Stephen Colbert Books Bill Clinton For Tuesday’s ‘Late Show’ After “Passion” Gag

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Extra points if you thought Stephen Colbert seemed flustered last night when his Late Show crowd snickered over a crack about Bill Clinton because Colbert was going to announce today he’d booked Clinton for his CBS program.

Colbert, who is making political bookings his late-night beachhead, today said that the former POTUS and spouse of Dem front-runner Hillary Clinton will guest on his Late Show on Tuesday, October 6. The visit will coincide with the conclusion of the 11th Clinton Global Initiative, Late Show said.

Clinton will join previously announced guests Billy Eichner and musical act Florence + the Machine on that night’s program. Yesterday, Colbert announced he had booked Secretary of State John Kerry for this Thursday night. and last night’s guests included First Lady Michelle Obama. During her sit-down, Colbert noted she’d received a letter from former First Lady Laura Bush when she moved into the White House. He asked, “Without naming names, if we have a female president next, would you leave a letter for her husband? What would you say? What’s the thing he needs to know more than anything else about the job?”

Responded the First Lady: “I would say, ‘Follow your passion. Just be you.’ “

“I think he does,” Colbert replied, which got a big laugh from the Ed Sullivan Theater audience.

It was unclear if Colbert realized immediately the two interpretations of his response, but the First Lady did right away and, as the audience cackled, protested: “That wasn’t me! I didn’t say it.” Colbert, who appeared only then to realize he’d made the First Lady uncomfortable, recovered, saying, “I have never met Carly Fiorina’s husband, but I imagine he’s a lovely man.”

Colbert also said last night that the White House hopeful he’s most excited about sitting down with on his show is Hillary Clinton, owing to her latest scandal: #Heightghazi:

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