‘The Perfect Guy’ Is Leading Man, ‘The Visit’ Strong As They Wind Up Friday Matinees

UPDATED: Friday, 4:38 PM: The afternoon is building nicely for Sony’s The Perfect Guy which is now heading towards the top end of the early estimate, and the core African American audience really should rock it tonight. It has not slowed down from early matinees and it now looks like Sony might enjoy a weekend in the mid-to-high $20Ms (with a shot at $30M?). But that is not to say that The Visit is not getting its share of its core audience, too — teen moviegoers. The Friday gross for the horror film should be on the higher end as well, closer to $9M, compared to the $10M estimated for Sony’s thriller. M. Night Shyamalan could end up with a nice opening for The Visit, in the low-to-mid $20Ms. We’ll find out tomorrow if The Visit will be front-loaded as many in the horror genre are. More grosses on their way this evening.

PREVIOUSLY: Friday, 1:02 PM: Early estimates are starting to come in and as it stands now, the two newcomers — both PG-13 — are racing to see who might end up the winner for Friday and the weekend. M. Night Shyamalan’s The Visit broke with a whopping $1M+ preview last night while Sony’s The Perfect Guy decided to skip late nights and put their bets on the three-day (why erode the War Room mid-week gross?). The Perfect Guy is stepping up to an $8M to $10M possible Friday while the horror film (which the director partnered on with Blumhouse) right now is on track for an $8.3M to $9M Friday.

The question is how front-loaded the horror film will be for Universal and also how late The Perfect Guy will continue to play tonight as its core audience tends to come out very late. We’ll have to see how many girls come in (they usually arrive in packs) to see the horror film tonight as well.

Matinee estimates are way too early to predict diddly squat but everyone these days seems to report the numbers in what is basically a ticker-tape parade of estimates.

The faith-based War Room from Sony which has led the weekday parade of Top Ten films will see its audience move over to not only Sony’s newbie The Perfect Guy which has a heavy core audience of African American attendees but also to new entry 90 Minutes In Heaven released by Samuel Goldwyn. That one will certainly grab hold of the Christian audience. War Room made $995K last night and has a cume to date of about $31.8M. Stay tuned.

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