‘Goosebumps’ Raises Hair With $23.5M, ‘Bridge Of Spies’ Eyes $15.4M; ‘Crimson Peak’ Ekes Out $12.8M – Sunday Postmortem

5TH UPDATE 12:54AM & 6th UPDATE 7:50AM Sunday: Refresh for updates. The No. 1 film belongs to Sony for the fourth time this fall as its feature adaptation of Scholastic’s bestselling book series Goosebumps was the top monster, grossing $23.5M at 3,501 locations. Previously the studio scored No. 1 spots over the last seven weeks with War Room, The Perfect Guy and Hotel Transylvania 2. Families came out in droves, repping 60% of Goosebumps’ audience. Male/female ratio was split evenly at 50/50 with the under 25 set showing up at 59%.The Rob Letterman-directed film saw a +33% increase on Saturday over Friday with $9.8M. “To be Number One in this crowded marketplace is a giant victory,” beamed Sony worldwide marketing and distribution chief Josh Greenstein this morning.

Some Goosebumpsthought that 20th Century Fox’s The Martian would take No. 1 in its third sesh, however, Goosebumps has kept a solid lead over the Ridley Scott astronaut film throughout the weekend. Martian is looking at a studio-reported $21.5M after a $9.5M Saturday that was +54% over Friday. Total cume by EOD today will be $143.8M.

Quite often the rule of thumb when launching a literary property on the bigscreen is that a distributor can’t depend on book readers alone when minting B.O. success. Universal, for example, tapped into Beyonce and the music world when growing the Fifty Shades of Grey brand beyond its lit devotees. Points out Greenstein, “The fans of the Goosebumps book were the foundation, but we also expanded to a wider audience with the help of our incredible star Jack Black, who was all in, supporting the film on a global scale.”

goosebumps 2Black was also a relentless promoter on his previous collaboration with Letterman, 2010’s Gulliver’s Travels. While that film fell short stateside at $42.8M, it resonated greatly abroad making $195M thanks to Black’s efforts. This time around, with Goosebumps, Black got behind a slew of hysterical online viral videos which received 20M+ views. Black started getting the word out at the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con appearing with Letterman and 30 Goosebumps characters. Closer to release, Black and co-stars went on a five-city PA tour doing talk shows and securing key hits in print and online. Tastemaker screenings were held for 13 top athletes and sports teams, including Boston Red Sox (MLB), Anthony Davis (NBA), Troy Polamalu (NFL) as well as top national and regional mom influencers. Similar to its promo efforts with Hotel Transylvania 2, Sony hit the Latino family moviegoing segment with key Hispanic press visiting the set in Atlanta, the first trailer dropping on #1 Spanish-speaking morning show Despierta America and Univision.com. A virtual Goosebumps ad appeared on the USA vs Mexico soccer match. There was also a dedicated Hispanic press day for the film in Miami.

According to social media monitor RelishMix, Goosebumps owned the largest social media universe among wide entries across Facebook, Twitter and Instragram with 66.9M, followed by Bridge of Spies (48.6M) and Crimson Peak (42.6M). Relish also noticed that Sony did a complete takeover of its social channels to promote Goosebumps’ opening, cross-promoting the film on Sony YouTube, Facebook and Twitter channels. For a legacy literary franchise, it was a bold move for the studio to serve up a twist: Rather than adapt one book per se, they made author R.L. Stine a character in the movie alongside his Goosebumps monsters. Sony incorporated that Jumanji concept it its marketing. Stine, of course, was a full-time champion of the movie, appearing at New York Comic-Con last weekend and tweeting about it. Goosebumps carries a $58M budget co-financed by Village Roadshow and LStar Capital. Sony spent an estimated $12.5M on TV spots per iSpotTV with $1M+ spends on Univision, Fox and Cartoon Network.

Disney/DreamWorks’ Bridge of Spies made $6.2M on Saturday, +17% over Friday on its way to a $15.38M opening at 2,811 theaters in third according to the studio this morning. The make-up of Bridge of Spies’ audience was 53% male with 89% over 25; 43% alone were over 50. Disney’s aim here is to keep this A CinemaScore film on screen as long as possible during the fourth quarter, similar to the way the studio handled  Lincoln and War Horse. There were many reasons why moviegoers headed out to see the film including Hanks, the subject matter and Spielberg. In CinemaScore polls, those reasons were evenly spread percentage wise, which indicates a solid play ahead versus any kind of front-loaded situation (see analysis below on Guillermo del Toro and Crimson Peak below).

Bridge of Spies might expand to 3,000, but won’t go any wider so as not to over-saturate the marketplace. Social media placement for the Spielberg film was light per Relish, but that makes sense as the title was always geared toward older audiences. It’s not like Disney/DreamWorks didn’t try: Spielberg and star Tom Hanks did a live Twitter Q&A on Sept. 28th. Hanks chatted up the film to his 10.4M Twitter and 6.7M Facebook followers, including this tweet today tubthumping his film and son Colin Hanks’ new Tower Records doc All Things Must Pass. 

Crimson Peak‘s dip in business is two fold stemming from the front-loaded nature of both horror and cult director fare (a third of those turning up to Crimson Peak on Friday came out because they were del Toro fans). The Gothic romance made $4.9M on Saturday to Friday’s $5.3M. Opening weekend is bound to be slightly higher than what we saw on Saturday morning with $13.3M in fourth place. Uni, which is handling the film, is reporting Crimson Peak with a much-lower than expected opening of $12.8M at 2,984 locations. Imax playdates generated $2.3M at 365 hubs. Essentially, the old fashioned spook value and grandiose look isn’t enough to entice hardcore horror fans here, not to mention the film appears to be too intense for the Bridge of Spies’  blue hair demographic. The studio is expecting a steeper drop on Sunday at -45% from Saturday, versus the -40% that everyone is projecting. As one of the two R-rated films in the top 10 alongside Liongate’s Sicario, Crimson Peak suffered from a very competitive PG-13 adult market where such films as Martian and Bridge of Spies were overperforming. Females repped 60% of Crimson Peak‘s audience with 55% 25 or older. Other turnout demos: 52% Caucasian, 28% Hispanic, 8% Asian, and 6% African American.Crimson Peak 2

Crimson Peak is arguably in the same tonal wheelhouse as Pan’s Labyrinth. That film cost $19M to Crimson’s $55M, and went on to make $83.3M worldwide. The hope is that foreign rallies for Crimson Peak this weekend, and that could be the case looking at its social traction: Relish reports that the film’s social media campaign was “red hot” thanks to del Toro push to his 117K Twitter followers and close to 3M views for the Mexican and French trailer on Uni’s international YouTube channels. Last week, #CrimsonPeak popped on social with solid buzz about Jessica Chastain’s performance. Among the new big titles this weekend, Crimson Peak spent the most on TV spots with $18.6M. Disney/DreamWorks shelled out $15.6M per iSpot for Bridge of Spies. The most expensive TV spots for Crimson Peak (in excess of $2M) occurred during NFL Football, NBC’s The Voice and ABC’s Castle.

Given Crimson Peak‘s uniqueness as a horror movie, not to mention how award worthy its below-the-line elements are, the question remains whether Uni should have platformed the title during the fourth quarter similar to Steve Jobs and Legend. In 2007, Bob Berney’s Picturehouse slowly rolled out del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth, not only because of year-end competition, but to also build its buzz during the Oscar alley January and February period. The film made $37.6M stateside, but its bigger win was at the Oscars where it was nominated for six trophies and won three including art direction, cinematography and make-up. One of the big gaps between Pan’s Labyrinth and Crimson Peak is its critical reception: 95% fresh to 68%. And in cases were buzz remains static, particularly this one where Crimson Peak has a B- CinemaScore, it’s more prudent business-wise to grab more cash by releasing the film wide. If Uni/Legendary platformed Crimson Peak to so-so word of mouth, then ticket sales could be worse.

Coming in fifth for the weekend is Sony Animation’s Hotel Transylvania 2 which is looking at a fourth FSS of $12.25M, down 40% for a running cume by end of Sunday of $136.4M. Saturday was +69% over Friday with $5.6M. Woodlawn, the weekend’s fourth wide release at 1,553 is looking at a ninth place slot of $4.1M.

Uni/Legendary’s Steve Jobs saw a near two-fold rise in its weekend grosses with $1.55M after expanding to 60 theaters. Top five cities for the film by marketshare are Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco (of course), Washington D.C. and Chicago. Brian Brooks will have a full report on the arthouse titles.

Top 10 per studio reported figures as compiled by Deadline’s Amanda N’Duka:

1). Goosebumps (SONY), 3,501 theaters / $7.4M Fri.*/ $9.8M Sat (+33%) / $6.4M Sun. (-35%) / 3-day cume: $23.5M /Wk 1
*includes $600K in previews

2). The Martian (FOX), 3,701 theaters (-153) / $6.3M Fri.  / $9.5M Sat (+51%) / $5.6M Sun. (-41%) /3-day cume: $21.5M (-42%)/ Total cume: $143.8M /Wk 3
Industry estimate: 3-day cume: $21.8M (-41%)

3). Bridge Of Spies (DIS), 2,811 theaters / $5.3M Fri.** / $6.2M Sat (+16%) / $3.9M Sun. (-37%) /3-day cume: $15.8M /Wk 1
**includes $500K in previews

4). Crimson Peak (UNI/LEG), 2,984 theaters / $5.3M Fri.+ /$4.9M Sat (-7%) / $2.7M Sun. (-45%) / 3-day cume: $12.8M /Wk 1
Industry estimate:  3-day cume: $12.9M
+includes $855K in previews

5). Hotel Transylvania 2 (SONY), 3,533 theaters (-235) / $3.3M Fri. / $5.6M Sat (+69%) / $3.3M Sun. (-42%) /3-day cume: $12.25M(-40%) / Total cume: $136.4M /Wk 3
Industry estimate: 3-day cume: $12.5M (-39%)

6). Pan (WB), 3,515 theaters (0) / $1.7M Fri./ $2.5M Sat (+52%) / $1.65M Sun. (-35%) / 3-day cume: $5.9M (-62%) /Total cume: $25.7M /Wk 1

7). The Intern (WB), 2,707 theaters (-517)/ $1.7M Fri. /$2.4M Sat (+40%) / $1.3M Sun. (-45%) / 3-day cume: $5.4M (-38%)/Total cume: $58.7M/Wk 4

8). Sicario (LGF), 2,130 theaters (-490) / $1.3M Fri./ $1.9M Sat (+%) / $1.2M Sun. (-%) /3-day cume: $4.5M (-42%) /Total cume: $34.7M /Wk 5

9). Woodlawn (PURE), 1,553 theaters / $1.5M Fri. /$1.35M Sat (-9%) / $1.3M Sun. (-6%) / 3-day cume: $4.1M /Wk 1
Industry estimate: 3-day cume: $3.9M

10). Maze Runner: Scorch Trials (FOX), 1,976 theaters (-871)/ $800K Fri. / $1.3M Sat (+63%) / $645K Sun. (-51%) /3-day cume:$2.75M (-49%)/ Total cume: $75.4M/Wk 5


Steve Jobs (UNI), 60 theaters (+56)/ $516K Fri./$597K Sat (+16%) / $437K Sun. (-27%) / 3-day cume: $1.55M (+197%)/ Per screen: $25K / Total cume: $2.26M/Wk 2

The Walk (SONY), 2,489 theaters (-20)/ $345K Fri. /$527K Sat (+53%) / $328K Sun. (-38%) / 3-day cume: $1.2M(-68%)/ Total cume: $9.2M /Wk 3

Ladrones (LGF), 375 theaters (0)/ $155K Fri./$264K Sat (+70%) / $256K Sun. (-3%) / 3-day cume: $675K (-52%)/ Total cume: $2.4M/Wk 2

Bruce Lee—The Fighter (INDI), 202 theaters / $173K Fri. / $133K Sat (-23%) / $86K Sun. (-35%) / 3-day cume: $392K /Wk 1

Room (A24), 4 theaters / $41K Fri. / $45K Sat (+10%) / $34K Sun. (-25%) / 3-day cume: $119K /Per screen: $30K /Wk 1

Truth (SPC), 6 theaters / $17K Fri. / $28K Sat (+61%) / $20K Sun. (-30%) /3-day cume: $65K / Wk 1

Beast Of No Nation (BST), 31 theaters / $17K Fri. / $21K Sat (+22%) / $13K Sun. (-40%) / 3-day cume: $51K /Wk 1

The Assassin (WLGO), 4 theaters / $4K Fri. / $5K Sat (+13%) / $13K Sun. (-35%) / 3-day cume: $45K /Wk 1

All Things Must Pass (GRAV), 2 theaters / $6K Fri. / $7K Sat (+26%) / $5K Sun. (-30%) / 3-day cume: $19K /Wk 1

8 Films To Die For (ADF), 11 theaters / $13K Fri. / $19K Sat (+50%) / $3K Sun. (-45%) / 3-day cume: $11K /Wk 1

Meadowland (CNDGM), 3 theaters / $3K Fri. / $4K Sat (+11%) / $2K Sun. (-40%) / 3-day cume: $9K /Wk 1

A Ballerina’s Tale (IND), 2 theaters / $3K Fri. / $3K Sat (+18%) / $2K Sun. (-40%) / 3-day cume: $8K /Wk 1

3RD UPDATE, Friday 11:59PM & 4th UPDATE, Saturday, 9:36AM: Updated industry B.O. estimates from AM stats. Sony continues to dominate the autumn box office season – and their 24th James Bond film Spectre hasn’t even opened yet. The studio is poised to land its fourth No. 1 opener in the last seven weeks with the Village Roadshow/LStar Capital co-production Goosebumps, which is winning Friday with an estimated $7.35M and will likely take No. 1 for the weekend with an estimated $24.5M at 3,501 theaters. Also raising the Goosebumps B.O. are 3D and RealD ticket prices. The Rob Letterman feature adaptation of the 23-year-old best-selling Scholastic book series also earned an A CinemaScore, guaranteeing solid word of mouth and business for the PG spooky film throughout the weekend. Rather than release Goosebumps during the Columbus Day stretch when many kids were off school, Sony opted to debut the Jack Black headliner closer to Halloween. Sony also wanted to provide some breathing room for its other family fall hit Hotel Transylvania 2, which should reach an estimated cume of $137.5M by Sunday.

There’s a timelessness to the Goosebumps property, and that was clearly in effect last night as business remained strong into the evening, while admissions dwindled for the Guillermo del Toro horror pic Crimson Peak (you would think it would be the other way around with the latter grabbing more millennials at nighttime). Goosebumps drew a crowd that was 52% under 25. “Even though Goosebumps has a PG rating, it’s fun for teenagers as well as kids. A lot of the older ones read the books,” observed Sony president of worldwide distribution Rory Bruer this morning.

jack blackSimilar to the success Sony has reaped with HT2, the studio’s marketing machine delivered another hit with a multi-prong marketing campaign that canvassed Jack Black viral videos, a virtual reality stunt in theater lobbies, Comic-Con appearances, Hispanic media and integrated media promotion across Nickelodeon’s networks. Black appeared in a number of viral videos that received 20M+ views.  These included a retro style rap video for “Bumps Gonna Goose Ya!” on Nerdist, “Jack Black’s Pinterest Hacks,” “Halloween Costumes Throughout History” on Buzzfeed and a number of videos on prolific YouTube channels like MyCupcakeAddiction and Vsauce3.

“The movie is such a fun ride and to get that out in the marketing of the film, coupled with the A CinemaScore, good word of mouth and reviews – there’s such a halo effect around the movie. All facets are working. Jack Black was an incredible asset. He’s worked so hard and believed in this movie. He was determined to get the word out. It was a labor of love for everyone involved,” added Bruer.

20th Century Fox’s The Martian is still looking solid, placing second on Friday with $6.4M and a third weekend of $22M per industry estimates that’s a -39% hold. Total estimated cume by Sunday: $144.5M.

Bridge Of SpiesThe fall sun is shining warmly on Disney/DreamWorks’ Bridge of Spies from Steven Spielberg, which is earning an awesome A CinemaScore. Among Spielberg’s pics at Disney, that score is in sync with Lincoln and surpasses War Horse’s A-.  Even though the film earned an estimated $5.35M Friday night per industry calculations, the town expects the film to hit $15.9M in third place at 2,811; a higher spot than anticipated for this Cold War drama. Earlier today, PostTrak reported that Bridge’s passengers were 57% male and 86% over 25. Reviews coming out of the New York Film Festival are at a raging 93% certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, which beats Lincoln (90%) and War Horse (77%). Both Lincoln and War Horse posted respective multiples of 8.7X ($182.2M) and 5.5X ($79.9M) vs. their wide openings.

Crimson PeakLegendary’s Guillermo del Toro gothic horror romance pic Crimson Peak is coming in below expectations. Friday matinees pointed toward an $8M opening day after the film charted the highest among Thursday night previews with $855K, however, business tapered off this evening. In addition, the film’s B- CinemaScore is a factor in scaring away business. Crimson Peak’s Friday is estimated at $5.29M and the weekend is now projected at $13M, putting it in fourth place at 2,984 (including Imax and PLF) instead of third. Earlier today, the town thought an $18M-$20M opening was within Crimson Peak‘s reach (Uni saw mid-teens heading into the weekend). Few horror titles score A CinemaScores, however; if Crimson Peak earned a B or B+, it would have had a shot at a better multiple. On average, an R-rated horror film earning a B- to D CinemaScore typically legs out to a 2.1 multiple. Sources tell me that a good third of moviegoers turned out for Crimson Peak because they’re del Toro fans, while another 20% turned up for the ensemble cast. Whenever a director scores a huge percentage, it indicates that business will be front-loaded: Most of del Toro’s fans are expected to have come out on Friday, and are unlikely to attend in the second weekend. Although a Rotten Tomatoes score of 68% fresh indicates that many critics liked the film, reviews aren’t expected to drive adults to this one. There was a low percentage of under 18-year-olds on Friday night with a sizable portion of 25-34 year-olds and a tad more females than male.

Crimson Peak is a throwback to 1940s haunted house movies like Jacques Tourneur’s I Walked With A Zombie and Joseph L. Mankiewicz’s Dragonwyck with Vincent Price; it’s a cinematic style that modern day horror aficionados typically don’t sink their fangs into. One rival distribution suit concurred Friday night: “It just felt too old for a horror which typically appeals to a younger demo.” Would a PG-13 rating have boosted business? Possibly, but del Toro wanted to stick with an R, so that the movie wouldn’t be shortchanged. Del Toro delivered the film $1M under budget at $55M, cutting his salary by 30% and forfeiting his backend so that he could put all the dazzle up on the screen. We’ll see on Sunday whether Crimson Peak makes good on its overseas launch in 53 territories including Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Russia, Spain and the U.K. When it comes to sophisticated, cinematic fare, Euro moviegoers get it.

crimson peak windowUni and Legendary promo stunts for Crimson Peak included Bergdorf Goodman dressing its NYC windows in the spirit of the film. In addition, Universal Studios Hollywood had an original maze for their Halloween Horror nights: “Guillermo del Toro Presents Crimson Peak: Maze of Madness.” On Friday night, del Toro and castmembers Tom Hiddleston, Jessica Chastain and Mia Wasikowska made an appearance on CBS’ Late Night With Stephen Colbert.

PureFlix Cinema’s 1973 faith-based football drama Woodlawn earned an A+ CinemaScore. The last time this happened was back in January for Selma and American Sniper. A film with an A+ on average makes 4.8x its opening box office. As we saw mid-day on Friday, Woodlawn was beating its $2M-$3M weekend projections with a FSS that’s north of $4M at 1,553.

Awards contenders continue to crowd the specialty side. Uni/Legendary’s Steve Jobs at 60 venues is expected to see a two-fold rise in its second weekend with $1.62M. Sony/TriStar’s The Walk is on the brink of seeing a precipitous drop in its screen average from $1,482 Truthlast weekend to $462 per theater. Audiences are unlocking A24’s Toronto International Film Festival audience award winner Room at four New York and Los Angeles houses with an impressive $32K PTA. Sony Classics’ 60 Minutes II newsroom drama recounting Rathergate, Truthis projected to make $9K at six New York and Los Angeles theaters or $59K in its opening weekend. News broke Friday that CBS was so upset with the film’s portrayal of events that the network refused to book TV spots for Truth on 60 Minutes, The Late Show, and The CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley. Interesting note: Cate Blanchett did guest star on The Late Show on Oct. 8 to promote the film. Colbert quipped during the show’s intro, “She stars as a CBS employee who gets fired and and we might talk about something else instead.” Netflix-Bleecker Street’s simultaneous streaming and 31-theatrical release of Beasts of No Nation is set to make a low $54K.

Top 10 films for the weekend of Oct. 16-18 per industry estimates as compiled by Deadline’s Amanda N’Duka, updated as of Saturday AM:

1). Goosebumps (SONY), 3,501 theaters / $7.35M Fri. / 3-day cume: $24.5M /Wk 1

2). The Martian (FOX), 3,701 theaters (-153) / $6.4M Fri. (-40%) / 3-day cume: $22M (-41%)/ Total cume: $144.5M /Wk 3

3). Bridge Of Spies (DIS), 2,811 theaters / $5.35M Fri. / 3-day cume: $15.9M /Wk 1

4). Crimson Peak (UNI), 2,984 theaters / $5.29M Fri. / 3-day cume: $13M /Wk 1

5). Hotel Transylvania 2 (SONY), 3,533 theaters (-235) / $3.35M Fri. (-37%)/ 3-day cume: $12.8M (-37%) / Total cume: $137M /Wk 3

6). Pan (WB), 3,515 theaters (0) / $1.67M Fri. (-68%) / 3-day cume: $6M (-61%) /Total cume: $25.85M /Wk 2

7). The Intern (WB), 2,707 theaters (-517)/ $1.69M Fri. (-36%) / 3-day cume: $5.5M (-37%)/Total cume: $58.8M/Wk 4

8). Woodlawn (PURE), 1,553 theaters / $1.48M Fri. / 3-day cume: $4.6M /Wk 1

9). Sicario (LGF), 2,130 theaters (-490) / $1.34M Fri. (-41%)/3-day cume: $4.4M (-42%) /Total cume: $34.6M /Wk 5

10). Maze Runner: Scorch Trials (FOX), 1,976 theaters (-871)/ $791K Fri. (-47%) / 3-day cume: $2.76M (-49%)/ Total cume: $75.4M/Wk 5

11.) Steve Jobs (UNI), 60 theaters (+56)/ $516K Fri. (+197%) / 3-day cume: $1.62M (+211%)/ Per screen: $27K / Total cume: $2.3M/Wk 2


The Walk (SONY), 2,489 theaters (-20)/ $348K Fri. (-70%) / 3-day cume: $1.15M (-69%)/ Total cume: $9.08M/Wk 3

Bruce Lee—The Fighter (INDI), 202 theaters / $173K Fri. / 3-day cume: $530K /Wk 1

Room (A24), 4 theaters / $41K Fri. / 3-day cume: $129K /Per screen: $32K /Wk 1

Beasts Of No Nation (BST), 31 theaters / $17K Fri. /Per screen: $1,742/ 3-day cume: $54K /Wk 1

Truth (SPC), 6 theaters / $17K Fri. / Per screen: $9,833/3-day cume: $59K /Wk 1

All Things Must Pass (GRAV), 2 theaters / $7K Fri. / 3-day cume: $21K /Wk 1

The Assassin (WLGO), 4 theaters / $15K Fri. / 3-day cume: $36K /Wk 1

2ND UPDATE, Friday 1:04 PM: Matinees currently show that Legendary’s Crimson Peak from Universal will take No. 1 today with an estimated $8M at 2,984 theaters. But the R-rated period flick from Guillermo del Toro is bound to settle for third place this weekend with $19.5M given the front-loaded nature of genre fare in its first day at the box office.

Goosebumps Bridge of Spies Crimson PeakCurrently, 20th Century Fox’s The Martian and Sony/Village Roadshow/LStar Capital’s Goosebumps are neck and neck for Friday as well as for the weekend, with each expected to rake in $7M today and a FSS that’s in the $23M-$25M neighborhood. Some believe Martian has the edge, but it’s too soon to tell based on matinees.

Disney/DreamWorks’ Bridge Of Spies is looking at an estimated $5.5M Friday with an opening around $15M. It could be unseated from fourth place by Sony’s Hotel Transylvania 2 which is expected to also gross near that figure over FSS.

PureFlix Cinema’s faith-based sports drama Woodlawn is set to score $1.5M tonight, besting industry projections this week with an opening of $4M.

Universal/Legendary’s Steve Jobs in its second Friday at 60 theaters is computing a $600K-$800K Friday with a FSS of $1.9M-$2.6M. More to come tonight.

1st UPDATE, Friday 7:23 AM: Two spooky movies — one for adults and one for kids — began their scare tear at the box office last night with Legendary’s Guillermo del Toro gothic horror pic Crimson Peak ringing up $855K at 2,178 theaters and Sony/Village Roadshow’s Goosebumps grabbing $600K at 2,567 theaters. Of the two, industry projections expect Goosebumps to scream louder than Crimson Peak with a $24M-$25M opening at 3,501 theaters. Crimson Peak, via Universal, is currently expected to gross between $18M-$20M. Each title has higher ticket pricing options working in their favor: 3D and RealD for Goosebumps, and Imax and PLF for Crimson Peak.

Counter-programming this monster mash is Disney/DreamWorks’ Steven Spielberg historical drama Bridge Of Spies which is geared toward older adults. The film, set during the Cold War, follows attorney James Donovan’s efforts in defending Russian spy Rudolf Abel and exchanging him for captured American U-2 pilot Francis Gary Powers. It made $500K last night, which is just under the $600K made by Tom Hanks’ previous fall hit, Captain PhillipsBridge Of Spies is expected to post an opening in the mid-teens.

Yesterday, Fandango reported that 20th Century Fox’s The Martian is currently leading in weekend pre-sales, which jibes with what many are expecting: That the Ridley Scott film will edge out Goosebumps, taking No. 1 for a third weekend in a row with a $24M-$26M weekend. Through two weeks, Martian has logged an estimated $122.3M.

Capitalizing on Halloweeen moviegoers, more scare fare is expected with Paramount rolling out two R-rated horror films back-to-back over the next two weekends: Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension next Friday and Scouts Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse on October 30. Both titles are opening in less than 1,400 venues given Paramount’s unique shortened VOD window, a distribution strategy that has turned off a number of major exhibitors.

This article was printed from https://deadline.com/2015/10/goosebumps-bridge-of-spies-crimson-peak-weekend-box-office-1201585023/