‘Limitless’: Bradley Cooper Will Be Intimately Involved In CBS Series, Producers Say – TCA

The new CBS series Limitless is based on the 2011 film starring Bradley Cooper as Eddie Mora, a writer who turns into a financial wizard with the aid of a mysterious pill.

Badge! Gun!Today at TCA, cast and producers insist that Cooper will be intimately involved in the TV series.

Cooper was executive producer of the movie and is one of the EPs of the new series, in which he will appear in a recurring as Eddie Mora. The question of the day at today’s TCA summer press tour panel was: How much Bradley Cooper will we get?

Cooper was not present on the panel with EPs Craig Sweeny and Alex Kurtzman and cast members Jennifer Carpenter, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Hill Harper and Jake McDorman, who plays a new character acting under the influence of NZT, the drug Cooper’s character took in the feature film.

But producers and cast insist that his Limitlesspresence will be felt. “He has been so committed to the show, he has every intention of coming back,” said Kurtzman of Cooper’s character. “His character has a mixed agenda. You can’t tell if he’s good or he’s bad. There may be people who speak for him, but Eddie will return”.

The producers said Cooper’s influence would be felt behind the scenes as well. Kurtzman says that Cooper remains the best source of information on the effects of the fictional stimulant NZT.

Sweeny said that the producers had the idea of creating McDorman’s character (Brian Sinclair) as immune to NZT. “Bradley thought it was more interesting if he had to continue to get this drug,” he said.

For his part, McDorman said Cooper has been an available resource despite a busy career, including his Oscar-nominated role in American Sniper. “His enthusiasm was contagious,” McDorman said. He said the casting process was taking place “in and around the time that American Sniper was nominated (for an Academy Award). I met him at one of those events, and he came right over and kind of sold the show, we sort of nerded out about expanding the universe of the movie”.

McDorman added that he has been grateful for Cooper’s continued involvement. “I thought Sniper was going to be it for sure,” he joked.

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