Larry Aidem, Former Sundance Channel Head, Named CEO Of Fandor

EXCLUSIVE: Larry Aidem, the former head of the Sundance Channel, is joining Fandor, the on-demand streaming service for independent and international films, as its President and CEO. Principal investor and interim CEO Chris Kelly, Facebook’s first general counsel, now will serve as chairman.

Fandor, which streams indie films from around the globe, recently expanded its domestic distribution with partners that include Vessel and Verizon’s soon-to-launch GO90 platform. Additional announcements regarding international distribution and financing will be made next month. Fandor is growing its distribution on iOS and Android and across multiple streaming platforms, including smart TVs through Roku, Chromecast and other connected devices.

Most recently, Aidem served as President and CEO of IconicTV, where he will keep a title as well, becoming now non-exec chairman. He also serves on the board of ProSieben SE and has held senior roles at MCA-Universal, HBO/Time Warner, Viacom and Showtime/CBS. He also was president and CEO of the Sundance Channel for 11 years.

“Larry has been instrumental in advancing Fandor in our work together over the past six months,” said Kelly. “We are thrilled to have him bring his vision for the future of film and the visual arts and a long track record of success in the space to Fandor.”

Fandor supports the indie market via partnering with educators, filmmakers, festivals and distributors.

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