Safety Events To Be Held In Three Cities In Honor Of Sarah Jones

Safety events will be held in three major U.S. cities this Sunday, Oct. 4, in support of “Safety for Sarah” — the goal of which is to foster on-set safety through awareness and accountability via constructive and realistic strategies to prevent future tragedies. Atlanta will hold a Sarah Jones Field Day and New York and Los Angeles will both hold Walkathons in honor of the 27-year-old camera assistant whose life was taken on the set of Midnight Rider last year. The events come only a week after what would have been Jones’ 29th birthday on Sept. 22.

“Elizabeth and I will be at the Atlanta event and would very much appreciate everyone coming out to show your ongoing support for set safety,” Sarah Jones’ father Richard Jones told Deadline. “Last year, crew members in Germany did a Walkathon and Tweeted it out on social media. I would everyone to never forget what happened to Sarah when safety was not at the forefront. We should never allow this to happen again to anyone.”

The announcement also comes only days after Deadline acquired — through an FOIA request — the Judge’s ruling in the OSHA case which outlined in much more detail what happened before and leading up to Feb. 20th 2014 when a train came crashing through the set. The incident killed Jones and injured several others. Film Allman was found liable of safety violations, and in a criminal proceeding, filmmakers Randall Miller, Jay Sedrish and Hillary Schwartz pleaded guilty to criminal trespassing and involuntary manslaughter.

The events are sponsored, in part, through the SIM Group, Cenelease and The Vampire Diaries, The Originals and Containment executive producer Julie Plec. Jones previously worked on Vampire Diaries.

Jones death sparked a movement for on-set safety and created safety phone apps, hotlines and encouragement among both below and above the line staffers to report any safety violations one might see. It also gave rise to several social media movements including Slates for Sarah, Safety for Sarah and We Are Sarah Jones.

The events, hosted by the Sarah Jones Film Foundation, will begin in Atlanta at 2 PM on Feld Avenue, in New York at 3 p.m. in Central Park at the entrance of 59th and Columbus Circle and in Los Angeles at the Santa Monica Pier. All participants will receive free Safety for Sarah T-shirts to continue to spread the word.

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