Bill Cosby Cuts Ties With Marty Singer & Gets New Lawyer For Sex Assault Lawsuit

The embattled comedian has decided to seek new blood – at least in terms of attorneys. Bill Cosby’s relationship with longtime lawyer Marty Singer has ended and the actor has moved his business over to Christopher Tayback of Quinn Emanuel Urquhart and Sullivan, court papers reveal.

Not that there seems to be any bad blood from his former representative.

“We are happy to assist in the transition of the case to the new lawyers,” Singer told Deadline today. Though the attorney would not comment on how it all went down, Singer and his firm Lavely & Singer were not fired by the much-accused Cosby, sources with knowledge of the situation tell me. Singer is the 911 of Hollywood lawyers and known as a pitbull for his clients, which have included the likes of Charlie Sheen, Sharon Stone and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Despite the long relationship with Singer, Cosby seems to be seeking the shelter of former prosecutors like Tayback and his firm full of them as the Judy Huth case progresses and yet more women emerge to join the dozens who claim that the comic sexually assaulted them over the past five decades. Singer was also Cosby’s lawyer in the defamation case former America’s Next Top Model judge Janice Dickinson filed earlier this year.

As well, Lavely & Singer had been representing Cosby in the case of Huth, who claims that the actor assaulted her in 1974 at the Playboy Mansion when she was 15 years old. On October 9, Cosby was deposed in the case for several hours in Boston. That deposition could become public on December 22 depending on what the judge in the matter deems private.

“Mr. Cosby has decided to hire 700 lawyers to fight one woman, said Huth’s lead attorney Gloria Allred on Tuesday. “Mr. Singer has represented Mr. Cosby from the inception of Judy Huth’s case until now. Only Mr. Cosby and or his representatives would be able to comment on the reason that Martin Singer is no longer representing Mr. Cosby and why this change has been made. We look forward to continuing our legal battle on behalf of Ms. Huth and this change will not impact our vigorous advocacy on her behalf.”

Singer is not entirely disconnected from Cosby even now. While not a defendant, the lawyer is cited in the defamation case filed this spring by Dickinson as the attorney who on November 19 last year called her account of being raped by Cosby “a lie.”

Tayback is the son of actor Vic Tayback, who played Mel on the CBS show Alice in the late 1970s. The actor passed away in 1990.

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