Warner Bros Secures Christopher Nolan’s Next Movie For Summer 2017

If Warner Bros execs needed some good news after a rough summer, they sure got some. The studio just announced that it is setting a July 21, 2017, release date for Christopher Nolan’s next, as yet unidentified movie. The studio has world rights, as it has had with all of Nolan’s recent pictures except for Interstellar, which it shared with Paramount.

When Jeff Robinov left Warner Bros to start his new shingle Studio 8 at Sony with money from China, the challenge for Greg Silverman and Sue Kroll was to keep NolanWarner_Bros._Pictures_logo-big in the fold. Same as with some other director relationships including Ben Affleck, whose film Argo won Best Picture. Well, they studio hass kept both of those cornerstone filmmakers. Nolan now is committed to making that next movie for Warner Bros, and Affleck — who’s next directing Live By Night for Warners — is co-writing a stand-alone Batman movie he’ll hopefully direct, and he’s playing that iconic role in Batman V Superman and Justice League. The next order of business will be for Nolan to reveal what that big project is. From the Dark Knight Trilogy to Inception and Interstellar, you know it’s likely to be big, with a complex plot and the kind of global potential that has been his trademark at Warner Bros.

The studio also managed to keep Clint Eastwood in the fold, after he was tempted to direct Fox’s film about Richard Jewell. The American Sniper helmer stayed with the studio to direct Sully with Tom Hanks.

Nolan is repped by WME.

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