Emmys: Jon Stewart To Press Pining For His Return: “What Is This? An Intervention?”

Jon Stewart was in the hot seat tonight in the Emmy press room as reporters continued to needle him about his future post-The Daily Show. With Donald Trump making a bid for president, is Stewart going through withdrawals? Is Stewart directing more movies? Tonight, the former Comedy Central late-night talk show went out on a high note, taking Outstanding Variety Talk Series, as well as respective writing and directing trophies.

“What is this? An intervention?!” shouted Stewart, “It’s only been six weeks! I’m not sure what’s next. I might wind up on a boat somewhere.

“If I only knew what daily life was like (before the show),” said Stewart about his current open schedule, “You know you can get smoothies in the middle of the day?”

In regards to sticking around so he can kick Trump every night, among other great organic material in the political landscape, Stewart still has no regrets about stepping away from The Daily Show chair: “I would consider getting into a rocket and going to another planet, because clearly this one is going bonkers. … I’m not on TV, but I’m going to do a lot of it in my living room, shouting at it.”

Technically, Stewart could submit for the Emmys next year, in particular his final episode, but he told the press room quite firmly: “I’m not submitting episodes. This is it. I know I should be going out on a higher note.”

As far as providing advice to incoming Daily Show host Trevor Noah, Stewart said, “It’s not a question about giving him advice, rather being there to support. He’s the best man in the business. The last thing he needs is an old pope peering around the corner at the new pope.”

The former host said that during the last month of production of The Daily Show With Jon Stewart: “There was a lot of ultimate Frisbee. We were just getting the show down without being too circumspect, to do the best show we can, not to be too melancholy. I don’t think we reflected on it after Born to Run.”

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