‘Hotel Transylvania 2,’ ‘The Intern’ Bow Amidst Holdovers ‘Everest’ And ‘Scorch Trials’ – Intl Box Office Update

UPDATED Tuesday, 10:22 AM: Sony reported grosses on Pixels last night and due to their computer problems (their Internet was down on Sunday), the guesstimates were way off — like $3M off. It’s updated with final numbers now. In addition, three more films have been added in — Southpaw, No Escape, The Little Prince, and the rest have been updated with final grosses — including the jaw-dropping $107M opening gross in China of the Zheng Xu comedy Lost in Hong Kong. Still one more picture to go, but just refresh for the latest.

COMING NEXT WEEKEND: There will be two important titles debuting in international markets — Ridley Scott’s sci-fi drama The Martian starring Matt Damon which is expected to bow in 60 territories day and date with the U.S. bow, and then there’s Sony’s Robert Zemeckis’ stunning IMAX title The Walk which will get its feet wet in 8 markets (including the U.K./Ireland and UAE).

Scott’s last sci-fi film, Prometheus grossed $277M internationally but The Martian is much more an adult drama. Meanwhile, The Walk has been marketed heavily in the U.K. prior to its debut  there and should see some great numbers there as audiences are anticipating the film.

UPDATED: Monday, 6:20 PM: There will be more grosses updated tomorrow and four new films added (Southpaw and No Escape included), but all grosses are current with final tallies with the following exceptions: Born to Dance, Lost in Hong Kong, Studio Canal’s Legend and Pixels, because, as we know Sony is always slow as molasses in the dead of winter.

PREVIOUSLY, Sunday PM: Last weekend, it was Universal’s Everest in its debut and Fox’s Maze Runner: Scorch Trials that were capturing the attention of international audiences. This weekend we have the same newcomers from the domestic front in theaters abroad —  Sony’s No. 1 domestic box office monster Hotel Transylvania 2 and Warner Bros. comedy The Intern, along with the studio’s Australia bow of Pan and the debut of Lionsgate’s action drama from the French Canadian director Denis Villeneuve Sicario.

Meanwhile, the yellow fellows that have taken the world by storm opened in its last territory this weekend — Minions just crossed $800M internationally to bring its tally up to $1.134 billion. That pushed it into the No. 10 spot of highest grossers of all time. Studio Canal has some bragging rights this morning, too, as it notes that its actioner Legend is now the highest grossing 18 cert British film (see below).

In the meantime, Sony was having trouble this morning with its Internet (so am I), so we waited for their grosses. They just came in at 12:44 PM. Oompf!

hotel transylvania 2 The Russian-born Genndy Tartakovsky is back directing this sequel with Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Selena Gomez, Andy Samberg, Steve Buscemi and David Spade returning in their roles as voices for the loveable monsters. The total cume is $30.18M in 6,500 runs in 42 markets, including Latin America where it grossed an estimated $20.3M — more than 2.5 times the original for the same group of markets, Sony said. It’s about 150% higher than the original, which Sony noted, at current rates for the same group of markets, puts Hotel T2 ahead of top sequels Monsters University (+3%), Rio 2 (+8%), How to Train Your Dragon 2 (+29%), and Ice Age: The Meltdown (+76%). This weekend’s markets represent 32% of the total international release for Hotel T2.S

Market by market and starting off with Mexico, Hotel T2 dominated the weekend with about 65% market share and including previews grossed $7.84M from 3,038 screens — Sony’s biggest opening ever for the market and 182% ahead of the original. Besting Inside Out (+12%) as the 2nd Biggest Animated Opening of the Year, Hotel T2 in Brazil opened with $2.59M from 1,016 screens and 70% ahead the original. In Argentina, it was No. 1 with spot with $2M from 275 screens, ahead of Despicable Me 2 (+18%) and up 194% from Hotel Transylvania.

Marking the biggest September opening of all time in Central America, Hotel T2 grabbed a tidy $1.4M, which is 2x bigger than the original. Other strong No. 1 openings for the region include Colombia ($1.32M, 300 screens) and Peru ($1.2M, 242 screens).

The first installment ended up with a domestic gross of $148.3M and an international take of $210M becoming the biggest animated grosser for the studio when it bowed in 2012. Last time around, the film did best in Russia with $16M, followed by Brazil with $15.5M and Spain and Mexico close behind.

In Southeast Asia, it had a record breaking opening day for an animated film in Malaysia with $1.1M on only 180 screens — more than four  times greater than Hotel Transylvania and 16% ahead of How to Train Your Dragon 2. The Philippines also had a strong showing, coming in No. 1 and grossing $1.63M from a mere 189 screens to surpass the entire lifetime of Hotel Transylvania in just four days. And in the UAE, it sucked in $1.3M.

THE INTERNThe highest opening for a Nancy Meyers film, The Intern did well in its freshman frame to bring in a higher than expected gross of $12.5M (up from the estimated $11.78M) in 40 markets. It represented about 38% of the total international market, according to the studio. Adding to a domestic estimate of $17.7M, the worldwide weekend cume for the comedy that stars Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway is $30.2M. The film performed quite well in Asia, which accounted for about half of the overall weekend total. Korea grossed a very strong $2.75M with  385K admissions from 751 screens, but in Taiwan and Hong Kong it opened to No. 1. Taiwan’s No. 1 opening ended up being the highest-grossing film of all other Meyers films combined with $1.1M on 139K admissions from 96 screens. It ended up accounting for over 35% of the market share ahead of Everest in its second weekend and even Hotel Transylvania 2 in its debut there. While in Hong Kong it grabbed the No. 1 spot with $717K on 76K admissions from 52 screens, also topping holdovers Everest in its sophomore frame and Maze Runner in its third weekend out.

In Germany, the comedy took in $1.5M on 156K admissions on 528 screens. The studio says the weekend result puts their film in the range of It’s Complicated and Crazy, Stupid Love. And in Russia, it had a $1.4M weekend paycheck from 360K admissions on 924 screens. Brazil also scored the highest opening weekend for Nancy Meyers, with an estimated $569K on 150K admissions on 282 screens. Next weekend, it should get a big boost when it opens in the U.K., Mexico and Australia where the studio just launched another film — the family friendly Pan.

The comp for this film is The Devil Wears Prada which grossed $124.7M domestically and $201M internationally for a worldwide total of $326.5M. However, that bowed in the summer of 2006. So, in that case, 61% of its box office came from international markets.

This action/drama headlined by Emily Blunt and Benecio del Toro took to the street in Australia and Italy — the first major international markets to debut — to end up grossing $3.8M from its 33 markets this weekend, for a cume of $4.8M (including previews). Specifically, Australia opened to promising results, the studio said, grossing $1.5M from 228 screens (with those previews) and took No. 3. In Italy, the film rushed in with $472K from 296 screens. The Middle East opened to a collective $1.1M. Next up is Germany which will bow on Oct. 1, followed by France on Oct. 7 with the U.K. coming up the next day on Oct. 8. Lionsgate is very high on this property after positive word-of-mouth and critical raves. In the states, it played on only 59 theaters and ended up nabbing a $1.7M estimated haul, which was good enough for a No. 10 spot and a hefty $29K per screen haul.

Taking advantage of the prime September school holidays in Australia, Pan opened there in one market to take the No. 2 spot yesterday, dropping behind Sony’s Pixels which took the top spot (see below). It flew in with a strong $1.6M with 150K admissions on 470 screens. This bodes well for the fantasy film directed by Joe Wright and starring home country’s Hugh Jackman because beginning on Monday, 100% of the country will be on school holidays. Warner Bros. has mounted an international marketing blitz in key markets around the world. Specifically, in London’s Leicester Square, in Tokyo and in Hong Kong. Jackman is actually showing up for a promotional blitz in Hong Kong tomorrow; he will be the first international star to participate in the Chinese mid autumn festival celebration in Hong Kong, the Fire Dragon Festival.

As a special honor, Jackman was asked to hold the Fire Dragon’s pearl in the parade. The next key markets will begin launching in two weeks, including Germany, Russia, Korea, and Brazil on Oct 8. That will be followed by Mexico and Spain the next day.

The film opens in the U.K. Oct 16 and France on Oct. 21. Then it swoops into China on Oct. 22nd with Japan following on Oct 31, and Italy on Nov 12.

In China, Mission: Impossible, Minions and Pixels were being pushed out of the way by Lost In Hong Kong, a sequel of sorts to Zheng Xu’s 2012 smash comedy Lost In Thailand ($208M). Starring Xu and box office draw Vicki Zhao, the picture easily took No. 1 and is said to have taken a big $107M through the weekend — the highest-ever for a Chinese film. Audiences also are said to have crowded into theaters on Monday for the film about a man who becomes involved in a murder investigation while on a sightseeing trip in Hong Kong with his wife and brother-in-law. The blockbuster comedy was directed by Zheng Xu. China celebrates its National Day this week so the time is ripe for moviegoers as many businesses and schools are closed for a week. We’ll be watching this one flourish again next weekend for certain.

Vendetta Films’ Born to Dance opened theatrically this weekend in New Zealand and took the No. 2 spot with $159K landing right behind Everest and ahead of The Intern‘s opening. The comp for this picture is Step Up All In which grossed $162K on its opening weekend in New Zealand. Cinema Management Group (CMG) is handling Born to Dance for worldwide sales and is coming off a good Toronto where it premiered the film and then licensed it to a number of international territories.

Everest 2Still holding strong on IMAX screens (and having expanded this weekend), Everest is continuing to play well across the globe in 62 markets now, opening in 22 more territories this weekend. It scaled another $33.9M to bring its two-week total to $74M. Combined with its domestic total where it also expanded from only IMAX and PLF screens to 2D and might be running a bit out of steam, it is hovering just under the $100M peak and has its flag planted at $97.4M for the time being. This weekend, the film saw openings in Russia, Brazil, France, and Italy.

Notably, after IMAX only previews, it’s the top opener in Russia with $5.2M at 1,100 dates and has dominated the theaters there with a 53% market share. The studio noted that it is 16% bigger than Gravity‘s opening. France also opened to No. 1 on 391 dates for a $2.1M haul. It had a No. 1 stronghold for the second week in a row in the U.K. and Ireland with a three-day final gross of $3.5M at 594 runs for a 10-day total of $10.4M. In Italy, the comedy grossed$1.8M at 390 dates and in Brazil it took in an estimated a much less than expected $924K (it had been estimated at $1.2M) on 321 runs. It also held onto the No. 1 spot in New Zealand for the second weekend in a row adding another $268K from 91 runs, down only 42%. The 11-day total there is now an estimated $901K. In fact, the Universal, Working Title, Cross Creek and Walden Media film was No. 1 in 12 territories around the world this weekend. It will next bow in Chile and Greece on Oct. 1.

maze runner 2Fox’s Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials is in its third weekend of release in the international marketplace. It just cracked the $100M mark with a final cume of $122.1M after hauling in another $28.5M. While MR2 surpassed the original film in admissions, it has not in box office. The YA franchise film opened in seven more markets, including Germany, Belgium and Switzerland. Germany opened to a very good $1.97M from 811 screens, surpassing the original film’s opening by 23%. The film opened to No. 1 in Belgium with $886K on 140 screens; this followed a nationwide promotion for movie going, which offered reduced ticket prices to filmgoers. It had an impact on the entire box office.

In South Korea, where last weekend it opened as the highest film for the studio of 2015, it ran in with yet another $3.9M and now has a cume there of $12.6M. Venezuela dropped a little over 20% bringing in $1.56M on 76 runs with a market cume of $5.4M. The U.K. is also holding strong with $1.77M on 823 screens and cume of $10.6M. In its second week, Brazil took the No. 2 spot with $1.56M on 815 runs to bring its total to $5M. It also was No. 2 in Russia with $1.46M; its cume there is now $6.7M. It was No. 1 again in Spain with $1.16M and a cume of $3.6M for the territory. There are three markets — France, Italy and Japan — left to release through October.

Film Title: LegendThe following grosses are estimates: Studio Canal’s crime film Legend is now officially the highest-grossing 18 cert British movie, beating out Trainspotting ($18.8M) for a new weekend cume of $20.1M. Its not the top 18 cert film of all time, however, as many pictures are above it but all are stateside offerings, including The Wolf of Wall Street, Gone Girl and Hannibal, to name a few. Still, it managed to shoot in another $812K (up from the estimated $535K) on 561 runs on a much better hold than expected. The Tom Hardy-starrer opened two weekends ago, setting several records when it grabbed a $7.99M U.K. opening. Universal will be releasing this critically-acclaimed gangster film domestically on November 20th.

black mass 2This Johnny Depp, Joel Edgerton starring gangster film is in its second weekend on what was considered a soft international launch in five smaller markets last weekend. Its cume through Monday (apples to oranges with the rest of the grosses here) from 12 markets is $1.55M. However, that ohnly represents about 3% of its business as it is getting a staggered release throughout the fall of 2015 as it goes through the festival circuit — for instance, in San Sebastian and London. It’s done well so far at the festivals with strong Oscar buzz for Depp. While it fell 49% in the domestic market during its second frame this weekend, it added another $1M in international through Friday only. Warner Bros. plans to update grosses on the film tomorrow morning. Next up for release are Italy and Australia on October 8.

Paramount’s Tom Cruise-starring franchise, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation grossed yet another estimated $5.3M this weekend in its 46 markets to bring the international cume up to $480.0M. The third weekend out in China, the action-packed film from Skydance ran in with another $3.8M at 5,500 dates to bring the cume up to $131.3M. It was No. 3 in the market. In Japan, it added $290K in its eighth weekend of release, the total gross is $40.9M. France is coming in after the three-day at $20.9M. The new worldwide cume stands at $673.47M.

Minions SnowUniversal and Illumination Entertainment’s MINIONS crossed $800M at the international box office after a weekend that played much better than estimated. In fact it grossed $8.3M (up from the estimates $6.8M) in 48 territories. The animated film had its final theatrical release in Greece this weekend to No. 1 (and 40% bigger than Despicable Me 2) and now has a total of $802.19M. Combined with the U.S. total of $333.5M, the studio is looking at a worldwide total of $1.136 billion. With that, Minions passed Transformers Dark of the Moon’s worldwide total of $1.124 billion this weekend to become the tenth-highest-grossing film of all time. It is still No. 3 in China with a weekend gross of $4.8M for a 15-day total of $60.5M. It placed third behind two local entries. The opening in Greece, with $715K at 127 dates marks the second biggest animated film opening there behind only Ice Age: Continental Drift. Still worth notating that Minions is the second-highest-grossing animated film of all time internationally. Frozen is No. 1 with $880M.

The VisitThis horror film is still just getting its feet wet in the international marketplace, playing in just 22 territories. It is estimated to have grossed $5M for a total of $13.9M to date. Combined with the U.S. take ($52.2M), the worldwide grab is at $66.2M after expanding into nine more markets this weekend. Germany is the top opener for this scarefest where it took No. 4 with $1.3M at 367 dates. Mexico, which usually embraces the horror genre, opened to No. 5 with $700K at 419 runs and the United Arab Emirates opened with an estimated $145K at 25 dates. It will continue to rollout in other markets over the next few months.

El Clan opened in two more Latin American markets where it earned $112K in Uruguay for No. 1 and in Chile where it made a nice $84K.  The overall weekend cume was $526K; it now has a cume of $16.67M.

The Little PrinceThis animated family film is being distributed by various parties in various territories, with Paramount Pictures handling in France where it has continued to play on 430 screens and with 1.7M admissions is now looking at $12.3M to date. France is, by far, its highest-grossing market. TWC is handling in the U.K. and Australia while Warner Bros. is distributing in Germany — all at later dates. The film by Mark Osborne has grossed $23.8M so far. The Little Prince is also in Latin America where it has grossed $8.9M to date. And in Brazil, it accounts for 30% of the market. This film is based, of course, on the Antoine de Saint-Expurey book. The voice talent is huge: Paul Rudd, Rachel McAdams, Marion Cotillard, James Franco, Paul Rudd, Benecio del Toro, Paul Giamatti, Jeff Bridges, Ricky Gervais, Albert Brooks, Vincent Cassel and McKenzie Foy. We’re still awaiting word on its stateside bow.

Film Title: Straight Outta ComptonThis stateside over-performer is kicking it out in international markets as well, grossing $2.1M in 20 territories this weekend to bring its cume to $33.38M. Combined with the U.S. estimated total of $160.2M, the worldwide total now stands at $193.6M. Will it hit $200M? Well, there are 22 more openings to come over the next few months. Next weekend, the film opens in Italy, Middle East, Estonia, Finland and South Africa, but this weekend, let’s take a quick look at the notable markets: France is still holding well, coming in at No. 3 in its second weekend of release with $831K at 282 dates. Its 12-day total is now $2.4M there. And it opened in Denmark this weekend to a very good estimate of $184K in 10 runs.

The actioner that stars Pierce Brosnan and Owen Wilson ended its weekend running with another $951K from 8 territories. It had one opening this weekend — in Mexico — where it kicked in $697K on 350 screens. To date the film has grossed $10.8M internationally; with the domestic tally of $26.8M added in, the worldwide haul through the weekend now stands at $37.7M.

inside outAlthough the animated family film from Disney Animation/Pixar did not open in any new territories this weekend, it does, of course, have a new cume. After collecting a much better than expected $9.3M (up from the estimate of $8M) this past weekend from 34 markets, the new international cume is a final $422.4M with a new worldwide total of $775.9M. Its best performing territory outside of North America continues to be the U.K. which has a new tally of $58.9M after this weekend. The picture held very well in Italy where it dropped only 6% from last weekend for another $6.3M when it became the highest grossing Disney Animation/Pixar opening of all time here. It next opens in Germany on Oct. 1 and China on Oct. 6.

The Jake Gyllenhaal boxing picture is still making the rounds in about 19 markets including in Europe, in the Middle East and in Australia and like one Asian market (Taiwan). The drama grossed another $311K on 344 screens worldwide for an international cume through Sunday of $37.4M. Adding in the domestic gross, worldwide it has a full tally of $89.6M.

The big news for the Disney/Marvel Ant-Man is that it held onto its No. 1 position in Japan with only a 32% drop and, more importantly, in only nine days it has already exceeded the total cume for both Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Thor: The Dark World. After this weekend, the international cume is $228.7M with a new global cume of $406.9M. It grossed another $1.6M in 11 markets. The only market left to open is China on Oct. 16th.

The Dino-mite picture continues its billion-dollar climb, grossing $681K in the 13 territories where it’s still playing for a new international total of about $1.012 billion. Combined with the U.S. estimated total of $650.4M, the worldwide cume is about $1.663 billion.

The Fox franchise picked up another $533K this weekend to lift its cume to $109.4M. The film is still playing in 24 markets on 440 screens. Japan, the final market, releases October 9 where Kingsman: The Secret Service is in its third weekend in release and is now at a $283.8M international cume.

Hitman: Agent 47 picked up another $885K this weekend hitting a cume of $57.8M. It is still playing in 46 countries and on a total of 1,166 dates.

This raucous comedy from Universal is playing in 15 markets still and grabbed another $765K at 1,234 dates for an international total of $132.4M. Combined with the domestic gross of $81.3M, the new worldwide cume is $213.7M. It’s in its fifth weekend in Japan and placed No. 5 there with a weekend tally of $611K at 425 runs. The 30-day total in the country is $19.2M.

The Sony Pictures’ film opened in its final market of New Zealand, thereby completing its international rollout. The actual number is waaaay off from the estimate. It picked up $3.5M (not the Sunday estimated $6M) from 7,500 screens estimated (yep, that was wrong, too) in 67 markets, the international cume to date is now $3M less than the Sunday estimate to $154.8M (NOT the estimated $157.2M). Why? Well, Sony had computer problems and it was all guesstimated. New information now is that in China it grossed $545K in its second weekend from 5,400 screens with a local cume of $15.1M.

This weekend, it grossed another $2.9M in its second frame from 5,400 screens for a local cume estimated at $17.5M. In Australia, it’s in its third weekend of release and has the benefit of school holidays. With that in mind, it grossed an estimated $1.5M from 412 screens and the local cume there now is $6M. It took the No. 1 spot Down Under.

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