Charo To Topline Family Reality Series For Televisa USA

Charo is set to star in and produce Charo In Charge, a reality series that will follow her and her eccentric family’s adventures, for Televisa USA. No premiere date has been set.

The series is centered on the multi-generational family’s life in their Beverly Hills compound. “We love Beverly Hills but I think we are the right family in the wrong neighborhood,” says Charo. “All we’re doing is cooking paella in the backyard on an open fire, with my son and his girlfriend and my nephew and his heavy metal friends, my randy dancers in the pool with my gay friends and me and my sister with my bull and my dogs. Why do they keep calling the police?”

The series also stars Charo’s son Shel Rasten, an up-and-coming Hollywood actor with a love for writing and recording music, taking trips to the family’s beloved Hawaii estate, and dating lovely women. Her sister Carmen designs and builds all of Charo’s costumes while doing all the cooking and running the household. Carmen is a spitfire who is very generous as long as you don’t get on her wrong side. Her son and Charo’s nephew, Marco, is a heavy metal guitarist who hangs out with a band, stays out all night womanizing and causing (sometimes explosive) trouble. Charo’s husband-manager Kjell watches all of the antics from a distance.

Charo is one of the first Latinas to enjoy success in English-language TV as the “cuchi cuchi girl” (for her trademark expression), She and her family recently appeared on an episode of ABC’s Celebrity Wife Swap. Charo is also a humanitarian and an activist for the LGBT and animal rights communities.

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