Trevor Noah’s First ‘Daily Show’ News Segment Is Pope-alicious

Before launching into his first segment as new host of The Daily Show, Trevor Noah thanked viewers “for joining us as we continue the war on bullshit.” That wasn’t all that was continuing from the show Jon Stewart hosted for all those years: This one also went same theme song, monologue, launch into the first news bit. “Seeing as this is my first show,” he said, “we wanted to start it off with something a little light, so here we go: Syria. Just kidding — it’s the pope, yeah!”

The Daily Show logoAfter the usual snippets of media coverage of the Event, Noah — riffing on a Fox Business reporter calling the hubub “Popeapalooza” — came back with “Popechella, Pope by Southwest, the World Series of Poper!” He then joked about the run of pope-related emojis. “Finally, Popemojis — for when you want to inject just the right amount of confusion into your late-night sexting.” Nice.

The pope-mania continued from there, under a graphic of “The Prayer Home Companion.” Noah earned the first bleep of his Daily Show career by saying Pope Francis was “undercompensating” by leaving the airport in a tiny Fiat. For those who didn’t it, he explained — and you know what they say about a gag that has to be explained: “I’m saying the pope has a huge BLEEP. That’s the joke.” He paused. “And what a waste.” Good save after a cheap laugh.

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