MovieTickets Signs Exclusive Deal With RC Theaters gained a little ground today in its effort to compete with Fandango in online sales. Maryland-based RC Theaters, which has 10 venues with 89 screens, just left the Comcast-owned industry leader to sign an exclusive deal with MovieTickets.

RC Theaters COO David Phillips says his new partner “offers best-in-class support and continues to develop cutting edge technologies, improving the entire moviegoing experience.” His company’s venues are mostly based in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina.

The announcement comes as many theater owners converge this week in Florida for the industry’s ShowEast confab.

Last week MovieTickets announced a partnership with Mobiquity Networks — a mall-based beacon ad company — to target film trailers and other content to mobile devices with a app when they’re near participating theaters.

And yesterday the mobile ticketing company said it has teamed with Moviequ. Its sound recognition technology makes it possible for people watching a trailer they like to automatically download information about the release.

MovieTickets’ worldwide footprint includes 240 theater chains with more than 28,000 screens.

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