Bruce Hyde Dies: ‘Star Trek’ Actor Was 74

Bruce Hyde, who played Lt. Kevin Riley on the original Star Trek series, has died. Hyde had suffered from throat cancer and died October 13 in hospice near St. Cloud, MN, according to the Star Tribune. He was 74.

Hyde, a Dallas native, played Enterprise crew member Lt. Kevin Riley on just two early episodes of the original Star Trek series, “The Naked Time” and “The Conscience of the King.”but they remain memorable ones for fans,. His character met an untimely end in the second episode and never appeared again on the series, but did appear in Star Trek novels and other fan fiction.

His other TV credits include Dr. Kildare, The Beverly Hillbillies and That Girl. He spent the majority of his career in theater. He chaired the department of theater, film studies and dance at St. Cloud State University for more than 20 years before he stepped down earlier this year.

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