‘Kevin From Work’ Review: ABC Family Comedy Is Awkward, Thin & Unfunny

ABC Family

The best thing I can say about Kevin From Work is that it’s awkward. Debuting on ABC Family on August 12, the single-camera comedy created by Barbie Adler is, as my video review above says, little more than a very slight premise and a thin collection of stretched-out jokes and setups.

Picked-up for a 10-episode order back in March Kevin From Work tracks the trials and humiliations of a cubicle slave who said too much when he thought he was out the door and now has to suffer the consequences. Noah Reid plays Kevin, who drunkenly pens a love letter to his co-worker Audrey (Paige Spara). The long-repressed Kevin thinks he’s safe because he has accepted a truffles-and-salt manager job in Italy and never will see Audrey again. But that goes wrong as the Euro-gig falls through and Kevin is back at his crappy job at a food company having to face Audrey every day – and yes, she got the letter, hence the awkward.

From the premise onward, this show from Alder and fellow EPs Aaron Kaplan and McG, who directed the pilot, feels more like a midseason single-episode subplot than a whole series. Supporting cast like Jordan Hinson, as Kevin’s self-involved sister, and Punam Patel, as Audrey’s Kevin-crazed roommate, are pegged as less-than-one-dimensional characters. And Amy Sedaris is reduced to a creaky one-note role as Kevin and Audrey’s overly sexual boss. Even in the dog days of summer burn-offs, this is a real dog of a show — and if you don’t believe me, check it out now on Facebook, where the pilot has been available to watch since July 29.

So watch my review of Kevin From Work and tell us what you think. Will you be tuning in for the back-to-back episodes of the show that are airing tomorrow starting at 8 PM?

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