‘Mythbusters’ Tackles ‘Breaking Bad’ Finale – And Vince Gilligan Approves

Look, if you haven’t watched the final episode of Breaking Bad and still plan to do so, click away now. Seriously. This is the ultimate spoiler.

Still here? OK, then check out the Mythbusters guys as they built and use the trunk Vince Gilligan Mythbustersmachine gun Bryan Cranston’s Walter White deployed on those unsuspecting neo-Nazi turds in the final minutes of the Emmy-winning AMC drama. After Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman re-create that grim rotating M60 — complete with box end wrenches, garage door opener and chair swivel — they use the same model car, erect a replica room and construct wooden victim. To top it off, they bring out Breaking Bad creator and finale-episode writer-director Vince Gilligan for his approval. And it gets his seal of approval. “That is the real deal,” he says upon seeing the weapon. “This is completely awesome.”

The Mythbusters load the gun up with 200 live rounds and let ‘er rip. No (further) spoiler alert here; watch the mayhem for yourself above. New episodes of the Discovery Channel series air Saturdays at 9 PM ET; this week they take the science of the Star Wars universe.

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