Kim Davis Debate Divides ‘The View’ Debut Into New School Vs Old School

The View returned for its 19th season today with a panel of new co-hosts and old. Minutes into the season debut, it quickly turned into an interesting give and take between The Old View and The New View.

With the show’s return happening the same day Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis was released from jail in Grayson, KY, after refusing a judge’s order to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, Davis naturally was one of the Hot Topics used to kick off The View.

Joy Behar made her triumphant return to the show, two years after ending her 16-year run on the series:

Behar represented The Old View in the Davis discussion. She made the point that Davis — who insists God is opposed to same-sex marriage so she is too — has been married four times, which is a lot.

New co-host Michelle Collins, meanwhile, represented The New View. Being a former VH1 personality, Collins knew a sane, measured conversation on the topic would not go viral. A lively shaming of Davis based on her physical appearance, on the other hand, might. Sadly, the video ABC posted to YouTube on the Davis discussion did not include that exchange — they’ll have to work on that:

“[Married] four times! She’s my top candidate for ‘This Bitch Got a Man?’” Collins weighed in, in case you missed it. “Four times? Have you seen the lady?! I’m serious – she’s a monster!” The camera cut to Paula Faris who, while one of the new co-hosts, is an ABC News correspondent and so has some old-school notions about ABC news programming. She looked slightly stricken.

“She looks fine,” Behar jumped in, in re Davis – too late.

“My dream is that she stays in jail long enough to get gay-married herself,” Collins also suggested – more social bait.

ABC’s video:

Elizabeth Warren also stopped by to say “Donald Trump and I both agree that there ought to be more taxation of billionaires” but parted ways with him on his immigration strategy. She also discuss Planned Parenthood, among other things:

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