Mezzanine Maniac Musses Keira Knightley’s Broadway Bow

UPDATED with comment from theater: A deranged, if lovestruck, stalker interrupted the first preview performance of Thérèse Raquin at Studio 54 on Thursday night to profess his love for star Keira Knightley, who was making her Main Stem debut. He also invoked Jesus, according to reports across social media later that evening and this morning. Before being escorted out of the theater and arrested, the young man managed to whirl around and hurl a bouquet to the stage. Co-star Garbiel Ebert kicked the flowers into the wings, to applause from the audience, according to the reports, and the drama reverted from the house to the stage, though not before a short break.

Jennifer Tepper, a regular tweeter who works as a programmer at Feinsteins/54 Below, the cabaret and nightclub below the theater, witnessed the action on the street:

Studio 54 is one of three Broadway venues run by the nonprofit Roundabout Theatre Company. Matt Polk, a spokesman for the company, told Deadline, “Roundabout takes the safety of their actors and audiences very seriously, and extra security will be added beginning tonight. For obvious reasons, we cannot comment on the exact nature of the additional security measures.”

The play is slated for an October 29 opening.

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