Barry Bostwick Comedy Among Six Original Series To Debut On Pilgrim Studios’ New Digital Arm

Craig Piligian’s Pilgrim Studios is expanding its online presence with the launch of its new digital platform 1620 Media. First up, it will premiere six new original series, including a comedy featuring Rocky Horror Picture Show’s Barry Bostwick.

According to Piligian, 1620 Media will house content across a range of programming styles and genres, both scripted and unscripted, including sketch comedy, documentary, person-on-the-street, and animation. The studio also will produce branded entertainment content that allows advertisers to engage their audiences in compelling, humorous and inventive new ways.

Following its six debut series, 1620 Media will release seven additional original shows throughout October and November, continuing to develop and introduce new content on an ongoing basis. Series episodes vary in length from 15 seconds to five minutes. The new company also is in development on a number of other series with talent from the sports, comedy and design worlds.

“Pilgrim is always looking for new ways to produce and showcase quality content,” said Piligian. “With 1620 Media, we’re exploring a lot of new territory and working with a wide range of talent to create sharp, entertaining short-form programming.”

Here are details of the six initial original series:

“Inside The Extras Studio”
Award-winning actor Barry Bostwick takes a satirical look at the industry’s forgotten stars: the “extras.” Tipping a hat to James Lipton and Inside the Actors Studio, this comedic scripted series brings the “background” into focus, examining the lives of those who make their careers as film and television’s most ubiquitous yet anonymous players.

“The Intersection”
Actress, model and television host Nikki Leigh ventures to “Hollywood & Vine” and other well-known, highly trafficked intersections to ask strangers a range of questions – whether funny, serious, personal or probing. With inquiries like “What emoji would you be?” and “What secrets are the government hiding?” everyday people confide in Nikki their real thoughts about life and the world around them.

“The Real Cat Therapist Of Beverly Hills”
In this weekly comedy, the cat is the therapist, listening to “patients” – all renowned improv comedians – who vent their problems and offload their issues while the cat cleans himself (or herself), sleeps, ignores them and generally, well, acts like a cat.

“Explained In Children’s Drawings”
Each week, children are asked a question about the world (e.g. asking boys “What if you were a girl for a day?” and vice versa). As the kids respond, their answers are depicted through colorful and unpredictable animated drawings.

“Paw Prints”
This collection of uplifting stories from the Pasadena Humane Society includes segments about available pets, animals saved by their adoptive families, wildlife rescue and volunteer profiles.

“The Mixology Guys”
Three Los Angeles mixologists lead viewers through the wonderful world of bartending and drink making, complete with how-to instructions, competitions and an array of social interactions.

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