‘Minority Report’ Review: TV Version Of Steven Spielberg Pic Lacks Spark

Premiering after the Season 2 debut of Gotham on September 21, the small-screen version of the 2002 film starring Tom Cruise and Colin Farrell comes loaded with legacy. But though it is based on a Philip K. Dick story, like the movie, and executive produced by Steven Spielberg, who directed the movie, Minority Report is, as my video review above says, a connect-the-dots drama masquerading as a creaky procedural. And, legacy or not, it will have a hard time breaking through even if the Fox series is one of the first shows up to the plate this fall.

Predictable and surprisingly plodding, the series starring Stark Sands as precog Dash and Meagan Good as 2065 Washington DC cop Lara Vega has no chemistry between its leads and no spark overall. This Minority Report is supposed to take place a decade after the big-screen version ended with the pre-crime prediction system featured in the film now closed down and a relic of a past age of near-zero crime. Dash, along with his twin brother Arthur (played by Nick Zano) and his sister Agatha (portrayed by Samantha Morton in the movie and Laura Regan here) are out in the world but still having visions of crimes to come. In an America of 2015 grappling with the question of safety and the surveillance society, there should be ample material to really drill into something interesting. But Minority Report seems content with just picking away at the buddy-cop format with a few futuristic bells and whistles.

With opportunistic politicians, tacky tech, promotion-grabbing cops, air-bound assassination attempts and paranoia galore, the over-explained show tripwires itself from the beginning. It’s too bad because the series produced by 20th Century Fox TV, Paramount TV and Amblin has such great source material — but from what I’ve seen, barely utilizes it.

Take a look at my Minority Report review and tell us if you think I’ll be in the majority on this one.

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