New ‘Point Break’ Remake Trailer: Occupy BrahStreet

A full 24 years after Keanu Reeves’ super chill yet morally conflicted FBI undercover agent Johnny Utah hunted down bank-robbing surfers led by Patrick Swayze, Point Break is getting a modernized remake courtesy of Warner Bros. You know that, but with the new trailer, we now have an idea of just how modernized. In a word, it really wants you to think of it as a post-Great Recession action film. Now more than free spirits raging against, like, conformity, the bank-robbing thrill seekers are self-conceived Robin Hoods stealing from the 1% and giving back to the poor.

The previous trailer made the new version of Bodhi (played here by Édgar Ramírez, filling the late Swayze’s shoes) look more like a callous adrenaline junkie sociopath. Now we see him gently intoning “we have to give more than we take,” and later, asked by Johnny Utah (Luke Bracey) if they’re going to steal millions of dollars, saying “no. We’re going to give it back.” There’s no guarantee this thing will be good, but at least it makes the conflict Utah will inevitably have between duty and friendship a bit crunchier. Here’s hoping he still says “I AM AN FBI AGENT!” in the hammiest possible tones.

Of course, the original Fast And Furious is the definitive Point Break remake, which is why I’m not remotely shocked to see the official remake full of scenes that remind me of that series’ often incredible action set pieces. Directed by Ericson Core from a script by Kurt Wimmer, Point Break also stars Ray Winstone in the role Gary Busey played in the original, along with Teresa Palmer and Delroy Lindo. It X-Games into theaters December 25.

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