‘Limitless’ Review: Small-Screen Sequel To Bradley Cooper Pic Smart & Stable

Will the TV series based on the 2011 hit thriller expand your consciousness? Probably not, but, as my video review above says, Limitless is a smart and stable addition to CBS’ Tuesday procedural lineup and worth getting a taste for.

Of course if you are a fan of the Bradley Cooper-starring Limitless movie, you’ll probably really like the Limitless TV series that debuts September 22 at 10 PM. For one thing, it is essentially a sequel to the pic about the brain-enhancing drug NZT and its ability to change lives – like turning Cooper’s loser would-be writer Eddie Morra into a very successful, very rich man with White House aspirations. The TV show’s failed NYC musician Brian Finch, played by Jake McDorman, isn’t quite reaching that high off the bat, but he’s definitely a man looking at the big picture.

And, the picture in Limitless, which had its pilot directed by Marc Webb, is quite something to see. Like the film, the palate changes when Eddie, or in this case Brian, pops the mysterious NZT and suddenly becomes the smartest guy on the planet. It’s a good cinematic addition to the often bland look of Big 4 TV.

Dexter alum Jennifer Carpenter brings her own verve to the show as FBI agent Rebecca Harris – who wants to make the enhanced Finch a resource for the bureau. Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio portrays a FBI higher-up who has issues with Finch and an agenda of her own. And of course, Cooper, who is also an executive producer, shows up. The now Sen. Morra gives Finch some direction and motivations of his own. And, no surprise, the Oscar nominee lights up the show when he’s there – which may be a not uncommon occurrence as Limitless goes forward.

Take a look at my video review. Are you a fan of the film? Are you going to be watching the show? Tell us.

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