‘True Detective’ Season 2 Finale: Was It “Enormously Satisfying”?

Season 2 of HBO’s pop culture phenom True Detective has been called baffling, misguided, even disappointing, with the maze of storylines found confusing by many. The network’s president of programming Michael Lombardo last week asked everyone to reserve judgment until after the season ends.

“I think the show works, I’m enormously proud of it,” he said at TCA last Thursday. “I think you need to watch the entirety of it. I have, and I think it’s enormously satisfying, I think the (season finale) is as satisfying as any show I’ve seen.”

True Detective creator Nic Pizzolatto has kept a low profile and didn’t do interviews tied to the Season 2 finale. He is yet to address the future of the series, though Lombardo said last week that Pizzolatto has a carte blanche to do a third installment if he wants to.

We’re keeping the post spoiler-free for West Coast/VOD viewers; let’s just say it was far more eventful than the philosophical Season 1 ender. It did tie up loose ends, and it revealed the Crow Mask killer as promised. The finale ignited social media, with True Detective trending big. Fans appear to be as divided as they have been all season. What did you think? Was it the “enormously satisfying” finale HBO’s Lombardo promised? Should the network and Pizzolatto proceed with another season?



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