Barry Diller On Donald Trump: If He Wins, I’m Fleeing The Country — Or Resisting

Note to those of you who had Barry Diller in your which-media-mogul-will-endorse-Donald Trump pool: Thanks for playing our game. The IAC Interactive boss didn’t mince words about the GOP White House hopeful during an event in NYC today. “If Donald Trump doesn’t fall, I’ll either move out of the country or join the resistance,” Diller said at the Bloomberg Markets Most Influential Summit. But don’t fret, Diller fans — and you know who you are: The erstwhile Aereo backer thinks Trump has about as much chance to win as he does.

“He’s a self-promoting huckster who found a vein,” Diller said, according to Bloomberg Politics. “A vein of meanness and nastiness.” Waitaminute, Barry — you mean the guy who reveled in firing people for a living on The Apprentice isn’t a sweet-n-cuddly ol’ teddy bear at heart? “I just think it’s a phenomenon of reality television as politics,” he added. “I think that that is how it started; reality television as you all know is based on conflict. Nobody wants to watch reality television of two housewives sitting in a room taking about where they’re going to go get their hair done. It’s all about conflict. Donald Trump, all he is is about conflict, and all that he is is negative conflict.”

Let’s hope the producers of the revived Celebrity Deathmatch hear our pleas of longing…

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