Media Gets Snookered By Fake Jon Landau Twitter Account & Photos Of ‘Avatar 2’

As Abraham Lincoln said in 1860: “The problem with quotes (and photos) on the Internet is that you can never verify their authenticity.” Several media outlets, including The Hollywood Reporter, took the click bait after “original art” from the next Avatar was tweeted out from what purported to be a Twitter account from the franchise’s producer Jon Landau. But there was a problem. It wasn’t real. Not any of it.

First off, the Twitter account is a fake Landau account that we hear the producer has been trying to get the social media giant to take down. From what we understand, the account has been faking it for a while, complete with a photo of the producer. It’s so fake, in fact, that it even tweets referring to Landau in third person … as in “he” instead of “I.” Secondly, the artwork the account posted was from the first Avatar in 2009. And the third strike? It lists Landau as the producer of The Hurt Locker.

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