BBC, Shanghai Media Group Conquering ‘Earth’ In First UK/China Feature Co-Pro

With China/UK media day underway in London, BBC Earth Films and Shanghai Media Group Pictures have set the first feature to be produced under the countries’ nascent co-production treaty. With the working title Earth: One Amazing Day, it’s set to be directed by Girl With A Pearl Earring and Hannibal Rising helmer Peter Webber. An as-yet unnamed Chinese helmer will collaborate.

Earth: One Amazing Day is the sequel to the 2007 nature documentary, Earth, which went on to become the second highest grossing nature documentary ever released. The new film will tell the story of one extraordinary day in the life of our planet. Release is planned for 2017, marking 10 years since the original.

The deal will be signed at a ceremony in London this afternoon by SMG’s Director-General/President Wang Jianjun and BBC Worldwide Predient of Global Markets Paul Dempsey. Also in attendance will be Sherlock producer Sue Vertue as part of the separate news that the series’ upcoming Victorian era special is eyeing a theatrical release in the Middle Kingdom.

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