Donald Trump Finally Sitting Down With Fox News’ Chris Wallace On Sunday

EXCLUSIVE: Donald Trump finally will sit down with Chris Wallace on his Fox News Sunday Beltway Show this coming weekend. The GOP frontrunner had hinted that might be in the works:

Trump’s Fox News Sunday interview will be his first since announcing his candidacy in June. Which also makes it his first sit-down with Wallace since the newsman co-moderated that first GOP debate. That debate triggered a major kerfuffle between the GOP front-runner and Fox News that has continued on and off ever since.

While Trump’s post-debate feud with Wallace’s co-moderator Megyn Kelly used up most the post-debate oxygen, Trump also suggested Wallace had not been fair to him. Trump told CNN’s Don Lemon after that first debate Wallace is “only a tiny fraction” of his father, legendary CBS newsman Mike Wallace, and also accused Chris Wallace of having had “blood pouring out of his eyes” at that debate – though he stopped with “eyes” in Wallace’s case.

Wallace will interview Trump in person on Saturday at Trump National Golf Club outside Washington, D.C.; the taped interview will air on his show the following day.

Wallace’s is the only Sunday Beltway show on which Trump has not appeared since announcing his candidacy. Wallace has said he does not do phoners on his show, explaining the genre is distinguished from other news programs as the place where viewers can see extended sit-down interviews with important political figures. Phoners are not that, by definition, Wallace has maintained, in re Trump. Until the Trump candidacy, Sunday Beltway shows shied away from phoners, but Trump has often appeared on the Sunday circuit by phone since announcing his White House bid.

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