SAG-AFTRA Elections: New York Results Are In

SAG-AFTRA And SAGindie AFI FEST 2014 Presented By Audi Reception Celebrating Independent FilmBallots are still being counted in Los Angeles SAG-AFTRA races, but the results are in from New York, where incumbent Maureen Donnelly has received the most votes in a six-way race for four local Vice President slots. New York local President Mike Hodge ran unopposed and was re-elected “without the necessity of a membership vote.” He was the top vote-getter in the local board races, followed by former national SAG-AFTRA Co-president Roberta Reardon, Donnelly, Graham, Polly Adams and Damon.

Only 18.9% of the local’s 31,555 eligible members cast ballots.

Hodges was also the top vote-getter in the race for seven national board seats. The other winners, in order of the most votes garnered, were Holter Graham, Sue-Anne Morrow, Monica Trombetta, Liz Zazzi, Elaine LeGaro and Adrian Martinez.

SAG Foundation Breaks Ground On Actors Center Signature Space At 247 West 54th Street In New YorkDonnelly received 54.5% of the 5,958 ballots cast and will be the local’s 1st VP. Holter Graham, a former Co-President of the SAG-AFTA local, will be the new 2nd VP, with 2,821 votes (47.4%); Jim Kerr the incumbent 2nd VP, drops down to 3rd with 2,791 votes (46.8%), and Rebecca Damon, a member of the SAG-AFTRA President’s Task Force on Education, Outreach and Engagement, will be the new 4th VP, with 2,753 votes (46.2%).

The newly elected leaders take office immediately.

Elaine LeGaro, a former President of the New York AFTRA local, finished just out of the money with 2,745 votes – only eight fewer than Damon. She was, however, elected to the local board and as a delegate to the upcoming convention. Charles Gemmill, a former New York SAG VP, finished last with 2,250 votes. He too was elected as a delegate to the convention and just made the cut to win the last contested seat on the local board. Perhaps his campaign was a little too critical – or too honest. “I am concerned about the rampant rise in nonunion work,” he wrote in his campaign statement. “Our members are no longer qualifying for Pension and Health because so many castings are nonunion and some SAG-AFTRA actors ‘pay to play,’ paying a monthly fee to obtain work on SAG-AFTRA sets.”

Stay tuned for local LA election results, which are expected shortly.

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