‘The Martian’ Orbits $400M Global; ‘Straight Outta Compton’ Nears $200M; ‘Ghost Dimension’ Solid – Intl B.O. Update

FINAL UPDATE, MONDAY 3:30 PM PT: Director Ridley Scott’s The Martian, which returned to the top of international and domestic box office in its 4th weekend, is within shouting distance of $400 million worldwide with $385.66M. The 20th Century Fox picture’s foreign cume is $218.47M and domestic comes to $166.19M. Another milestone is a whisker away for Universal’s Straight Outta Compton, which is at $199.6M based on current foreign tally of $38.5M on top of its domestic $161.1M. In addition to the top of the updated weekend tally for The Martian of $29.9M, Hotel Transylvania 2 came in at No. 2 with $28.7M and Ant-Man at $22M — which means that Disney/Marvel film is creeping up on $500M global based on its international cume of $314.8M and domestic of $179M. Unlike their underperforming Stateside debuts, Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension and The Last Witch Hunter with a couple of exceptions lived up to initial expectations. All titles have been updated throughout with box office figures reported today, including late addition of Lionsgate’s Sicario.

UPDATE, SUNDAY 4:15 PM PT: Based on today’s international estimates for the weekend, the frame is down about 15% from last week across the Top 10 studio titles. Looking at just the Top 3, which also led last week but in different order, The Martian ($29.9M), Hotel Transylvania 2 ($29M) and Ant-Man ($22M — and creeping up on $500M global), are off a slight 27%. Compared to last year, however, this week’s top trio is up about 24% from the same frame in 2014 when Annabelle was an evil doll, Lucy exercised her brain in China and Shah Rukh Khan’s Happy New Year broke Bollywood records.

This week brought The Martian back to the top of the international chart, crossing $200M offshore — and China and Japan still to come. The Ridley Scott space survival pic also planted a flag back at No. 1 domestically while several films floundered Stateside. Fortunes were different abroad. Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension entered several markets with a record-setting bow for the franchise. The first three PA movies went from strength to strength in offshore territories, although the last two movies reversed that. This 6th installment looks to be faring better thus far. Next week, it will hit some of the smaller Asian markets including Malaysia and Singapore. In those, Lionsgate’s new entry, The Last Witch Hunter, fared very well this weekend as compared to its start in the UK and Germany where the Vin Diesel pic didn’t scare up much business. It will have a chance to muscle in on more ground with key markets like Russia, Mexico and Brazil next frame. Also in Russia, and a handful of other markets next week, Paramount’s comedy/horror pic Scouts Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse will rise, looking to liven up a little Halloween action.

SPECTREBut next weekend, international will be largely focused on what’s shaking in the UK. The 24th James Bond movie, Spectre, begins four days of previews tomorrow in step with its world premiere. Those will take it into a weekend where 007 has essentially no competition and a week before the offshore and U.S. rollout begin in earnest. With the previous film’s sky-high, record-breaking takings, the question is can Spectre match or best Skyfall? We’ll be following the numbers closely. In the meantime, all studio movies reported today are detailed below along with breakdowns on local-language. Actuals to come tomorrow.

PREVIOUS, SUNDAY AM: As it did domestically, Fox’s The Martian landed back at the top of the international box office this frame. Cultivating a cume north of $218M, the Ridley Scott sci-fi drama had a strong French start and some very solid holds in key markets. Of the brand new offshore entries, the weekend win goes to Paramount’s Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension which set franchise records despite a sub-par opening Stateside. Lionsgate’s The Last Witch Hunter scared up some solid action numbers in smaller markets, but faced a cauldron of competition in Western Europe.

Elsewhere, a season of staggered releases continued with the expansions of Goosebumps, Hotel Transylvania 2, Pan, Bridge Of Spies and The Walk. Meanwhile, Disney/Marvel’s Ant-Man is showing real legs in China with a No. 1 hold in the 2nd frame and an $81.9M cume to date. Here are the breakdowns on the above and other studio and local-language pics:

The 6th movie in Paramount and Blumhouse’s Paranormal Activity series scared up a solid $17.9M in 33 international Paranormal-Activity-The-Ghost-Dimensionmarkets this weekend, breaking franchise records in 12 of those. The 3D installment came in 4% ahead of the previous film, The Marked Ones, at open. Despite its $8.2M performance Stateside amid Paramount’s limited release experiment, Ghost Dimension blasted past previous installments in key Latin American markets like Mexico and Brazil. The former delivered $2.3M for a No. 2 start at 631 sites setting a series record and the 3rd highest opening for a horror film ever in the market, coming in 46% over Marked Ones. Mexico was that film’s biggest offshore home. Brazil was a No. 1 series record start at $1.6M from 666 locations and the 2nd best bow ever for a horror film. It’s 55% above Marked Ones and 72% above Paranormal Activity 4. It’s worth noting that the first three PA movies saw increases internationally but the last two experienced drops, albeit smaller than domestically.

While Russia was Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones’ No. 2 offshore play, it dropped this time around with Latin American markets stepping in. Colombia opened at No. 1 with $546K at 168 locations. That’s another franchise record and was 132% above PATMO and 78% above PA4. Similarly, Chile bested the last two films by 86% and 42%, respectively with $207K at 58 sites. And Peru scored $472K from 85, up 21% from PATMO and 19% from PA4, to score a series record.

Other perfs for the Gregory Plotkin-helmed horror pic include the UK at $2.3M from 405 sites (-6% vs PATMO); France with $2.3M from 202 cinemas (-15% vs PATMO, +150% vs Poltergeist 3D); Germany with $2M at 344 sites (-18% PATMO, +27M Poltergeist 3D); Russia with $1.6M at 850 (-9% PATMO, +35% Poltergeist 3D); and Australia with $1M at 298 and even with PATMO, up 84% on Poltergeist 3D.

The current play covers 85% of the footprint with 10 markets to come next weekend in Latin American, the Middle East and Asia.

The Last Witch HunterVin Diesel’s latest step outside of a franchise failed to cast a major spell over the box office in the UK and Germany this weekend where it faced a very competitive marketplace. It performed somewhat more muscularly elsewhere, scoring No. 1s in 23 smaller markets across Asia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. In a total 53 markets, the Breck Eisner-helmed adventure/fantasy hunted down $13.45M, better than the domestic $10.8M which came in well below expectations. The UK, which awaits the arrival of James Bond tomorrow, launched to $1.9M on 364 screens. Germany opened at No. 7 with $1.3M at 430 screens. With openings in such Asian plays as Malaysia and Singapore, The Last Witch Hunter fared much better, taking a total $5.9M there. The Middle East brought in $1.9M collectively. Diesel will see extra gas in the tank next frame when 23 additional markets open including key action stronghold Russia along with France, Australia, Brazil, Italy, Mexico and Spain.

BURNTBURNT Ahead of its Friday opening in North America, the Weinstein Company launched Burnt, starring Bradley Cooper as an arrogant chef bent on launching a comeback, in 14 mostly European markets. TWC reported Monday that the film directed by John Wells took in $1.7M. Its highest grossing territories were Australia with $631.9K, Poland with $235.4K, Israel with $173.7K and Portugal with $106.8K.


As it did in the U.S., Fox’s The Martian returned to the No. 1 spot internationally this frame with $29.9M from 9,282 screens in 75 markets. That takes it past martian$200M at the offshore box office after four weekends in release with $218.47M. France launched at No. 1 with $6.9M, besting the starts of Interstellar (+40%) and helmer Ridley Scott’s own Prometheus (+10%). France was the only new play this week while holdovers clearly continued to engage. Korea grossed another $4.32M dropping just 33% and bringing the cume to $27.6M for Fox’s 4th biggest earner in the market ever. The UK added $2.6M for a 28% drop and a cume of $31.15M. Australia is also a very strong hold at No. 1 after four straight weeks with a cume of $15M. In the competitive German and Spanish markets, Matt Damon’s Mark Watney has grown $11.74M and $6.4M, respectively over three and two frames’ worth of sols. The Martian has confirmed its China date on November 25 and will then travel to Japan on February 5.

Guests continue to check into Sony’s animated comedy with a very strong $29M this frame. That’s with an additional 15 hotel transylvania 2markets including Russia and Spain which opened at No. 1. Playing on over 10,180 screens in 79 total markets, HT2 has $168.8M in the till, surpassing the entire lifetime box office of the original by 5% at current exchange rates. There are 11 markets yet to release, including China on October 27, boding well for a $200M milestone. Russia’s No. 1 was worth $6M from 1,636 screens and 69% ahead of HT1. Spain rang up $3.2M from 668 screens, up 11% over HT1. In holds, the UK was No. 1 again, just 16% off its debut frame with $3.5M on 850 screens. The local cume is now $14.5M to best the original’s final tally by 21%. Kids are just off on half-term now so business is expected to continue for the younger ones. Other Drac-tastic cumes include Germany ($6.9M), Italy ($9.3M) and France ($9.8M).

Ant-ManThis little critter is showing superhero style legs in China, holding a 2nd frame there at No. 1 and adding $22M for a drop of 48%. This brings the local cume to $81.9M after 10 days, more than three times the next biggest offshore market which is the UK with $25.4M. Ant-Man is the second biggest original IP Marvel release of all time in the Middle Kingdom. The international box office is now $314.8M and the global take is $493.8M with $500M likely to break in the next few days.

The Warner Bros Peter Pan origins story grossed an estimated $12.1M this weekend, 17% off the last frame on 12,050 screens in 62 markets. Among new plays, Pan traveled to China where the Jolly Roger couldn’t jump out of the water in a crowded pool. The $3.4M take there is from roughly 5,345 screens. The UK, however, held nicely with $1.9M on 872 screens for a $7M cume and France grossed $2.2M on 489 screens in its debut, coming in behind The Martian and Paranormal Activity. The international total is now $63.8M. Japan opens next weekend and Italy goes on November 12.

Legendary’s Crimson Peak scaled another $7.5M this frame in 62 territories. That takes the international cume up to Crimson Peak$26.1 M on the lavish Guillermo del Toro horror/fantasy. The global total is now $48.7M. This weekend saw the bow of Italy (No. 4/$840K/285 dates) and Portugal (No. 1/$121K/61). Among holdovers, Russia (No. 5) led those with another $1M for an 11-day total of $4.4M; the UK added $752K for a 10-day haul of $3M; and Argentina was No. 3 with $261K for an 11-day take of $737K. It opened in Greece at No. 2 with $192K at 60 locations. There are 5 more territories for Universal to release: Mexico and South Africa on October. 30; Peru November 5; Korea November 26 and Japan on January 23.

Nancy Meyers’ The Intern has its task in hand around with world with a better than expected The Intern$8.4M this weekend with more than 1,100 admissions on 3,770 screens in 65 territories. The cume on the Anne Hathaway/Robert De Niro-starrer is closing in on $100M with $91.7M to date. Korea continues to be a major play for the office comedy/drama. Adding $1.7M on 431 screens in its 5th week of release, it now has a cume of $21.4M. That takes it past the lifetimes of, get this: Titanic, Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. In Japan, the hold was $1M on 272 screens. The Warner Bros film is the No. 1 MPA title in the marketplace with a $7.7M cume and tracking well ahead of Meyers comps. Spain opens Friday.

The Fox sequel burned up another $6.76M at the box office on 2,797 screens in 56 markets this session. A strong start in Japan coupled with very good holds in France and Holland take the cume to $190.05M. The Japanese bow was 149% better than Hunger Games: Catching Fire with $1.22M on 511 screens. In France, the market cume of $18.8M is 44% bigger than Insurgent and 14% better than Catching Fire. And, in Holland, after six frames, the weekend actually increased by 3% for a cume of $4.08M. China releases November 4.

GoosebumpsNow playing in 24 markets, Goosebumps is seeing its international numbers reported for the first time. Rising from the pages with $6M on 3,400 screens this weekend, the family pic now has a cume of $9.4M. Latin America is a key play for this title, such is the frenzy for family fare, and it delivered $3.8M in the region. In the same group of six markets which released, Sony says Goosebumps is tracking +5% above Gulliver’s Travels at current exchange rates. In Mexico, the Jack Black-starrer opened at No. 1 with $2.5M on 1,850 screens to track 63% over Super 8 and 23% above Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters, according to the studio. Brazil was solid if less spine-tingling with $698K (including previews) from 450 screens in a crowded market. While Sony has Spectre on deck tomorrow in the UK and 10 days later elsewhere, upcoming Goosebumps releases include Russia and Spain in early December; Korea and Italy in January; and the UK, France and Germany in February.

Steven Spielberg’s Bridge Of Spies is released internationally by Fox with a handful of small territories having bowed last Bridge Of Spiesframe. Reporting numbers for the first time, Fox says the drama that stars Tom Hanks grossed $4.94M from 1,767 screens in 24 markets this frame. In the current frame Australia was a No. 2 opening at $1.3M and Mexico started well with $635K and a No. 4 showing. That brings the total to $6.98M after two negotiating sessions. In all, the movie currently has less than 15% of its footprint covered internationally with the top European markets due to release from early November to early December.

Sony’s The Walk grossed another $4.7M in a total of 73 markets. Nine were added this frame with the international cume now at $24.1M. Russia is the top-grossing overseas market at a $4.3M cume after two weekends, followed by the UK with $2.1M. Given the subject matter, Frenchman Philippe Petit, Robert Zemeckis’ high-wire drama will be interesting to watch in France when it steps out next weekend. Korea should also deliver on October 29.

Incredibly in its 19th weekend of release, Inside Out added $4.6M at the offshore turnstiles this frame. The global total is now $841.4M with $486.1M from international. IO didn’t really play in China, its last market of release, where the cume is $15.1M. Pixar has a tougher time in China than it does elsewhere in Asia with the mix of kid/adult themes not always cutting through. That’s clearly not the case in Italy where IO has now grossed $28.3M making it the biggest Pixar title ever in that market and the second best Disney or Pixar animation (behind Lion King). Last week it became the No. 1 industry release of 2015. In Germany, IO fell to the No. 2 spot behind local hit Look Who’s Back and is the 3rd highest grossing Pixar movie of all time.

black massWarner Bros expanded Black Mass to Argentina this frame with a $324K weekend on 116 screens for the No. 2 slot. There were some theater closures there over the weekend due to the general election. Results are nevertheless on par with American Hustle and more than double Public Enemies and The Departed. The offshore total thus far is $14.5M after adding $2.9M overall this session. Russia releases on October 29, followed by Brazil, Mexico, France and the UK in November.

SicarioLionsgate’s U.S.-Mexico border drug trafficking thriller Sicario added $2.48 million from 43 markets bringing its foreign total to date to $27.34M. In the UK, top performing market for the Denis Villeneuve-directed picture, it grossed $829K in its third frame on 413 screens bringing pic’s territory total to $6.7M. Other top markets are Australia with 3.6M, France with $2.6M and Germany with $2.5M. Current frame saw Denmark open per expectations with $119K from 70 screens, and Brazil was soft with $135K from 80 screens. The mostly well-reviewed film stars Emily Blunt, Benicio Del Toro, Josh Brolin and Jon Bernthal. With its North American cume of $39.28M after six weekends, Sicario’s worldwide tally is $66.62M. Upcoming major markets are Mexico on Friday, Spain on November 13, Russia on November 26, South Korea on December 3 and Japan on April 9, 2016.

Suffragette, which Fox is releasing for Pathé in the UK, has a fantastic $8.82M cume to date after just two weeks. (It led the specialty box office in the U.S. this frame via Focus.) The drama added $2.03M this frame on 529 screens and should act as counterprogramming to Spectre which starts previews locally tomorrow night.

Universal’s action drama that’s based on real events clamped down on another $2.1M in 56 territories in its 6th week. The Working Title, Cross Creek Pictures and Walden Media movie has an overseas total of $132M for a worldwide cume to date of $173.8M on a $60M budget. France was the top holdover and has a 33-day total of $7.5M. Germany now boasts $9.3M and the UK is at $15.9M. After China bows on November 3, the final offshore release will be Japan on November 6.

Blumhouse’s M Night Shyamalan collaboration added $727K in 22 territories for Universal. The international kitty is now $25.4M for a worldwide total of $89.3M. New openings included Japan at No. 5 in limited release with $129K from 16 dates and Thailand at No. 7 with $20K at 19. The next openings are Belgium on November 11 and Argentina, Chile and Peru on November 12.


shaandaarFox Star Studios’ Shaandaar took the No. 1 spot in India this frame with $6.75M on 2,500 screens. In total, it grossed $7.76M in its opening weekend in seven markets. It made about $473K in the U.S. From director Vikas Bahl, a partner in Anurag Kashyap’s Phantom Films, Shaandaar is produced by powerhouse Karan Johar and stars Shahid Kapoor (Action Jackson) and Alia Bhatt (Ugly). The romcom is a love triangle set against the backdrop of a destination wedding.

France‘s Pathé has found a little bit of magic with The New Adventures Of Aladdin, a comedy that’s taken $21M to date. With an $8M weekend, it was tied for No. 7 at the international box office. From director Arthur Benzaquen in his feature debut, it stars Kev Adams of the Les Profs franchise and Jean-Paul Rouve (La Vie En Rose, A Very Long Engagement). The fantasy/comedy follows a petty thief who must save the people of Baghdad from the evil, foul smelling Vizir.

sos women at seaS.O.S.: Women At Sea 2 is a romantic comedy from Brazil that Universal is releasing locally. It’s the sequel to Chris D’Amato’s cruise liner-set story of a woman trying to win back her ex-husband. Giovanna Antonelli, Reynaldo Gianecchini, Fabíula Nascimento, and Thalita Carauta return for the follow-up. It opened No. 2 and the weekend estimate is $1.1M at 196 dates.

Universal also has Mi Gran Noche (My Big Night) in Spain. From The Oxford Murders and El Crimen Ferpecto helmer Alex de la Iglesia, the comedy follows the behind-the-scenes goings on during the taping of a New Year’s Eve TV special. With $998K for the weekend at 329 dates, it opened at No. 3 locally.

Another release in Spain handled by Universal is Alejandro Amenabar’s Regression, which stars Emma Watson and Ethan Hawke. In its 4th weekend Regression took in $446K from 306 dates and a 24-day total of $8.9M. Combined with other European markets where the film is winding down its runs, The Weinstein Company reported Monday that Regression‘s total foreign to date comes to $10.7M.

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