Stephen Colbert Mocks Jeb Bush Plan To Run Campaign Contest Off ‘Late Show’ Debut

UPDATED with Jeb Bush response: The GOP candidate took to Twitter tonight to make the best of the dressing down Stephen Colbert gave him for not checking with Colbert first before launching a contest to raise money off his first night hosting The Late Show:

PREVIOUSLY: Stephen Colbert is pretty steamed that Jeb Bush’s campaign has launched a raffle to win a ticket to be in the audience when Bush is Colbert’s guest on his first night hosting CBS’ Late Show. Bush recently sent an email to his supporters announcing the launch of a Colbert Late Show contest, flying one “lucky winner” to New York for the taping and all you have to do is donate $3 or more right now to enter, Colbert explained. Bush threw in dinner with his national finance co-chair (and New York Jets owner) Woody Johnson.

“Smart move by Jeb to associate his campaign with the winning tradition of the New York Jets,” Colbert snarked in a video sent around to the media.

Yeah, that interview’s going to go really well on September 8.

In an online video, Colbert said he thought the contest was a really good idea. “But here’s the thing. No one from Jeb’s campaign asked me if this was OK with me to raise money off my first show. Where’s my cut of that sweet 3 bucks, Governor. Huh?!”

Colbert announced he’s launched his very own Jeb Bush on the Stephen Colbert Show Raffle! The lucky winner also will be invited to the premiere of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. But the winner of Colbert’s Jeb Bush contest will get to submit one non-obscene question he will ask Jeb.

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“For instance, a question might be, ‘Don’t you wish you’d consulted Stephen before you launched your contest?’ Colbert suggested. Like Bush’s raffle, it requires $3 to enter. But Colbert’s three bucks will go to the Yellow Ribbon Fund that assists injured military personnel and their families, rather than to Bush.

Colbert’s debut just got 5% more interesting.

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