CIA Documentary ‘The Spymasters’ To Premiere On Showtime In November

Showtime announced today at the TCA Summer Press Tour that it will premiere The Spymasters, a documentary that goes inside the workings of the CIA, the world’s most powerful and clandestine spy agency, on November 28 at 9 PM.

The docu features more than 100 hours of intimate and candid conversations with all 12 living directors of the Central Intelligence Agency and the agency’s top operatives, with unprecedented access to America’s spy network. Chris Whipple (The President’s Gatekeepers) is penning the docu, and Gédéon Naudet and Jules Naudet (9/11) are directing. The Naudets, Chris Whipple, David Hume Kennerly and Susan Zirinsky (9/11) will executive produce in a co-production with CBS News. Mandy Patinkin (Homeland) will narrate.

The film focuses on the organization during one of the most controversial periods in CIA history – marked by the use of torture, secret prisons, undeclared war, lethal drone warfare and even an alleged assassination. It asks the questions: How far should America go to keep us safe from another terrorist attack? What is considered fair game? Has the world’s elite spying organization focused on paramilitary operations at the expense of gathering intelligence? What about killing enemy combatants from the air by remotely piloted aircraft and targeting American citizens? And as the CIA’s deadly drones wage a remote-controlled aerial war, are we losing moral high ground and creating more enemies than we kill? The film will examine the internal debate among the directors about what is ethical and how America should fight to protect its own citizens.

The Spymasters will include never-before-seen footage of directors talking about their failures and previously classified successes, and the terrorist attacks that each director lived through, according to Showtime. It also will feature key critics of the CIA who voice claims of ineffectiveness, overreaching authority and poor image. Here is a complete list of the CIA directors and operatives featured in the docu:


George H. W. Bush
Stansfield Turner
William Webster
Robert Gates
James Woolsey
John Deutch
George Tenet
Porter Goss
Michael Hayden
Leon Panetta
David Petraeus
John Brennan
Michael Morell (Acting Director twice)
John McLaughlin (Acting Director once)


Cofer Black, Chief of the Counter Terrorism Center
Jose Rodriguez, Chief of the Counter Terrorism Center
Gina Bennett, Analyst tracking Osama Bin Laden
Bob Baer, Case officer

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