‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ Review: Make A Date With Witty Work In Progress

We all know relationships can be tricky, but as The CW’s only new addition of the fall makes very clear, they can be nutty too and also a sight to behold. Debuting on October 12 before the second season of Jane The Virgin begins, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, as my video review above says, can be sing-out-loud fun, sometimes floundering and, from what I’ve seen, a strong work in progress. And it is also worth going on a first date with for the wit, the humor and the chance to see something different in many ways for the network.

If the title doesn’t kind of explain everything about the comedy from Aline Brosh McKenna and Rachel Bloom, here’s the Crazy Ex CliffsNotes: Still hurting over love and loss from decades before, mid-twenties high-powered neurotic NYC lawyer Rebecca Bunch, played by Bloom, rejects a chance to make partner and suddenly moves to West Covina, CA, to follow her idolized summer camp boyfriend, whom she just bumped into on the streets of the Big Apple. Needless to say, the already-committed-to-someone-else ex-boyfriend Josh isn’t exactly jumping through hoops to get back together with Rebecca, who is now off her meds, but that obvious arc is just the leaping-off point for what is best called contained craziness — in what could be the best way depending where the show goes next.

Having started at Showtime as a half-hour and now on The CW as an hourlong, Crazy Ex is an experiment in motion – and it really does jump around with show-stopping tunes like “Sexy Getting Ready Song.” But underneath. and weaved in and out of the song and dance pieces, the borderline uncomfortable setups, a whole lot of texting, problematic new boss, and suspicious co-workers are some very serious stabs at some very serious issues. And those efforts are why you should give Crazy Ex-Girlfriend a chance – you might find something you could grow to love.

Take a look at my review and tell us what you think. Will you be watching on October 12?

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