‘The Martian’ Crosses $118.5M Offshore; ‘Pan’ Serves Up Est. $20.4M – Intl B.O. Final

3rd UPDATE, Monday, 3:02 PM: Finals are in for weekend The Martian from Fox and Sony’s The Walk and a big expansion on Warner Bros.’ Hugh Jackman-led Pan and the Michael Fassbender-starring Macbeth, which bowed in the UK and landed a big $6,915 per screen. The Shakespearean film was directed by Justin Kurzel, who is helming the video game-based Assassin’s Creed starring Fassbender and Marion Cotillard, which comes out December 2016.

Ridley Scott’s sci-fi drama starring Matt Damon bowed in 52 countries and now has a worldwide gross of $345.2M, while the Robert Zemeckis’ high-wire act is struggling. The Walk is having some trouble standing in the States in its expansion with low per-screen numbers. It pushed out into a total of 60 territories this weekend and now has a total cume of $7.5M. Added to its domestic gross, and this one is teetering with only $13.9M — and that’s in Imax, too. Pan sailed into 52 countries this weekend with not a lot of wind moving it forward, even though it bowed in the big box office territories of Brazil, Germany, Spain, Mexico and Russia. After debuting in Jackman’s stomping ground of Australia and New Zealand last month (and being beaten by Sony’s Pixels in that market — ouch!), the fantasy film now has a worldwide cume of only $40.5M.

Other finals are in for big holdovers Hotel Transylvania 2, Warner Bros.’ comedy The Intern, Lionsgate’s hit Sicario, the Imax fave Everest, the animated monster Minions and Straight Outta Compton — which should hit $200M worldwide today. In addition, we have reported finals for the Ethan Hawke-Emma Watson thriller Regression, which is holding on strong in Spain, took in $2.8M in six markets and has an international cume that rivals The Walk, which is on over four times the screens and 10 times the markets.

Others include Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials, horror film The Visit and Black Mass (which is only in two key markets).

COMING UP NEXT WEEKEND: Ant-Man bows in China; the Steven Spielberg-Tom Hanks team-up Bridge Of Spies and Paramount’s Goosebumps rolls out in smaller markets; Guillermo del Toro’s fantasy film Crimson Peak debuts big in 53 markets, including the UK, Russian, France, Australia, Brazil and Germany. Suffragette, the drama that stars Carey Mulligan, Helena Bonham Carter and Meryl Streep, opens today in the UK and Ireland after opening at the London Film Festival this week.

Anita Busch updated/added film grosses on Monday.

2ND UPDATE, 4:45 PM PT: Last weekend’s international frame was heavily weighted towards Chinese movies with four of the Top 10 hailing from the Middle Kingdom. This weekend is a different matter with only one in the top crop, Goodbye Mr Loser. There were also two German pics in this week: the continued run of smash sequel Fack Ju Gohte 2 ($7.3M/$12.5M cume) and newcomer Er Ist Wieder Da (Look Who’s Back — Constantin Film’s Borat-inspired novel adaptation that sees an unknown actor dress up as Hitler to tour modern-day Germany; also $7.3M). With those movies factored in, this weekend’s offshore frame was 11% down. Excluding them, the studio-only releases were up 24% on the previous session. Compared to last year when Dracula Untold, Guardians Of The Galaxy and Annabelle ruled, the Top 3 in this year’s session did better by 20.5%.

Leading the charge was The Martian, for the second week in a row, and up by 30% to $58.1M. Part of the increased haul came off the back of a very successful start in Korea where a $12.5M bow provided Fox with a record opening for the studio and set an October benchmark for all debuts. Korea has also been welcoming to The Intern with the Warner Bros comedy from Nancy Meyers at No. 2 in its 3rd frame with $15.4M to date. The studio’s Pan, on the other hand, is experiencing growing pains with a $20.4M take in expansion to 54 markets.

Crimson PeakAs those films continue their runs and with Ant-Man setting his antennae to China on October 16, there are a handful of newcomers afoot next week. Steven Spielberg’s Bridge Of Spies with Tom Hanks starring begins a staggered international release in some smaller markets as does Jack Black comedy/adventure Goosebumps.

In wider release, Guillermo del Toro’s Crimson Peak hits overseas 53 markets via Universal. France, Australia, Brazil, Germany, Russia and the UK are among the initial suite of 53 along with the U.S. Mia Wasikowska is Tom Hiddleston’s new bride as they move into a gothic mansion with a mind of its own. Jessica Chastain also stars. Steve Jobs, which opened in New York and Los Angeles this weekend with an impressive $130K per screen (the best per screen average of 2015 to date), will kick off internationally on Nov. 12 in 13 territories. It will first bow in the U.K./Ireland and Germany.

More on that this week, and actuals to come on the below tomorrow.

1ST UPDATE: Numbers have come in from Warner Bros with Pan showing $20.5M in 54 total markets. International estimates are also in for The Intern and Black Mass. See breakdowns below. More to come…

PREVIOUS, SUNDAY AM: There were no major new studio entries this weekend at the international box office, although Warner Bros’ Pan rolled out in earnest to 52 markets. We also have the first numbers on Sony’s The Walk, now that it’s strolled into a total of 60. The weekend leader remains Fox’s The Martian which pushed way past $100M internationally to hit $118.5M thanks in no small part to a record-busting debut in Korea (see more below). We’re still waiting on Warner Bros numbers, but those for the other studios, save Paramount which is not reporting this weekend, are here. Also notable, Inside Out debuted in China and Everest has just been dated there. More on local language titles to come – China will factor again near the top of the charts.

Ridley Scott’s domestic champ and all-round winner landed a $57.5M final gross (down just a tad from the $58.1M estimate) this weekend from 12,859 screens in 77 markets. That takes the offshore cume after two frames to $118.5M. Given its mix of sci-fi and emotion, which have historically resonated with local audiences, The Martian was destined for a warm welcome in Korea. At $12.5M for the frame, this is Fox’s biggest opening weekend of all time in the market and set an industry record for the biggest ever October opening. Comp Interstellar last year, which coincidentally also featured Matt Damon, skyrocketed to over $70M in Korea during its run.

In Russia, the No. 1 $7.4M bow is twice as big as Gravity and about 29% bigger than Interstellar. Also opening in Germany, The Martian bowed better than Interstellar (+5%) and Gravity (+33%) but with $4.3M couldn’t snatch No. 1 from Inside Out.

In holds, the UK added $5.9M taking the cume to a fantastic $20.3M after dropping just 17%. Australia cultivated a further $3.2M, maintaining No. 1 and also down only 17% from opening. The cume is $9.5M. Elsewhere, there were several No. 1 openings/holds. Four more major markets are to come: Spain (10/16), France (10/21), Japan (2/5) and China which should be dated for before this December’s fresh blackout.

hotel transylvania 2In its latest pairing with Adam Sandler, Sony’s Hotel Transylvania 2 continues to perform in Latin America and added European markets this frame for an overall haul of $22.3M — up about 5% over last week. In new bows, HT2 was No. 1 in Italy with auds checking in for $3.7M worth of tickets on 537 screens. That doubled the opening of Rio 2 and was 29% above the original Hotel Transylvania. In France, the sequel was on par with HT, reserving $3.2M (including previews) from 594 screens (18%) up from the first installment. School holidays start there next week.

There are currently 59 territories in release with a cume of $90.9M and more than 50% of the international footprint still to come. Sandler has proven a draw in Latin America in both live-action and animated family films. The top markets on HT included Brazil, Spain and Mexico. Tops so far on HT2 is Mexico with $18.5M. This week, its 3rd there, saw an added $2.35M. In Brazil, HT2‘s No. 3 play, it dropped just 33%, delivering $1.25M for a $6.9M cume. In between Mexico and Brazil sits Venezuela with $8.7M to date (way down from its estimate of $9.4M). Upcoming releases include Germany and the UK this week followed by Russia and Spain the weekend after.

We haven’t had a new China release in a couple of weeks as the box office there continues to boom with local titles. Disney/Pixar’s Inside Out entered the Middle Kingdom on Tuesday and posted an estimated six-day opening weekend of $11.7M. This Inside Out 5movie was up against juggernauts Goodbye Mr Loser, Lost In Hong Kong and Chronicles Of The Ghostly Tribe which are raging at the box office there — and this weekend included a workday Saturday which knocked out some of the family-going audience. This doesn’t have to be a sad memory, though since Inside Out is the No. 1 original IP Pixar bow ever in China and the No. 2 overall Pixar title behind Monsters University. In total, IO posted a better than expected $22.7M in international box office in 21 territories this session. The worldwide cume is now $819.9M.

Elsewhere, the savvy move to stagger the release of Inside Out, which first world premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in May, has continued to pay off. Pete Docter’s cerebral gem became the biggest Disney or Pixar release of the past decade in Italy. It’s in its 4th week there and continues to charm with a cume of $25.2M making it the 6th market overall outside North America. The film is already the No. 2 release of 2015. In German-speaking Europe, Riley and the gang have held the No. 1 spot for the second weekend in a row — outperforming newcomers The Martian and Pan. Germany was off only 15%; Switzerland down 8% and Austria up 19% on last weekend. The cumulative gross in Germany is $13.2M.

PANAfter opening in Australia on September 24, Warner Bros’ fantasy film expanded in 52 additional markets this frame. The weekend take is $20.4M from over 11,000 screens. In a total 54 markets, repping just over 40% of the international footprint, the cume to date is now $25.2M.

Russia opened to $2M on 1,908 screens and landing at No. 2 behind The Martian. Leading into a national holiday this weekend, Spain came in at No. 2 behind Alejandro Amenabar’s Regression with $1.7M from 349 screens. Germany’s Saturday jumped around 77% with $731K as of Sunday on 725 screens. Of the total, 85% of the take was from 3D. Warner is looking to take advantage of the school holidays as they expand this week.

Mexico was a No. 1 bow with $2.9M from 2,380 screens. Brazil opened to $1.8M and and hit the No. 1 spot as it also did in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. Pan was No. 2 in Hong Kong, Singapore and the Philippines. Thailand is a particular bright spot for the Hugh Jackman-starrer with $1M from 350 screens and besting the lifetimes of Gulliver’s Travels, Paddington and Rise Of The Guardians. In Taiwan, Pan‘s grossed $490K from 110 screens, surpassing opening totals of Maleficent and Oz, The Great And Powerful, per WB. Australia and New Zealand have respective cumes of $4.7M and $667K. The UK bows this week followed by France and China in the next frame, Japan on October 31 and Italy on November 12.

Starring Michael Fassbender (Steve Jobs) and Marion Cotillard (as Lady Macbeth), this is the second big screen effort from Aussie director Justin Kurzel. He is currently behind the cameras on Assassin’s Creed, the film adaptation based on the wildly popular video game which will bow next year with the same cast as Macbeth. It pulled in $871K this weekend for a total cume to date in two terroritories (the U.K. and Greece) of $3M. The Shakespeare tragedy also stars David Thewlis.

In its 5th weekend of release, Fox’s YA sequel clocked $15.1M (down from the weekend estimate of $16M) from 5,555 screens in 73 markets. France was the original film’s best offshore play behind China and this movie is following in its footsteps with a big $8.5M (off a tad from the expected $9M) No. 1 start there. The best plays so far for Scorch Trials are Korea with $18M (10% bigger than MR at the same point in release) and the UK with $12.9M (2% bigger than MR). The international cume is $167.9M with releases in Italy (10/15), Japan (10/23), and China (TBD) still to come.

the intern 2Nancy Meyers’ latest got the job done with another $15.2M (up from the Sunday estimate of $14.8M) from 62 markets this frame, making for an overall paycheck of $58.2M to date. Combined with its domestic total, the film has a worldwide cume of $107.8M.

The Warner Bros comedy is finding some serious love in Asia where there’s more good news out of Korea with a drop of just 7% from last frame and the No. 2 slot behind The Martian debut. The cume there is $15.4M. Sticking with Asia, Taiwan jumped 9% this frame, grossed $1.1M and has a cume of $4.75M. The Intern turned up for its first weekend of work in Japan with $1.5M at No. 3 behind two local pics. Results are on par with The Holiday, 47% above Something’s Gotta Give and 63% over It’s Complicated. France was also a new assignment in a crowded field with $1M on 282 screens and on par with It’s Complicated. Holdovers were down around 25% across the board. Australia dipped 25% for a $1.1M weekend and a cume of $3.4M at No. 2. The U.K. cume is now $2.8M; Mexico has clocked $2.5M; and Russia and Germany are tied at $3.8M apiece. Italy opens this week on Oct. 15th.

EverestBaltasar Kormakur’s epic continues to climb for Universal, Working Title, Cross Creek and Walden Media. In 65 territories, it elevated the cume by a further $8.3M for an international total of $119.2M (down from $120.8M Sunday estimate). There were no new openings this weekend and the worldwide total on the $60M budgeted adventure drama is $157.6M. In holdovers, France has a 19-day total of $5.2M; the UK/Ireland is at $14.9M after 24 days, and Germany has scaled $8.4M after 24. Everest now has a China date on November 3 giving it 30 days of runtime before the market shuts down again for another blackout in December. Japan, where Everest should have a strong foothold, opens November 6.

Lionsgate’s action/drama from helmer Denis Villeneuve arrested audiences in 59 markets this frame for an additional $6M (down from Sunday’s estimate off $6.4M). The Emily Blunt/Benicio Del Toro sleeper that world premiered back in Cannes, now has trafficked in $16.67M internationally. Openings were in the UK with $2.4M from 434 playdates (including $335K from previews) and in France with $1M (down from the estimated $1.4M) on 285 screens in what was a crammed week that included debuts of Hotel Transylvania 2, Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials, The Intern and The Visit. It also opened in The Netherlands to the best per screen average of the weekend in that country: $222K from 55 screens (or a $4,000 per).

In its holdover markets, Germany chased in anotehr $512K to add to its total international cume of $2M while Australia picked up another $300K after three weekends in release to bring its total tally to $3.1M. Worldwide, this actioner has taken in an excellent $43.6M so far, with $26.9M coming from the domestic market.

The next major territory bows are Belgium (10/14) and Brazil and Denmark (10/22).

the walk 9The Walk had a small release last frame internationally, but Sony chose to hold numbers back until the more substantial rollout this weekend. Robert Zemeckis’ 3D stunner is now in 60 markets with just two majors — the UK and Brazil — among them. The tight-rope drama picked up $5.6M from 3,600 screens in the current frame to take the overseas cume to a better than expected final cume of $7.5M. This film has been struggling Stateside despite strong reviews and positive word of mouth and Sony is wisely staking out Imax theaters in a slow overseas release with so much competition for the format. Zemeckis and star Joseph Gordon-Levitt personally came to Barcelona this June to excite European exhibitors during an on-stage chat with Sony chairman Tom Rothman, but most of Europe has yet to open so calls as to the effectiveness of that based on this weekend alone would be tough. The UK bowed to $1.2M (including previews) from 800 screens, while Brazil pulled in $315K (including previews) from 171 screens. In Asia, five markets including Hong Kong and Taiwan grossed $1.7M (including previews). Russia, Australia and Mexico open this coming week; Germany, Italy the following frame; and France and Korea after that.

M. Night Shyamalan’s first team-up with Jason Blum’s Blumhouse scared up another $2.5M in 26 Universal territories for an international total of $22M. The worldwide gross on the low-budget trip to granny’s house is $83.3M. France opened with $895K at 192 dates, comparable to Mama, Ouija and Sinister. French-speaking Switzerland opened with a good $49K at 8 dates; bigger than the openings for Mama and Ouija. Finally, Germany is in its 3rd week with $716K at 349 dates for an 18-day total of $4M. Next weekend, we’ll keep an eye on The Visit‘s bows in Japan and Korea.

Warner Bros’ Johnny Depp-starrer turned its steely gaze to Italy this weekend in a solid $1.2M debut from 317 screens. Australia was also a new play with $829K from 269. In total, the weekend was good for $2.6M from 876 screens in 17 markets. The total cume internationally is $6.2M. Germany is in sight next on October 15.

regressionThe thriller from acclaimed director Alejandro Amenabar is holding strong at No. 1 for the second week in a row in Spain, where Universal is distributing. The sophomore weekend in Spain dropped only 21% from last weekend, a terrific hold. Emma Watson, Ethan Hawke and Watson’s Harry Potter co-star David Thewlis lead the cast. The weekend estimate is a better than expected from Universal $2.3M (up from the Sunday estimate of $1.7M) at 330 dates for a 10-day total of a much higher than estimated $6.28M (up from $5.5M) from just Universal. When you add in the other territories, which we were able to get today, this film has done better than The Walk — and in only six territories (including Germany and the U.K.). It’s total gross is actually $7.38M on 838 screens; it took in a big $2.8M over the weekend for a solid per screen of $3,390. It debuted in the U.K. this weekend.

The Walk has four times the number of screens that Regression has and is in 60 markets. About a father with no memory of a crime he committed, the pic was sold internationally by FilmNation with The Weinstein Co taking U.S. for a February 2016 release. Universal handled the Spanish release.

Minions is wrapping its run in China on Monday, ceding the key animation slot to Inside Out this frame. Over this final Middle Kingdom weekend, the Universal/Illumination blockbuster added $309K for a total of $69.8M in 29 days. In all this session, the henchmen worked up another $1.8M in 43 territories. They maintained the No. 1 spot in Greece for the 3rd weekend in a row with a cume of $1.7M there in just 17 days. The international total is $817.2M and the global haul is now $1.151B. All territories have released.

Straight Outta Compton grossed an estimated $866K in 27 territories this weekend for a strong international total of $37.1M. Worldwide, the NWA origins story has pulled in $198M. So far, it’s played best in English-speaking markets but has also found a keen fanbase in Germany and France. Mexico opened at No. 6 with $188K at 349 dates this frame. Singapore was a limited release on nine screens for $20K. France continues to be the top holdover with $273K at 276 dates for a 26-day total of $3.6M. Universal has 12 more openings planned over the coming few months. Thailand and Brazil are up next on October 22 and 29, respectively.

Yes, Virginia, even though its last market opened in July, JW is still playing internationally. The dinos picked up an extra $300K in eight territories this weekend and raised the offshore total to $1.014B.

Studiocanal’s Legend has now reached a running cume of $25.76M (estimated) since debuting on September 9. The Tom Hardy drama added around $1.05M this weekend in what continues to be an impressive run despite a busy marketplace. Also from Studiocanal, Michael Fassbender/Marion Cotillard two-hander Macbeth has reached a cume of about $2.89M after nine days in release. The take for the weekend was an estimated $777K.

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