‘Transparent’ Cast Praises Jill Soloway’s “Feminist And Feminine” Leadership — New York PaleyFest

The cast and creatives of Amazon’s groundbreaking series Transparent closed out New York PaleyFest tonight, mainly gushing over one another but offering a tidbit of whats to come in Season 2. On the direction of next season, creator and executive producer Jill Soloway said: “I wanted it to go pretty much to where the audience expected. “Josh and Raquel are getting back together. … People probably would assume that Raquel is going to be pregnant and that Sarah and Tammy were going to get married. I like to start a little bit further so people have to catch up in their minds.”

As to how the show will continue to shed light on the transgender community, Soloway said: “We felt like once Caitlyn [Jenner] came out that American had their trans 101 education and that we were really getting the opportunity in Season 2 to really go deeper into the stories of these people and really just let people know about a whole bunch of ways to be trans. ” Said Jeffrey Tambor, who earned an Emmy for his portrayal of Maura Pfefferman: “I an honored to be in this company. I don’t think I’ll ever lose the tapping of responsibility, that is with me everyday and that’s a good thing and it’s a little scary because it’s a huge responsibility. … I have this huge portrayal and I want to do it right, and the way to do it right is to do it human and to make the mistakes that she would make.”

The cast praised for Soloway for the comfortable and the collaborative environment she created. “If you know how things are typically made in TV or in film, this show is inherently opposite of that,” said Jay Duplass, who plays Maura’s Josh Pfefferman. Said Judith Light (Shelly Pfefferman) on Soloway’s direction: “The main feeling is that we are making something together and the positions are not so hardcore defined. You cannot make a mistake on this set. Nothing is ever wrong … that’s part of the safety of all of it.” Added Amy Landecker, who plays the eldest daughter Sarah, “There’s something about Jill … to me she’s magic and there’s this safety”

Soloway attributes her directing style to the power of feminism. “I bring to work a feminist and a feminine transparentway of leadership where I’m not trying to get a shot, I’m not attempting to get my words said right — there is no right. I’m not trying to capture something, I literally go with the feeling of ‘I’m here to pump air underneath this thing to make the balloon raise.’ What’s most important this is that we have fun and that we treat each other well.”

She made it clear that is isn’t a cult, “it’s just feminism.” Feminism and having a good people on your side. “Amazon Prime is also the wind beneath our wing. They are extraordinary,” Light said. Tambor concurred. “We are free, we are supported. I think to secret to life is to work with people who get you.”

Season 2 of Transparent starts streaming December 4 on Amazon.

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