Donald Trump May Not Have Thought Through His White House Bid, Says Donny Deutsch

Fox News

Donny Deutsch wants to ask GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump, “Dude, do you really know what you’re getting yourself into?”

“I don’t know that he’s really thought it through,” the former CNBC money-show host, sometime MSNBC Morning Joe contributor, former NBC Apprentice participant and soon to be USA “soft-scripted” comedy star, said of the former Apprentice franchise star.

“I know Donald well enough to know he’s just having fun,” the TV money wonk told reporters at TCA, describing Trump as a friend. Deutsch took questions about Trump during a Q&A session to promote his new USA comedy Donny! in which he plays a version of himself, debuting 10:30 PM ET Tuesday, November 10.

“He’s this incredible brand and this enzyme right now,” the TV money wonk said of the real estate magnate.  “He loves the attention,” Deutsch said, adding, “At the very least, He’s going to be a king maker.”

“He’s going to be a big factor and he loves that – it’s going to be fascinating to watch,” Deutch said, adding,  “Paddy Chayefsky could not write this.”

USA has ordered six episodes of the half-hour “soft scripted” Donny! which takes a satirical look at media, wealth and romance through the eyes of Donny Deutsch’s fictionalized character of same name. It is based on the real-life ad man/single dad/TV personality; USA describes the character as a “filterless rogue who lives in hilarious contrast to almost everything he espouses publicly.” Donny! also stars Emily Tarver. Banks Tarver, Ken Druckerman and Angie Day of Left/Right and Deutsch exec produce.

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