Chuck Lorre Prods. Names Suzanne McCormack VP Development

As part of Chuck Lorre’s ramp-up of his production company, the prolific comedy showrunner has hired a development executive. Suzanne McCormack has been named VP Development at Warner Bros. TV-based Chuck Lorre Productions. McCormack —  who has been serving as coordinating producer on all CLP series —  is being tasked with spearheading the development and production of comedy and drama projects for network and cable.

Lorre began building up his production company after signing his most recent mega deal with WBTV 3 years ago and bringing in his long-time agent Bob Broder to run CRP. Following the end of Two and a Half Men last season, Lorre is expected to develop new projects this season while shepherding his 3 existing CBS comedy series, The Big Bang Theory, Mike & Molly and Mom, which just earned a second consecutive Emmy for co-star Allison Janney.

In addition to working as VP Development, McCormack will continue her duties as coordinating producer on the existing CLP series, Big Bang, Mike & Molly and Mom. She became coordinating producer of Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory in 2010, and then added coordinating producer responsibilities on Mom and Mike & Molly in 2013.

“Suzanne has been a valued part of the team here for many years, and I’ve come to rely on her in a deeply codependent way,” Lorre said.

Prior to joining CLP, McCormack worked at Warner Bros. Television and CBS’s The Early Show.

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