Christina Hendricks on ‘Roadies’ Departure: “I’m Sure They’re Going To Do Something Wonderful” – Emmys

Christina Hendricks from Mad Men
Photograph by Drew Wiedemann

It’s no surprise Christina Hendricks is currently on her fifth go-round as an Primetime Emmy Award nominee. Having already bagged two Critics’ Choice Awards and four previous Emmy noms for her iconic role of Joan Holloway in Mad Men, Hendricks was an obvious choice for a nomination this year, even though an Emmy win has eluded her. But since Mad Men has closed its doors after seven seasons, could this be her year?

Despite all her existing success, the Emmys still get Hendricks nervous. “I try not to think about the fact that they’re announcing those things,” she says. “I had flown in from overseas the night before so I was a bit jet lagged, and the phone rang early in the morning and I thought, “Oh, gosh. It’s got to be good news for the show.” I answered it and (the bank) was checking to make sure that I’d used my credit cards, making sure there wasn’t any fraudulent activity. I just dealt with that and went back to sleep. Then I missed the actual call.”

Since Mad Men wrapped, Hendricks has delved into Comedy Central’s Another Perioda sort of early 20th century pastiche on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Hendricks plays servant and former prostitute Celine, AKA Chair, a role she says was “fantastic. It was completely different from anything I had done before, just the format and how they shot it, and I’m just a fan of all those people. So when they asked me if I would be a part of it, I jumped at the opportunity.”

Christina Hendricks and Michael Ian Black in Another Period
“I got to jump in and distract myself instead of moping around the house,” Hendricks says of shooting Another Period after Mad Men wrapped for good.

Hendricks says she’s isn’t necessarily seeking out comedy roles now, more that she’s versatile; she goes where the good roles are. “Drama or comedy, as long as it’s good material, it doesn’t matter to me. (Another Period) was great material and it was super fun and it was something to do immediately after Mad Men finished. So I got to jump in and distract myself instead of moping around the house. I had a blast doing it.”

Hendricks is also in Sundance TV’s Hap And Leonard, a series based on the novellas and short stories of Joe Lansdale. Originally intending to take the summer off work, Hendricks read the script and, “It was so good that I couldn’t not do it,” she says. Of playing Hap’s wife Trudy, she says, “It’s just a really great character and I don’t want to ruin anything, but just very, very different from anything I had been doing, and a very sort of raw, rough, sexy character–I just had to play her. So I went down to Louisiana for a couple months and did that. It was great.”

Originally, Hendricks had been set to star as Shelli, the female lead, in Cameron Crowe’s Showtime pilot Roadies. But when the show was heavily reworked, Carla Gugino replaced Hendricks. However, the parting was amicable, Hendricks says. “I loved working with that group so much, and I loved Cameron and I love Winnie Holzman and I love that cast, and I’m sure they’re going to do something wonderful. But I went on to do Hap And Leonard and I think it worked out for the best. But I’m rooting for them.”

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