Donald Trump Wins Cable TV For Bill O’Reilly

Bill O’Reilly clocked cable TV’s biggest audience last night, 3.3 million viewers, with Donald Trump. The GOP White House hopeful was the featured guest of Fox News Channel’s The O’Reilly Factor. The appearance famously ended the vow Trump made, way back a few days ago, that he would not be “doing any more Fox [News Channel] shows for the foreseeable future” because of that network’s “unfair” treatment of him dating back to the first GOP debate in early August.

Armed with the Republican front-runner, O’Reilly nabbed about 700K viewers more than he had the previous night.

“You’re back,” O’Reilly said, welcoming Trump to The O’Reilly Factor, to which Trump responded he’d always found O’Reilly Fox_News_Channel_logoto be fair. The boycott was a non-topic during the interview, except in that O’Reilly kept asking Trump if he thought the questions he was asking were fair. They talked about Trump’s having not confronted the guy at the campaign stop who’d asked him what he intended to do about the Muslim “problem” in this country, including President Obama. Once again, Trump said he wasn’t responsible for defending Obama. The two men also discussed Obama’s frosty UN meeting with Russia President Vladimir Putin. O’Reilly asked Trump if it was “fair to say that in order for you to win the Republican nomination that you’re going to have to change your style and be a bit kinder, and more mature,” playing a clip of Trump calling fellow GOP White House hopeful Marco Rubio a “clown.”

Fox News Chairman & CEO Roger Ailes and Trump spoke last week after Trump launched his latest Twitter tirade against the cable news network on which he once was a frequent guest, savaging FNC for its coverage of him and his presidential race. There were plans for a meeting with Fox execs to discuss their differences of opinion regarding Fox’s coverage of Trump’s presidential campaign, the network said in a statement. Most aggressively he’d blasted the network for contributor Rich Lowry having described Carly Fiorina as having “cut off his balls with the precision of a surgeon” during CNN’s GOP debate, on Megyn Kelly’s primetime show. Last night Trump thumped The Kelly File, which averaged 2.76 million viewers.

Watch some of that interview here:


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