Trevor Noah Dives Into ‘Star Wars’ Racist Boycott Campaign

The Daily Show weighed in on the “sinister multicultural agenda” that is Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

In a segment called Star Wars: The Racism Awakens, new Daily Show host Trevor Noah noted that when the new Star Wars trailer dropped this week during Monday Night Football (“They made nerd community sit through two hours of football to watch it. That’s like getting a pizza, but having to chew through the box first) the “entire planet erupted in nerdgasm” generating 17K tweets per minute. But not all tweeters were happy. Some called for a boycott of the movie because it includes some lead characters who aren’t white males, charging producers were pushing a “sinister multi-cultural agenda.”

star wars force awakens poster“Stop complaining racists. You had your Star Wars movie already!” Noah joked, flashing a shot of Jar Jar Binks on screen. The controversy got big enough even director JJ Abrams got involved, tweeting that he did not care if  “you’re black, white, brown…Jawa, Wookie” etc, he just hopes you like the trailer.

“Did JJ Abrams just ‘All Lives Matter’ Star Wars?” Noah wondered.

The Daily Show’s senior fantasy culture correspondent Jordan Klepper explained nerds think fans are “wasting too much time on this debate when we should be talking about the important stuff” like “obscure fictional minutiae that nerds can argue endlessly about online.”

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