Bill Maher Schools Rick Santorum On Climate Change — Two Weeks Late

Bill Maher wouldn’t let Republican presidential hopeful Rick Santorum get away with bad science and phony numbers, even if it took two weeks to get it right. On HBO’s Real Time With Bill Maher Friday, the host made a pointed – and unusual – follow-up to an assertion made by Santorum on an episode two weeks prior.

“I don’t usually talk about people after they’re gone,” Maher said in a prepared statement near the end of Friday’s episode before disputing a statistic cited by Santorum on the August 28 show that 57 percent of climate scientists “don’t agree that 95 percent of climate change is caused by CO2.”

Maher called Santorum’s claim “complete bullshit,” then cited an article posted on that investigated Santorum’s claim. In that article, Yale University climate science researcher Anthony Leiserowitz said that Santorum’s claim commits “two orders of mischaracterization” by relying on flawed statistics, apparently from a climate denier blogger, and further misstating “what it’s allegedly disapproving.”

Said Maher, “You could get your information from over 200 worldwide scientific bodies, but he gets it from a blogger and then misquotes them. Sorry, Rick, but you can’t come on my show and misrepresent the most important issue of our time.”



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