown is on November 25, followed by Japan next year on February 5.

After a number of overseas franchise records were set last week by this 6th installment in Blumhouse and Paramount’s horror series, the 3D continuation scared up another $13.9M in 46 markets. Those included 13 new openings with No. 1s in ghost dimensionfive and more records broken in eight. The international cume is now $38.3M, 20% above PA:The Marked Ones for the same group of markets. Activity was high in Argentina, Venezuela, Indonesia and Panama which all saw franchise records. Argentina opened No. 1 with $966K at 160 locations; 130% over Marked Ones and 57% above PA4. Venezuela opened No. 3, but still managed a record $1.1M at 69. That is far and away the best of the series — 537% over PATMO and 370% over PA4. Indonesia grossed $686K from 180 cinemas; 59% above PATMO and 86% above PA4. And, Panama was good for No. 1 with $490K at 179 locations; 42% above PATMO and 55% above PA4. In holds, Germany jumped to No. 2 with a $3.9M cume to date. Brazil is also at No. 2 with a $3.2M cume; France now has a $4.1M cume; and the UK gave PATGD a No. 3 sophomore frame for a $4.4M cume.  Mexico‘s 2nd weekend brought the cume to $4.5M, and Russia‘s local tally after its 2nd frame is roughly $2.7M. The Marked Ones was the lowest grossing of the PA franchise, both internationally and domestically at $58.4M and $32.5M, respectively. Ghost Dimension is looking good in its offshore openings, begging the question of whether Paramount left money on the table domestically with its flexible VOD window scheme that left some exhibitors refusing to show the movie. Overseas, it is making up for that with the potential to reach PATMO’s numbers. In adjusted dollars, that would be $46M which PATGD will pass. In non-adjusted, PATGD should come close at around $55M.

Ant-Man has been getting a leg-up out of China where the cume is now $101.3M. The superhero pic this week surpassed Guardians Of The Galaxy to become the biggest original IP Marvel release in the Middle Kingdom. Earlier this week, Ant-Man passed $500M global box office. It is the 7th consecutive and 9th overall Marvel Cinematic Universe film to reach the milestone. Adding $10.7M this frame, the worldwide total is $513.5M. Domestic is $179.3M and international represents $334.2M.

GoosebumpsHere’s Sony again with 20 more markets on Goosebumps. The family pic scared up another $7.2M in box office from over 3,800 screens. Now in a total of 44 markets, the overseas cume is $18.7M. Many major European territories have yet to open and won’t do so until early December through January and February in a staggered release pattern. The Jack Black movie has played well in Latin America, where families are a key demo. Colombia and Argentina bowed this frame with Goosebumps slotting in at No. 1 in the former ($511K/182 screens) and the latter rising from RL Stine’s pages with $470K on 141 — +6% on comp Jack The Giant Slayer and +17% on Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters. The Middle East saw No. 1s in all eight new markets for a combined $1.1M. Mexico’s 2nd session brought $1.2M for a $4.8M cume.

This Warner Bros misfire has added a bit of coin in recent weeks as kids have been off school in some markets. But China has been a big underperformer, now only at $4.4M and without any room to grow up as the market becomes increasingly crowded. Nevertheless, the weekend overall was good for $6.2M in 66 markets on 6,700 screens. The international cume is now $75.8M. Japan, France and the UK all threw off grosses of upwards of $1M this session ($1.3M, $1.46M and $1.2M, respectively). The UK is the top market with $11.0M, followed by Mexico at $7.1M and Brazil on $6.3M. Italy is still to come on November 12.

the internNotably continuing to climb the ladder in Asia, Warner Bros’ The Intern from Nancy Meyers, crossed the $100M international mark this frame. With $6.0M from 3,061 screens in 65 territories, the offshore tally is now $101.8M. In its 6th outing in Korea, the Anne Hathaway/Robert De Niro-starrer cashed another $1.1M paycheck on 399 screens, bringing the cume to $23.1M. That makes The Intern WB’s 8th highest grossing release ever in the market. Spain opened to $689K on 244 ahead of a national holiday tomorrow and the Fiesta del Cine promotional event. Japan dropped just 16% for a $9.9M cume to date. That makes it the 2nd best market for The Intern behind Korea.

crimson peak windowGuillermo del Toro’s lavish horror drama traveled to his home turf this weekend, opening No. 1 in Mexico with $1.8M at 681 dates. The Legendary pic was good fodder for the Halloween/Day of the Dead holidays and opened bigger than the helmer’s own Pan’s Labyrinth and The Devil’s Backbone. It also topped comps The Orphanage, Mama, The Woman In Black and Shutter Island. Universal also released in South Africa to $53K at 66 dates. In Italy, Crimson Peak held at No. 4 with $598K in the sophomore frame for an 11-day total of $1.8M. The running cume after a full weekend of $5.3M in 60 territories is $34.38M. Worldwide, the total is $62.1M.

the walkThe Robert Zemeckis high-wire act from Sony strode into three new markets this frame including majors France and Korea. The weekend total was $3.7M in 66 markets for an international cume of $28.9M. Among new openers in Korea, The Walk was 2nd with $1.3M from 415 screens. France took $725K in 3rd among new openers from 463 screens. The top plays for the drama are Russia ($5M), the UK ($2.1M) and Mexico ($1.7M). Spain bows in late December and Japan goes a month later.

Fox is handling Steven Spielberg’s drama overseas with an added $3.4M uncovered this weekend on 1,610 screens in 28 markets. The international cume is now $12.33M with 10 of the Top 15 markets yet to release. Argentina ($399K from 90) was a new play at 268% of star Tom Hanks’ Captain Phillips. Australia dropped 27% ($930K from 267) and Brazil ($380K from 246) and Venezuela ($259K from 22) fell 21% and 17%, respectively.

maze runner 2The Fox sequel is getting close to $200M at the international box office with its 6th frame. Firing up another $3.52M from 1,562 screens in 17 markets, the total is now $196.16M. France, the original’s biggest overseas market, added a fantastic $2.2M from 563 plays in its 4th frame. The $22.1M cume again makes France the top play. Japan is also holding with a $2.56M cume on 530 screens after its solid opening last weekend. Scorch Trials takes to China on Wednesday this week. The Middle Kingdom was the No. 2 market for the original.

Johnny Depp’s Whitey Bulger stared down another $2.8M in the frame on about 2,434 screens in 43 markets. There are a lot of key plays to come for this adult crime drama which has been performing well as counterprogramming despite a mature audience malaise in the States. Russia debuted to $1.04M on 850 screens and at No. 3. The start was good to triple the openings of The Departed, The Town and Argo, Warner Bros’ preferred comps. The top markets so far are Italy ($2.5M), co-star Joel Edgerton’s Australia homeland ($1.95M) and Germany ($1.9M). Still to come are Brazil, Mexico, France and the UK through the rest of November.

Fox is handling this Pathé title in the UK where it continues to find willing voters. Even with James Bond having pumped a lot of testosterone into the market this frame, the Carey Mulligan drama added another $914K from 522 locations in its 3rd trip to the polls. The cume is a fantastic $11.3M.

Everest 2Universal, Cross Creek, Working Title and Walden Media’s Everest climbs into China on Tuesday where it will benefit from 3D and IMAX plays. It also heads to Japan, its last market, on Friday and is expected to do brisk business there. Adding $1.1M in 51 territories this frame, the international total is now $134.5M. Combined with the U.S. that takes the Baltasar Kormakur-directed adventure drama to $176.9M worldwide and puts $200M in sight.

This biopic, which has been a runaway hit for Universal – and got hit with a lawsuit on Friday – passed $200M global box office at the end of the day Monday of this week. After taking $193K in 19 territories during the current frame, the cume is now $38.9M internationally and $199.95M worldwide. Brazil and Taiwan were new limited releases in the session with $43K and $99K, respectively. Next up are Russia on November 12 and Spain on November 13.


A Chinese remake of Korean suspense thriller, Blind, The Witness eyed the No. 4 spot at the international box office this weekend with $18.5M. Released over the weekend by China Lion in the U.S., it took in $190K from 40 locations. The story centers on two witnesses to a murder who work to take the killer down. Chinese singer Lu Han of Miss Granny fame stars.

This Brazilian romantic comedy that Universal is releasing is shipshape locally where Hollywood movies are currently dominating. Chris D’Amato’s cruise liner-set story moved to No. 3 in the current frame with $818K to take the 11-day total to $2.29M.

The zany comedy from The Oxford Murders and El Crimen Ferpecto helmer Alex de la Iglesia, placed No. 6 in its 2nd weekend in Spain. Universal is releasing there where it took $453K. The 10-day total is $1.65M.


Inside Out: $491.3M international, $846.9M global.

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