‘The Visit’ Grabs $1M+ In Late Nights – Box Office Thursday

Director M. Night Shyamalan’s PG-13 rated horror film The Visit grossed $1M+ in late nights Thursday. It began at 7 PM last night in 2,206 theaters. The Universal picture is off to a surprisingly strong start. Remember, these type of films are often front-loaded. Specifically, this fright fest from Blumhouse took in a total of $1,020,000 at late night shows. This could bring in Friday night numbers similar to Ouija.

Ouija previewed closer to Halloween last year in 2,061 theaters and grabbed a Friday of $8.3M. Also a PG-13, Ouija scared in $911K in its Thursday late nights, and ended up with a three-day gross of $19.8M. It grossed a final $50.8M domestically, although no one is expecting The Visit to have that kind of multiple.

The R-rated Unfriended R grabbed $656K in 8 PM previews in 2,019 theaters in April 17 and went on to gross $19.8M. Another horror film, The Possession, bowed on August 31, 2012 with a PG-13 rating and although it had no Thursday previews, it had a front-loaded Friday night of $6M and its three-day was $17.7M.

The Perfect Guy, which is being released this weekend by Sony, did not have previews last night. Turning towards the social media universe, the African American audience-charged thriller has very socially-active stars with activity increasing just yesterday over The Visit. The two weekend openers are also neck-in-neck in ticket sales, according to Fandango. Gotta give props to the director though: a very enthusiastic M. Night Shyamalan is on the press tour and on Twitter with 53K followers.
The Perfect Guy‘s social media universe, however, is trumping the competition. It’s at 41.9M with 26.1M on Facebook, 2.9M on Twitter and YouTube views at 12.8M. The EOR (earned/owned ratio) of reposted videos is healthy at 9 to 1. The Perfect Guy has a perfect social cast who are all on board pushing and promoting across their individual social networks, according to RelishMix’s Marc Karzen. Specifically, he points to Sanaa Lathan’s 5.2M FB fans and 1.7M Twitter who are active and 1.5M exploding on Instagram. Morris Chestnut has 4.1M FB followers and 1.5M on Twitter and 186k on Instagram. Michael Ealy has 840K FB fans, 287K on Twitter.
Comparatively, while The Perfect Guy is nicely placed on the Sony Twitter, its hashtags are pulling 1,600 per day, outpacing The Visit by 1,100 a day. The social media universe for The Visit is at 21.2M with Facebook reach of 10.6M, Twitter reach at 2.5M and YouTube views at 8M with the EOR (earned/owned ratio) of reposted videos at 7 to 1. Its official FB page is adding 7K fans per day up to a solid 655K total. And the Universal Twitter is driving activity well to 1.9M followers, according to RelishMix.
While the No. 1 movie of the Labor Day weekend, the faith-based War Room simmers on social networks over the week, you could say that Straight Outta Compton is on “Ice” — and it’s a very good thing: The film has added 3.2M YouTube views, now up to 59.4M total on YT with Ice Cube as the lead social driver, adding 59K fans and hitting 10M on Facebook.

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