‘Quantico’ Review: Priyanka Chopra Can’t Solve Staid FBI Drama’s Quagmire


In her deal with ABC, Bollywood superstar Priyanka Chopra had the choice to either join an existing show on the network or a new project. Her ultimate decision was to join the FBI, at least fictionally in the Joshua Safran-created Quantico. As my video review above says, the September 27 debuting drama was not the most inspired choice.

The fact is from its terror plot narrative, flashbacks, and even soundtrack, the relentlessly promoted Quantico is completely indistinguishable in almost every way from a ton of shows you’ve seen on TV dozens and dozens of times before. Not that a bit of How To Get Away With Murder, a bit of Homeland and NCIS, among others, is a bad thing, but it’s so heavy-handed and so unnecessary to throw them together like this when those shows are still on and thriving.

While the producers and ABC deserve full points in the battle for diversity for casting a South Asian woman as the lead in a primetime network drama, they didn’t give one of the biggest stars in the world much fresh to work with. Now, if you are looking for standard network fare, Quantico is well within the box, but if you want something new besides Chopra on network TV, you won’t find it with this show.

Here’s the basic story – as one of the new recruits at the FBI Training Academy in Virginia, Chopra’s half-Indian, half-White Alex Parrish may or may not be behind the biggest terrorist attack on New York since 9/11. The twisting thrust of Quantico, which starts off with the attack and returns to it frequently, is for Parrish and her check-the-demo ensemble of cast mates to find out who is responsible.

For all the star power and semi-stylish look of the Mark Gordon EP’d show, not to mention the very tight outfits on the buff cast, there’s not much in the scripts to keep you interested. Add that to a very tough night with the NFL on NBC, the series finale of CSI on CBS this Sunday and Fear The Walking Dead over on AMC, and Homeland itself back on October 4, Quantico faces a hard road getting ahead or distinguishing itself from the pack.

Check out my review of Quantico above and tell us what you think. Will you be watching on Sunday at 10 PM?

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