‘Inside Out’ & ‘Ant-Man’ Reach New Global Box Office Milestones

Ant-ManDisney hit a couple of new benchmarks this weekend with films from Pixar and Marvel. Inside Out handily crossed $750M in global box office while Ant-Man legged it over $400M. Both pics have had a staggered rollout over the summer and into the fall and continue to do strong numbers as they reach new markets. And, China is on deck for both in October.

As Inside Out rolls towards its final international releases, the thoughtful performer struck an emotional chord in Italy this frame. Opening as the biggest Pixar debut ever in the country, it grossed an estimated $6M and is the clear No. 1.
Overall, the weekend was good for $10.76M worldwide — $9.8M from international with 87% of the offshore marketplace having opened. This takes the global cume to $761.7M with $352.9M domestic and $408.8M international to date. Now in its 14th week of release, it’s currently in 34 territories.

It also enjoyed a joyful return to No. 1 in its 4th Sweden and Finland frames. In the UK, its biggest offshore market, it is No. 5 in the 9th weekend with a cumulative $58.1M. The Pete Docter-helmed Inside Out will become the No. 3 all-time highest grossing Pixar title in the UK this week, behind Toy Story 3 and Toy Story 2; and the No. 2 original IP animated title ever, behind Frozen. Germany and China are on deck for next month (October 1 and 6, respectively). If they perform on par with Frozen, Inside Out could add another $100M from just those two alone.

Meanwhile, Ant-Man suited up in Japan and Greece in the film’s last international bows before going to China on October 16. The Disney/Marvel pic, directed by Peyton Reed and starring Paul Rudd, snatched $4.14M for the frame, its 10th, with $3.2M from 11 overseas territories, pushing it past $400M global.

Japan was a solid start at No. 1 amongst Western movies with $1.7M. That outpaces both the openings of Captain America 2 and Thor 2. International box office is now $223.8M with $117.6M for a worldwide cume of $401.4M. The top markets are the UK ($25.3M), Korea ($18.9M) and Mexico ($15.1M).

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