‘Scorch Trials’ Heats Up $43.2M; ‘Everest’ Scales $28.8M – Intl Box Office Final

UPDATED, Monday, 1:35, 4:00 and 4:17 PM PT: Final tallies are in for stateside openers Everest and Maze Runner: Scorch Trials which grabbed $28.8M and $43.2M, respectively. Scorch Trials total cume so far is $78M. Interesting that in India, Everest opened so strong with $1.4M in only 450 runs that it beat out all comparison titles — including Gravity. Finals are also in for Minions which is number one in China this weekend and will pass the lifetime box office of Despicable Me 2 there today after only eight days in release.

Other titles reporting are the Johnny Depp starring gangster film Black Mass which bowed in India and then some small Asian and Central American markets, and holdovers Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, Straight Outta Compton, the comedy Trainwreck, the animated film Capture the Flag, the horror film The Visit, the soft performers Fantastic Four and The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Also, reporting finals is Fox’s Hitman: Agent 47 which tied with The Man From U.N.C.L.E. to bring in $2.1M this frame. Also finals are in for three titles still playing to audiences in Japan — Jurassic World, Ted 2 and Kingsman: The Secret Service.

At 4 PM, we updated with final grosses for TWC’s Southpaw among others like No Escape, Woman in Gold and Paramount’s The Little Prince in France. And finally, updated Sony’s Pixels.

Anita Busch updated all final numbers and added other titles today.

UPDATE, SUNDAY, 2:42 PM PT: Without the locomotive provided by Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation in its debut China frame last week, international box office is down about 35% across the top three studio titles, but up nearly 60% versus last year. At that time, Fox’s first Maze Runner was in its 2nd frame with a take of $38M; Lucy was in her 8th frame ($12.8M), and Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes ($8.28M) was coming off its Japan bow. Fox’s sequel to Maze Runner, The Scorch Trials, is also currently in its sophomore race with $43.2M. In several markets, it’s outpacing the first film, notably in Korea which was among the top offshore plays for the previous film. The other two, France and China, have yet to bow the Wes Ball helmed pic.

In other top titles, Everest got off to a solid start with $28.8M in 36 offshore markets. The film was the frame’s only major Hollywood bow abroad; and it’s been some time since a major action opener hit the markets. Some industry watchers have comped it to San Andreas given the disaster genre elements, but the two differ in that SA launched in 60 markets and featured an international marquee star in Dwayne Johnson. This is more of an ensemble piece with action and intense drama based on a real-life tragedy. IMAX and PLF are key here and 100 screens in the former will be added next frame. Next week’s expansion includes Brazil, France, Italy, Korea and Russia.

Notable in the Top 10 this week are two local-language pics including the 2nd session for Constantin’s German comedy Fack Ju Gohte 2. The sequel to the 2013 smash is taking the box office by storm at home and crossed 4M admissions today after dropping only 20% from last week which saw an opening box office of 17.7M euros ($20M) — the most successful debut of a German film ever. Rentrak is calling FJG2 at $15M from Germany and Austria for the weekend with a $43M cume.

In Korea, Veteran has overtaken Assassination as the top movie of 2015 with a cume of $86M. Those two pictures helped the local box office bounce to a 68.3% market share during the month of August, according to local watchdog Kobiz. The Throne, the country’s Oscar entry, debuted this frame to $10.6M. On deck is Cheon Seong-il’s Korean War pic The Long Way Home, which sees two soldiers, one from the south and one from the north, face off alone on the front line.

In China, Mission: Impossible, Minions and Pixels are looking at competition coming in the form of Lost In Hong Kong on September 25. A sort of sequel to Zheng Xu’s 2012 smash comedy Lost In Thailand ($208M), it stars Xu and box office draw Vicki Zhao.

Actuals and more tomorrow.

PREVIOUS, 11 AM PT: Fox’s Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials led the studio race at the international box office in its much-expanded 2nd frame this weekend. With $43.2M from 12,699 screens in 66 markets, it’s No. 1 in 30 and the top MPA title in another four. The weekend was led by Korea and its $7.2M debut from 804 screens, the biggest Fox opening of the year there and 41% higher than the original. Including last weekend’s numbers, the international total is $78M.

From the heat of Scorch Trials to the ice and snow of Universal’s opener Everest. The epic disaster drama rounded the mountain with $28.8M in 36 offshore markets. Along with the domestic IMAX 3D and PLF release at 545 dates, the global cume is now $36.1M. That number, along with Minions‘ added $23.5M in 55 territories, led Universal Pictures International to yet another benchmark in its already unprecedented roll. After reaching an all-time industry high with $3.78B on August 24, UPI crossed $4B this weekend to bring the 2015 cume to $4.038B.

Below are breakdowns on the studio pics in this week’s mix. Keep refreshing.

In 36 overseas territories this weekend, Universal began rollout on Everest, its $60M adventure epic from Working Title, Cross Creek and Walden Media. A grand-scale effort by Icelandic helmer Baltasar Kormakur, the 3D drama/disaster pic puts viewers on the mountain in the run-up to and during the tragic events of May 10, 1996 when eight climbers died in a freak storm. The movie debuted as the opening night gala of the Venice Film Festival, and is being propelled by IMAX and PLF plays and strong word of mouth (domestically, it picked up an A Cinemascore).

Film Title: EverestWith $28.8M at 5,154 dates internationally, Everest beat yesterday’s projections and opened No. 1 in Argentina, Australia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Iceland, India, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, Romania, South Africa and the UK/Ireland. That last market is its biggest overseas and edged out Tom Hardy-starrer Legend which set a handful of records when it bowed last week. The cume in the UK is an estimated $4.9M at 557 dates, including previews.

The UK was the major offshore IMAX play for Everest which in total from all 36 markets hiked to over $3M. With nearly $6M from domestic, the global IMAX weekend is $9M. That’s a new record for a September opening, besting Resident Evil: Retribution’s $5.987M. Next weekend, 100 more international IMAX screens will be added. In all, IMAX 3D, PLF 3D and Real-D 3D business accounted for an estimated 60% of the offshore total.

Other key openings for the movie that stars Jason Clarke, Josh Brolin, Jake Gyllenhaal, Emily Watson and a large ensemble, include Mexico. The No. 1 there is $4.4M at 684 dates including previews, and well above the studio’s original projection.

Germany did solid business in the face of local smash Fack Ju Gohte 2. That film is enjoying the best-ever 2nd weekend for a German movie, crossing 4M admissions today in only its sophomore frame. But, it left enough space in the market for Everest to pull in $2.9M at 535 dates and the No. 2 spot.

In Australia, star Clarke’s home country, the No. 1 was $2.4M at 249 dates including previews. Clarke plays Rob Hall, a pioneering climber and guide who hailed from New Zealand. There, the story of Everest has particular relevance and audiences have responded very positively. It is the No. 1 film on a weekend estimate of $482K at 142 dates.

In India, the edge-of-your-seat actioner opened to a big $1.4M in 450 runs, which topped all comparison titles — including Gravity.

Iceland, Kormakur’s native country, warmed to the film at No. 1 with $144K at 11 dates. It is the biggest opening weekend of 2015. Elsewhere, Spain was No. 2 behind Maze Runner with $1.6M at 356 dates. Next weekend, Everest expands in the U.S. and adds 22 territories including Brazil, France, Italy, Korea and Russia.

black massComing off of strong praise and awards buzz generated for its leads Johnny Depp and Joel Edgerton at the fall festivals, Warner Bros’ Black Mass got a soft international launch this frame. In five smaller markets in Asia and Central America, Scott Cooper’s Whitey Bulger pic claimed $655K from 315 screens. Indonesia and India were both strong with $176K and $144K, respectively. A staggered release pattern will follow throughout the fall, to take advantage of additional festival screenings in San Sebastian and London among others. Next up for release are Italy and Australia on October 8.

After a hot debut last week in a smaller suite of markets, the YA sequel from helmer Wes Ball raced to an additional $43.2M from 12,699 screens in 66 markets. As noted, Korea gave Fox its best 2015 opening with $7.2M from 804 screens on the film that’s adapted from the second book in James Dashner’s series. That’s 41% higher than last year’s original film debuted. Korea was the 3rd best market for that film, outpaced by China and France; it ultimately grossed $240M internationally. Thailand also delivered Fox its best opening of the year this weekend with $1.8M on 485 screens and 78% market share.

Among the strongest starts are Russia ($4M from 2,328/+19% of Maze 1), Brazil ($2.67M/961/+7%), Venezuela ($2M/78), Spain ($1.78M/594/+11%), and Holland ($1.2M/160/+32%).

Holdover business includes the UK where MRST is 20% ahead of the first film with $8M after two frames. Australia has grossed $5M to date, down 33% and with school holidays on deck. Mexico now has $7.14M and is up about 24% on Maze 1. Next weekend, The Scorch Trials burns a path to seven more markets, including Germany, Switzerland and Belgium.

movies-minions-scarlet-overkillUniversal and Illumination’s devoted henchmen continue doing the studios’ bidding with an estimated $23.5M (up from $22.8M in the estimate) in 55 territories this frame. The international total is now $785.9M. Combined with the U.S. total of $332.8M, the worldwide box office is $1.119B. In continued play in China, Minions is the No. 1 film with $19.5M in the frame.  It opened in the Middle Kingdom last Sunday and has taken $50M to date. It will pass the $53M lifetime of Despicable Me 2 after only 8 days in release in the Middle Kingdom. Greece is the last remaining market to open on September 24.

mission impossible rogue n ationTom Cruise and the IMF gang captured another $21.2M this weekend in total 53 territories. That takes the Paramount/Skydance title to a $464.7M overseas and gives it a worldwide cume of $656.4M. It’s gaining on Ghost Protocol which had an international cume of about $485M and a worldwide take of $695M. The 2nd China frame delivered $18.2M at 5,500 sites. It yielded No. 1 to Minions to come in at No. 2 with a local cume to date of $120M. That beats Ghost Protocol‘s Middle Kingdom haul, but M:I5 will have to keep momentum up this week as September 25 sees the arrival of Lost In Hong Kong, the sequel to local 2012 smash Lost In Thailand. Elsewhere, M:I5 dipped 47% in the 6th France frame with $540K at 451 cinemas for a local cume of $20.4M. Japan now has a total of $39.4M and Germany, in the 7th weekend, was off just 25% for a total to date of $13.4M. Paramount said Monday that all estimates on this one held through to today.

The Universal comedy grossed $457K at 906 dates in 23 markets, bringing this laffer’s cume up to $28.28M. Combined with the domestic cume of $109.4M, its worldwide total is now $137.7M. The Judd Apatow film that stars Amy Schumer opened this weekend in Italy in a limited release to gross $79K in 112 runs. It held well in Russia where it is in its second weekend to gross an 11-day total of $820K. There are only three more territories to play out on this one, with Chile coming Sept. 24, Mexico on Oct. 16 and France on Nov. 18th.

Pixels 2Columbia Pictures’ Pixels bowed in China on Tuesday last week and ended the frame with a total of $12M over six days from 9,400 screens. While it was the No. 1 new film of the week, ahead of Korea’s smash hit Assassination which also traveled to the Middle Kingdom, it lost ground to Minions and Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation which are relative newcomers in the market. Surprising in some ways given the involvement of China Film Group which was a co-fi partner. In total, the Adam Sandler action/comedy grossed $14.9M this weekend from 14,423 screens in 70 markets. The international cume is now $145.6M. Elsewhere, Japan dropped only 46% from the first frame with a much better than anticipated $1M (up from yesterday’s estimated $850K) on 597 screens. Silver Week holidays begin there tomorrow where Pixels’ local cume is $4.2M. Australia, heading into school vacations, had a good drop of only 18% to bring the cume to $3M. The China debut catapulted the market to 3rd place in Pixels’ arcade of foreign territories.

inside outEmotions ran high in Italy for Disney/Pixar’s Inside Out this frame. The biggest Pixar debut ever in the market, it grossed a final $7.4M (Way up from the estimated $6M yesterday). Thanks to that, the weekend brought in a much better than expected $10.7M (up from $9.8M) to Riley’s islands with 87% of the offshore marketplace having opened. The global cume is now $762.6M with $352.9M domestic and $409.7M international. With a cumulative $58.1M in the UK, the pic will this week become the No. 3 all-time highest grossing Pixar title there. Germany and China are on deck for early October. If they perform on par with Frozen, Inside Out could add another $100M from just those two alone.

Straight Outta Compton 2Hip-hopping right along in international play, Universal’s NWA origins story picked up $3.7M in 20 territories for an offshore cume of $30.1M. In France, it was the No. 1 movie with $1.3M at 282 dates, despite a marketplace that’s had some strong local titles and saw the bow of Venice charmer Marguerite. Australia crossed $10.2M in local currency which gives it blockbuster status as it is playing through the school holidays. The worldwide total is $189M (with the $158.8M domestic total added in). This one should cross $200M soon with 24 markets to go over the next few months.

The Jake Gyllenhaal boxing drama has gone most of its rounds in international markets so we’ll do the cume to date. It is still playing in 27 markets and on 829 screens. The total international cume after this frame is $36.5M. The top market for this TWC offering is the U.K. which has grossed $13.4M to date. It still has some big markets yet to release including China which may come anywhere from the mid-to-the-end of October, South Korea which bows Oct. 29, Spain (TBD) and Japan which comes the first quarter of 2016.

Studiocanal’s Tom Hardy-starrer last week set several records with a $7.99M UK opening. In its 2nd session, it’s at 544 sites with an estimated $3.85M for a cume of $15.5M. Universal is releasing this highly-praised turn Stateside on October 2.

Paramount is distributing Spanish director Enrique Gat’s animated feature about the space race to decent numbers internationally. It grabbed another $742K in 387 locations (dropping only 4%) for a number four spot in Spain. It has an $8.3M total cume. The studio made a deal for two films from the director last year — the first studio deal ever on Spanish animated properties — and this one is the first.

ant-man 5Suiting up in Japan and Greece, the Disney/Marvel pic crossed $400M at the global box office this frame. Japan was a solid start at No. 1 amongst Western movies with $1.7M, besting both Captain America 2 and Thor 2 at open. Before going to China on October 16, Paul Rudd’s tiny superhero snatched $3.1M for the frame, its 10th, in 11 territories. International box office is now $223M with $177.6M for a worldwide cume of $400.6M.

The VisitIn the early stages of its international rollout, The Visit this weekend welcomed $2.2M at 1,145 dates (a little less than estimated  $2.4M) in 18 territories. A total of $7.96M so far on Universal, Blumhouse’s and M. Night Shyamalan’s horror film (combined with the domestic take for a $50.5M cume). Spain and the UK both held well with respective totals of $3.5M and $3.1M in folks going off to grandmother’s house. Expansion continues next frame in Australia, Austria, Germany, Norway, the Middle East and others.

hitman agent 47Fox contracted another $2.1M from 3,082 screens in 65 markets, with this Rupert Freind-starrer. The offshore cume after four weekends is $55.9M. Venezuela was the frame’s best play with a 19% drop and a cume of $3.6M. France has taken $4.5M to date. Spain will face Hitman on October 2.

Warner Bros’ Guy Ritchie spy pic tied Hitman this weekend with $2.1M from over 2,064 screens in 61 markets. The international cume now stands at $55.1M. France opened with $945K on 449 screens. The top market cumes for this actioner is the U.K. with $9.8M and Russia with $8.8M. Korea and Japan are up in late October and mid-November.

Paramount is distributing this picture in France, which is its highest-grossing market with $12.1M to date after pulling in another 1.6M admissions this weekend on 472 dates. TWC is handling in the U.K. and Australia while Warner Bros. is distributing in Germany — all at later dates. The film by Mark Osborne has grossed $23.2M so far. The Little Prince can give thanks to France, Argentina and Brazil. In those two markets where it is playing in Latin America, it has tallied $8.8M to date. And in Brazil, it is commanding about 32% of the market. No word yet on its stateside release from Paramount, but I would imagine that this picture based on the beloved book by Antoine de Saint-Expurey might do some business in the states especially with the amount of voice talent on board to help market it to family audiences — Paul Rudd, Rachel McAdams, Marion Cotillard, James Franco, Paul Rudd, Benecio del Toro, Paul Giamatti, Jeff Bridges, Ricky Gervais, Albert Brooks, Vincent Cassel and McKenzie Foy.

The Pierce Brosnan and Owen Wilson starring action/thriller is gearing up to release in Spain this weekend and still hasn’t gone Down Under yet (that will come at the end of October), but it is still playing in 11 markets on 640 screens. After picking up another $656K this frame, its total cume to date is $8.7M.

Currently in 31 markets, this troubled Fox pic continues to see strong returns in Venezuela where it dropped a little over 25% and is No. 2 in the session. The cume there is $14.2M. In total, Fan 4 collected $1.3M on 904 screens this frame to bring the international cume to $108.1M. Its cume in Italy is now $1.79M after its second weekend of play there. Japan will be next on October 9.

Woman in Gold is finishing up its international run and is winding down in 6 markets, some of which in Asia and elsewhere was released direct-to-video. The drama has pocketbook of $24M to date. It will next release in Italy on Oct. 10, and will end its run in Japan starting on Nov. 27th.

Japan continues cuddling up to Universal’s Ted sequel, albeit not in the same manner as the much better received original. In the 4th week, it placed No. 3 with $891K at 345 dates and has a 23-day total of $16.8M. In all, the weekend was worth $1.4M in 23 territories for a total of $129.6M. Fox’s Kingsman: The Secret Service is also in the market in its last run. In the 2nd frame, Matthew Vaughn’s spy flick uncovered $640K from 218 screens. The international cume is now $281.8M. And Jurassic World grossed $969K at 1,011 runs where it is playing in 19 territories, raising its international cume to $1,009B. All territories are coming to an end except for this market where it is still holding steady at No. 5, despite it being in its 7th weekend. It currently has a 37-day total of $69.2M here after grossing another $855K at 781 dates.

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