‘The Martian’ Opens To $44.6M, Will Pass $100M Worldwide Today – Int’l Box Final

UPDATED, Monday, 6:35 PM: Warner Bros., sent grosses for its comedy The Intern in a report filled with exclamation points and a Taiwanese slip up (see below) as well as the Hugh Jackman starring Pan which goes wide to 52 markets next weekend; Lionsgate reported for its sleeper hit Sicario. We put in very curious final numbers for TWC’s Southpaw. Every week waiting for Sony is like watching ice melt, water boil, grass grow, paint chip. Sony at 6:20 PM finally reported international numbers for Hotel Transylvania 2 and Pixels.

UDPATED, Monday at 1:04 PM: Final updates are rolling in for the international box office weekend. Fox’s big opener The Martian just missed the expected $100M mark yesterday but will cross over today. It sits at $98.9M after the weekend. Other titles updated so far with final gross numbers include holdovers Everest, Fox’s Maze Runner: Scorch Trials, the animated offerings Minions and Inside Out (which did much better than expected), Disney/Marvel’s Ant-Man, the horror film The Visit, Uni’s domestic hit Straight Outta Compton, Fox’s Hitman: Agent 47, the Ethan Hawke, Emma Watson thriller Regression (which opened in Spain and Germany).

Will be updating again with finals on more films — and will added grosses for titles Southpaw and The Little Prince — in the next update when Sony, Warner Bros., Lionsgate and others weigh in.

UPDATED, Sunday at 1:03 PM: Sony will not be reporting international numbers for The Walk which opened to disappointing grosses stateside. The Robert Zemeckis-directed film, which is said to be a visual stunner, is in previews in the U.K./Ireland and also in a number of other territories, including the Middle East and UAE. The studio says it will report next weekend when it has a larger rollout. If we see any numbers, however, we will update again later this afternoon.

PREVIOUSLY, 10:29AM: This weekend saw the debut of two stateside openers, Ridley Scott’s The Martian which opened strong and Robert Zemeckis’ The Walk which fell flat in its domestic debut with only $1.5M on its IMAX screens. Based on estimates, Fox was thinking that The Martian just pushed over the $100M mark worldwide internationally. But that was based on estimates that were too high in a weekend that had numerous holdovers including Hotel Transylvania 2, The Intern, Sicario and Everest (that one also pushed to the $100M summit this weekend).  Zheng Xu comedy’s Lost In Hong Kong is a big story overseas with it sailing past the $200M mark after only two weekends in release and crushing the Chinese box office. The box office report will be updated all day long as we receive estimated grosses on films. So refresh for the latest. In the meantime, here is what we can tell you now:

Matt Damon stars in this Ridley Scott-directed Fox film which opened day and date internationally with its estimated $55M bow knocked down to $54.3M, making it the No. 2 best October opening ever (behind Gravity) stateside. In international markets this weekend it brought home $44.6M in 54 markets to just miss the $100M mark over the weekend. They touted that it made it over yesterday, but it didn’t. It is on 9,299 screens. Not surprisingly, it opened to No. 1 in over 15 markets. That only reps about 40% of the international footprint. Top markets are U.K. where it opened with a strong $10.2M from 1,040 dates and Australia where it grossed an estimated $4.5M from 489 runs. In both of those markets, it surpassed the openings of both Gravity and Interstellar. Mexico, Hong Kong, Italy and Brazil also had stellar openings.

Specifically, in Mexico, the Scott-directed film nabbed $2.9M from 1,757 dates and in Hong Kong it had a similar strong $2.88M from 163 dates to become the second-highest opening weekend all-time for Fox. The per screen average in Hong Kong is a whopping $17,703. In Italy, similarly, it made $2.8M from 532 runs and in Brazil grabbed $1.89M from 700 dates.

In other markets, Taiwan grossed an estimated $1.79M from 150 locales while India made off with $1.4M from 488 dates. Venezuela took about $1.38M from 68 for a per screen there of a big $20,302 while Thailand brought in $1.1M from from 243 runs. That basically rounds out the Top 1o markets for the sci-fi drama this weekend. The film is only in about 40% of the international footprint, meaning the box office potential for the film is significant as only five of the top 12 markets opened this weekend.

Next weekend will see bows in Germany, Russia, and South Korea with Spain following on Oct. 16, then France on Oct. 21. Japan will bow in the first quarter next year on Feb. 5 and its debut in China has not yet been set.

Waiting on grosses from Sony, which released grosses on its holdovers Hotel Transylvania 2 and Pixels, but not on the Robert Zemeckis-directed film yet. We show that it opened in the U.K./Ireland and other markets (including UAE, Middle East, Croatia, Vietnam and Denmark) this weekend. Will update when we receive them. Sony has been mum so far and it’s 12:35 PM.

The thriller starring Emma Watson and Ethan Hawke from director Alejandro Amenabar opened in Spain on Friday and easily became the No. 1 film there with a final $2.85M at 368 dates. Universal is distributing. It logged a 39% market share and is the biggest opening weekend for a local/Spanish film in 2015. It also opened in Germany to $274K on 105 screens.

HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 2 continued to bring in audiences with a better than expected $21M (up from the estimated $20.4M) on over 6,300 screens in around 50 markets (we say around because Sony didn’t report the markets and the screen number on Monday). It has kept very strong holds in its second weekend, dropping only 30% overall. The international cume on this animated family film from Sony rose to $60.7M in what amount to only 34% of its international footprint. In Latin America after only 12 days in release, it already surpassed the lifetime gross of the original 2012 film by 15%. It only dropped an estimated 32% in the region from last weekend’s debut so it continues to be the No. 1 film in Latin American marketplace.

Specifically, the top Hotel T2 market is Mexico, ranking a clear #1 for the weekend with a 41% drop to gross $4.6M from 2,500 screens. The cume to date is $14.8M and that rises above the lifetime total of the first one by 33%. Not to be outdone, in Brazil, it’s down a mere 28% to scare in $1.76M from 963 screens. the total there is now $5M. Also in its 2nd weekend, Argentina is still holding the top spot, after chasing in another $1.56M from 270 screens. And that means only a 23% drop from opening. In Argentina, the total to date is $4.1M, and — you guessed it — it also surpassed the total gross of the first installment by a big 69%. The same is said to hold true for the Southeast Asia markets of Malaysia ($1.9M) and the Philippines ($2.5M).

France will bow next on Oct. 7, followed by Italy on Oct. 8, then Germany (Oct. 15), the U.K. (Oct. 16), Russia (Oct. 22), Spain (Oct. 23), Australia (Nov. 26), and South Korea (Dec. 24).

Sucking all the air out of the Chinese box office again this weekend is the local comedy Lost in Hong Kong which, after only two weekends in release, is estimated to have easily run past the $200M mark after taking in another $41M weekend, according to Rentrak. It’s now in six territories with a grand total of $204.7M globally as it made about $744K stateside. The Zheng Xu comedy headed into this box office weekend with $167M in a week’s time in China alone. It was the highest ever opening for a Chinese film with $107M when it debuted and the fastest ever to $100M. The comedy is about a man who becomes involved in a murder investigation while on a sightseeing trip in Hong Kong with his wife and brother-in-law. It stars local draw Vicki Zhao and comes at a time when the country has been celebrating National Day this past week — a time when school and businesses are closed. In Australia and playing in only 11 theaters it opened to No. 10 with a screen average more than 5x larger than No. 1 ranked Pixels. Similarly, in the U.K. it opened in nine dates and had a per screen 3x higher than the top title of Everest.

The Intern is, according to distributor Warner Bros., showing great holds internationally, dropping only 6% in its debuts markets from last weekend! That exclamation point was mine, in keeping with the studio’s Sunday report (they put in Four exclamation points). Only words like ‘amazing’ today appeared in the Monday report. So, the comedy got a paycheck of a better than anticipated $16.3M (up from the estimated $15.7M) this weekend from about 5,560 screens in 57 markets. That brings its international total to $35.95M after two weeks.

In Mexico, where it had a four-day opening, it grossed a nice $1.2M from its 660 screens. And the studio sent out a release with many exclamation points that the weekend’s box office in Mexico (with the qualification of ‘comparing traditional Friday to Sunday opening estimates), is “by far the highest opening weekend for a Nancy Meyers’ film!” I added them up … they put in four exclamation marks in Sunday estimates report today. Four.

Here comes another: Increasing 54% over its opening weekend (and ranking No. 1 again), Korea grossed a big $4.2M from 654 screens. That brings the cume there after its sophomore frame to $9.9M. The studio beat its chest with another exclamation mark that it is “the highest grossing Nancy Meyers’ film of all time in just 11 days of release!” Down Under, it pulled in $1.6M to take the No. 2 spot on 305 screens. It’s a school holiday in Australia so they are enjoying the benefit of that. Warner Bros. notes that the results are on par with Something’s Gotta Give ($2.5M) and above Life as We Know it ($1.9M).

Oh, and here comes another !: The estimated second frame results from Hong Kong were great with an increase of 16% or $849K on 45 screens (last weekend it took in $717K on 52 screens). It’s currently No. 2 in the market with a total cume of about $2M and … wait for it … here it comes … the studio says, it “has already surpassed the lifetime cumes of ALL comparative titles, and now ranks as the all time highest grossing Nancy Meyers title in the market!

Germany also held very well, dropping only 22% from its opening weekend with a final weekend gross of $940K on 537 screens. The cume now is $2.8M. The U.K. opened to $1.15M from 433 screens (and that included previews) and Russia’s second weekend grabbed $1.1M for the comedy from 866 screens (a drop of only 19%, which is quite good). The cume in Russia is $3M. (Hmmm, they didn’t put exclamation marks at the end of those reports).

In Taiwan, the film performed better than expected and instead of dropping 7% it actually increased by 2%, which is an excellent hold. It took in $940K during the mid-Autumn holiday weekend in the country. It is only playing on 92 screens so that per screen average is actually very strong with $10,217. It took No. 2 there and its cume to date rose to — wait a second — it had a better hold than reported yesterday but the cume went down? It’s now $2.9M and yesterday they reported $3.3M. How did that happen? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Warner Bros. just explained it with a sentence ending in an exclamation point. No, I’m not kidding. They said that they had a computer glitch and then added, that the results in Taiwan “were excellent!” That’s Five exclamation in two days. I gotta lay down.

Oh yes, and the studios notes, it has already surpassed the lifetime cumes of all other Nancy Meyers films (qualifier from the studio: “where information is available”).

A strong player in the states where it expanded screens and ended up with a stronger than expected $12.1M weekend and now has a total cume there of about $15.1M, the action/drama headlined by Emily Blunt and Benecio del Toro grossed a little less than estimated over the weekend. It brought in $3.1M from 38 markets this weekend. That brings the international cume to $9.6M. In Germany, the film debuted to $1.1M from 302 screens (which included previews). Last weekend it opened in Australia and Italy to very good results. Down Under it added $522K from 230 screen, raising the cume there to $2.6M after two weeks in release while Italy shot in $918K after two weekends. The next market for this Lionsgate film is France on Oct. 7 and the U.K. on Oct. 8. Lionsgate has been very happy with this film because it’s getting such strong word-of-mouth and critics love it. Will be great to see this one open in the Latin American markets where del Toro is a strong player. It bows in Brazil on Oct. 22nd, Mexico on Oct. 30 and Spain on Nov. 13.

Fack ju Gohte 2, the risque comedy which is the sequel to the 2013 German box office hit and broke all records when it debuted on Sept. 13th, is not slowing down. The high-school romp scored another estimated $6M from its two territories — Germany and Austria, Rentrak estimates. That makes the new worldwide cume around $59M. The breakout hit took in $20M in its first weekend out to mark the top opening for any film ever in the market and the best-ever German movie opening ever. The film was directed by Bora Dagtekin.

Warner Bros. made sure that Pan bowed when the school holidays were underway in Australia and its second weekend, it is holding very well, dropping only 28%. It took in $1M from 389 screens for two-weekend cume of $3.8M. In New Zealand it opened last weekend and was elbowed out by Sony’s Pixels debut. This weekend it took in $243K on about 135 screens (that included sneak previews). They are No. 2 again this weekend, but is the top family film playing here. Pan rolls out to 52 markets next weekend including the big markets of Russia, Germany, Spain, Korea, Mexico and Brazil. It will hit the U.K. on Oct. 16, followed by France on Oct. 21. It sails into the all-important Chinese market on Oct. 22nd before hitting Japan on Oct. 31.

Everest has continued its climb internationally for Universal, Working Title, Cross Creek Pictures and Walden Media and now has a four-week total of $104.1M (adding about $1M more than expected from yesterday which was estimated at $103.3M after garnering a much better $17.2M (up from the $16.4M estimate) in 65 territories this weekend. Combined with the U.S. estimated total of $33.3M, the worldwide total is now $137.4M. The live-action film is still holding firm in Russia with $2.2M (instead of $1.7M) and an 11-day total of $8.8M. It was the top opener last weekend in Russia after enjoying IMAX only previews and dominated with a 53% market share … it opened 18% bigger than Gravity’s debut. It’s still No. 1 there and in France for their second weekends in a row. In France, it has a 12-day total of $4.5M after pulling in about $1.8M this weekend (yes, it also pulled in better grosses there).

The 11-day total in Italy is $3.6M after adding another $1.3M this weekend. In the U.K. and Ireland, the total after 17 days is $13.3M (took in $1.3M this weekend). Germany has a cume of $7.2M after 18 days (took in $1.2M for the weekend). Compare that to the opening (below) of Disney/Pixar’s Inside Out of $7.1M in one weekend in Germany and you have an idea of how Everest is doing in that country. The mountain-climbing disaster picture opened to No. 3 in Chile with $180K while it took the No. 2 spot in Greece with $332K in 94 runs. It will next bow in Japan on No. 6th.

Everest now marks the seventh Universal film to cross $100M internationally this year. And for IMAX, which is juggling so many titles this weekend (the local sensation in China Lost in Hong Kong and  The Walk in a limited run, and Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation in Japan [see below]) Everest continues to pull in nice numbers on those big-format screens. In fact, it’s been the largest release for IMAX in September by far.

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials added aonther $13.7M from 7,861 screens in 74 markets. The International cume is now running at a final $148.2M. The big news for this Fox pictures is that South Korea — which took in $1.45M from 414 dates — continues its strong performance where the cume is now an international-best $17.3M. Germany also chased in another $1.36M 783 locales while Venezuela nabbed $1M from 69 dates for a hefty per screen average of $15,343. Fox opens the second installment of its franchise in France next.

Universal and Illumination Entertainment’s Minions on Friday weekend passed Iron Man 3’s $806.4M tally to become the 10th highest-grossing film of all time internationally. This comes after last weekend, the animated family film passed Transformers: Dark of the Moon’s worldwide total ($1.124B) to become the 10th highest-grossing film of all time worldwide. The weekend haul for Minions this weekend is another $6.7M (up from the estimated $6M on Sunday) in 44 territories for a new international cume of $812.2M. China is still holding at No. 5 behind 4 Chinese local films. In China, the animated guys are looking at pulling in another $4.3M for a 22-day total of $67.3M. there. Business, of course, is very good thanks to the National Day Golden Week holidays where businesses and schools are closed. That holiday continues through Wed. Combined with the U.S. total of $333.9M, the worldwide total is now $1.146 Billion. Minions is, as we have reported before but bears repeating, the second highest-grossing animated film worldwide. Frozen is No. 1 with $1.280B. Pretty darn good for a bunch of yellow fellows.

Paramount’s Tom Cruise-starring franchise, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation grossed another $2.2M this weekend in 38 markets to bring the international cume up to $485M. The actioner from Skydance is now in its fourth weekend out in China and is dropping off as other pictures come bounding into the market, grabbing screens and receipts. It took $1.3M at 2,000 locales to bring the local cume up to $134.6M (it was $131.3M last weekend there) so you can see the fall off. The same holds true in Japan, where it added $214K (last weekend it added $290K there) in its ninth weekend of release. It did get a small boost from the start of a two-week IMAX run. The cume is now $41.2M up from last weekend’s total of $40.9M. Paramount did not update on Monday, saying that the estimates were not significantly different than the estimates.

Disney Animation/Pixar opened its family film to No. 1 and with a whopping $7.1M in Germany this weekend, knocking out local production Fack Jue Goethe2 which has been burning it up at the box office in the country. Germany’s opening is only behind Finding Nemo and Ratatouille in Pixar’s biggest openings ever here. It also took the No. 1 spot in Austria and German-speaking Switzerland, and in Italy grossed another $4.5M. It has a cume there of $21.8M.

Inside Out is also now the highest-grossing Disney Animation or Pixar release of all time in Singapore and Thailand. And to top that off, it is also the highest-grossing Disney release of all time in Israel (animated or live-action). So far, it has released in 92% of its territories. Tuesday, the animated film will bow in its final market of China. Overall, this weekend Inside Out has grossed a much better than expected $14.2M (up from the estimated $12.8M) in its 16 weekend of release from 25 territories. It’s best market outside of the U.S. has been the U.K. where it stands at $59.3M, and a shelf above the other territories. The new international cume is $439M. Globally, we’re looking at $792.9M and that will push much higher come Tuesday when China grabs hold.

This Universal film is now around $160.5M stateside and in international markets it stands at a final $35.7M, which means it is hovering right under the $200M mark worldwide. It now stands at around $196.4M or so and is still in the Top 20 chart domestically. It grossed $1.7M in 29 territories after opening in another eight markets this weekend, including Italy, where it ended up with $383K and placing at No. 7. It also opened in South Africa with $65K at 82 dates and a No. 6 spot and in the United Arab Emirates where it bowed with an estimated $88K. In holdover markets, France it is still No. 4, taking in $582K for a 19-day cume of $3.2M. There are 15 more openings planned over the next few months with Egypt, Mexico and Singapore opening next weekend.

This horror film from Universal grossed a final $2.9M in 30 territories to take its international cume to $18.6M. Combined with the studio’s estimated domestic total of $57.7M (it’s still No. 8 after four weeks in release, the worldwide total sits right around $76.3M. The film is said to have had good openings in Taiwan with $79K and Vietnam with $69K and Egypt opened with $36K. In Europe, Germany was in its sophomore weekend where it held strong at No. 4 with $1.2M for an 11-day total of $3M. Next weekend, The Visit will open in France and French-Switzerland. Other markets will roll out over the next few months.

Sony’s comedy starring Adam Sandler, Kevin James and Peter Dinklage found some life last weekend when it bowed in New Zealand and in China. This weekend, the live-action, animated film grossed $2M more where it is still playing in 41 markets to bring its international cume to $159M. Its top market? China, of course, where there is a holiday underway. It has a three-weekend cume there now of $15.5M. Second in line is the U.K. ($12.9M) and Mexico ($12M). It kept newcomer Pan at bay in New Zealand last weekend and took the No. 1 spot. No word on Sony for what it did this weekend there.

Okay, what is up with this picture? Last weekend, its worldwide gross showed $89.6M and this weekend it shows $87.5M. The difference is in the international box office take. The Jake Gyllenhaal boxing picture is still in 9 markets and grossed $110K for an international cume through Sunday of $35.2M (Last weekend it was $37.4M). What is wrong with these people? Maybe they are using the same computers that Warner Bros. had in Taiwan (see above).

Hitman: Agent 47 shot in another $781M (down from the $1.1M estimate) from 550 screens in 26 markets. The International cume is now $58.97M. Fox opened the actioner in Spain this weekend to $382K, which account for 336 of the 550 plays and roughly half of the weekend’s take.

Now open in all markets but China where it opens on Oct. 16, Ant-Man‘s global cume is $409.5M and its international total is $231M after this weekend’s take of $800K. The big news for the Disney/Marvel live-action picture is that it held onto its No. 1 position in Japan in its third weekend of release. In only nine days it exceeded the total cume for both Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Thor: The Dark World.

Yes, the Dinosaurs are still roaming the globe in 10 markets, and have stomped in with another estimated $400K this weekend to bring the international total to $1.013 Billion. Combined with the U.S. estimated total of $650.8M, the worldwide cume now stands at $1.664 Billion. Yes, it’s Universal.

BOX OFFICE IN CHINA: Local titles took front and center this weekend in China. Behind the blockbuster, Lost In Hong Kong, the 3D action/adventure film Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe grossed about $34M this weekend for a total in the country of $68M. The comedy Goodbye Mr. Loser pulled in $26M this weekend and an overall cume of $37M. In three territories, including China, Saving Mr. Wu netted an estimated $7M for a total cume of $13.5M. Saving Mr. Wu is an action crime thriller directed by Ding Sheng, a close collaborator of Jackie Chan, as they did Little Big Soldier and Police Story 13 together. All figures were estimated by Rentrak. Universal’s Minions is said to have come in at No. 5 behind all local titles.

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