Trevor Noah First Week Hosting ‘The Daily Show’: 1.02M Viewers

Trevor Noah averaged 1.02 million viewers in his first week as host of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show – a 33% decline compared to the franchise’s same week year ago crowd. The drop is not surprising, given that Jon Stewart was a much regarded host who’d built the franchise into a major player in the political and cultural conversation, while Noah is a South African comedian who’s relatively unknown in this country.

More surprising, perhaps, is the median age of Noah’s first-week audience: 45.5 years. This is older than Stewart’s same week last year audience median age of 43.7 years. It’s noteworthy, what with Noah joking about being so much younger than Stewart, Stewart joshing about being such an old guy, and all this talk about Noah’s millennial appeal in the walk-up to his launch on the show.

Percentage-wise, The Daily Show‘s biggest drop was in teens, though the actual numbers are small, with Stewart’s week having clocked an average of 56K viewers in the age bracket, to Noah’s 23K – a plunge of 59%. Maybe they decided to watch Noah online or on-phone instead.

Among 18-49-year-old men, with whom Stewart was popular, Noah lost 42% of year ago same week audience, turning 577K viewers into last week’s 332K. Noah only fumbled 26% of Stewart’s same week ’14 crowd among women 18-49: 186K compared to last year’s 253K.


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